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Researchers Develop New Method To Inject Turmeric Compound Into Cancer Cells

Mainstream science is now openly trying to inject high-powered curcumin into tumours in order to kill cancer cells. But first they must solve the issue of insolubility… Curcumin is the extract from turmeric that is studied for its effects on cancer and pain. Anecdotally, one person used high-powered curcumin to reverse their cancer after chemo failed. So it’s not […]

stage 3 cancer

Stage-3 myeloma cancer completely ELIMINATED with a turmeric supplement – British Medical Journal

For decades, the medical establishment has colluded with the for-profit cancer industry to smear anyone who talked about herbs, spices or superfoods fighting cancer. Food doesn’t contain “medicine,” we were told by the dishonest establishment. Only FDA-approved toxic medications can “treat” cancer, the propagandists insisted. Yet millions of people across the globe continued to successfully […]