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Health is a Choice

You make micro choices every day that impact your health – what to eat, what to put on your body, what you will or will not be exposed to, the air you breathe, the thoughts you think, even the level of stress you deem acceptable. It all adds up to form your total health picture. It […]


5 ways to look and feel much younger than your real age

The global anti-aging industry was reportedly worth $250 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to over $331 billion by 2021. This is hardly surprising given our infatuation with looking and feeling young, even though many of the solutions inside this industry are not adequately addressing the more fundamentally sound ways to achieve a more […]

Man improves his Parkinson's disease symptoms by boxing

Man improves his Parkinson’s disease symptoms by boxing

Boxing might not be an activity someone with Parkinson’s disease would consider to help improve their condition, however, it’s just what Mike Quaglia is doing. Diagnosed with the disease at the age of 42, he became frustrated when medications didn’t seem to be helping as much as he’d prefer. It’s no surprise; the medication’s side […]

Oral Consumption of Spirulina Extract Enhances Antitumor Natural Killer Cells

Oral Consumption of Spirulina Extract Enhances Antitumor Natural Killer Cells

Researchers have discovered breakthrough advances in antitumor immunotherapy in the wake of an eye-opening study showing how spirulina extract activates natural killer cells to destroy tumors. What are natural killer cells? Natural killer cells are the body’s rapid responders when cells are under attack from virus or tumor formation. These unique cells can recognize viruses […]