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Testimonies from Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

December 3, 2011



Another great GIN seminar by Dr. C!  Very informative and had a very good time.  Dr. C always builds courage and confidence and helps reassure that we are champions and can do anything we set our minds too.



Awesome! Wonderful!  Information that I can use every day of my life.  My attitude has been forever changed.  I now know how to begin to love again.  I can begin to set goals with a new vision.  I will learn to live for today…in the now.  This seminar is life changing.


Sara Luckey

This was the most useful and exciting seminar that I’ve been to in years and I am a seminar veteran.  I’m so excited to be a new member of GIN, and look forward to many, many more!



This was a more spiritual experience than any I’ve had in any “church.”  Please bring Dr. C back to Dallas!  I’ll be here!


Shirley Davis

I want to thank you for helping me raising my vibration level.  Through wrong thinking and beating up on myself and other sucking up my energy.  You are a great man.  I am so happy and grateful for you. I love you!


Whitney Kaupke

Dr. C is wonderful and amazing!! We need more events in Dallas! Please bring more events to Dallas and definitely bring back Dr. C.



Great and informative! My favorite part was the goal setting part of the seminar!


Trey McMullen

This was the most energetic seminar I have ever been to.  I have never heard of a setting like this before.  Completely new to me and and life changing.


Connie Williams

You took us to the root of goal setting, and I’m very grateful.  Now I have great tools to use as the journey continues.



This seminar was awesome!  Dr. C reminded me that I am in control of my life and no one can take that away from me unless I allow them to. He also reminded me that I need to love myself so that I may love others.  Thank you, Dr. C!


Susan Bell

Dr. C is phenomenal.  Thank you for finally making it to Dallas.  His high energy is infectious.  As usual I’m coming away empowered.  The exercises and music set the tone for envisioning the champion mentality.  Thank you, Dr. C.  I love you.



Dr. Coldwell’s goals workshop was a blessing.  He showed me how to set goals and believe in myself.  After attending this workshop, I feel the sky is the limit of what I can achieve as long as I set my goals and more forward each day.


Valerie Murphy

The seminar with Dr. Coldwell was an awesome experience for me.  I hope that he can come back to the DFW Metroplex in 2012!



Very, very, very informative…realized what I need to do to reach my potential. Thank you!


Steven Lee

This has been the most amazing even for me so far.  The energy here has simply been amazing and is the primary factor.  The message was delivered so clearly and with amazing focus and love.  I am changed forever.


Richard Roberts

Dr. C is awesome!  He reminded me that I’m a champion. I really needed this today.  Thank you very much for sending Dr. C to Dallas!  Thanks and please send us more speeches!



I loved the Dr. C seminar.  It is so powerful to be able to see him present it in person.  I have listened to the audios more times than I can count, but live is so much better.  I do hope to see him again soon.  I would also like to thank you for keeping these seminars in the area as it keeps me charged and thinking positive.



This was an absolutely amazing experience! I’m so happy for everybody that I met today!  This convention showed me that everything I want is closer than I thought.  Dr. C was amazing!  I have so much positive energy flowing through my body right now!  My life has changed!


Jessica Griffith

Today I walk away a different me.  I feel empowered and know how to access this feeling.  Dr. C is the most amazing man I’ve ever met.  The energy he brings is the energy to more mountains.  He has instilled this energy in me.  Everything I have learned today I am taking away with its entirety and never looking back on the person I was when I walked into the room this morning.  He is wonderful and inspirational.



My experience today has been incredible.  I want to personally thank each and every one of you who have put in time and effort.  You truly are changing the planet for the positive.  Dr. C is the best.  I am very glad to have the opportunity to be here and learn new information.


Your meeting was delightful!  Thank you for the energy shift and to show me how I can see and am seeing myself as a champion! I am somebody!  You are truly a gift to us.



Amazing, awesome, what can I say!?  The greatest seminar that I have every attended.  I am a new member of GIN and this is my first event.  I loved it and feel like I am living a drea.  So many new friends!



Fabulous! Fun! Great seminar!



Awesome seminar!  Dr. C is beyond motivational.  He has presented doable techniques to achieve my goals and dreams.  He presents information in a way that absolutely anyone can understand and use.  Please continue!



Dr. C, I love you!  I do love all of your heart!  Please come back soon!  Thank you!



Very wonderful! I feel sharp!  YES!  Five stars!  Perfect Dr. C!


Madonna Houston

Dr. C is one of the last pioneers left.  Do not let him disappear.  We the people need this man to shoot straight from the hip and not beat around the bush.  He tells us like it is!  He speaks the truth.  Love and laughter is what we need.  I love everything about this man and he has changed my life forever.


Talat Khan

I loved Dr. Coldwell and his teachings, charisma and his honesty.  I am leaving here with a positive self esteem and a jump start in my life.


N. Moore

This was awesome!  Thank you, Dr. C!  For all your knowledge and words of strength, courage and passion!


Ashwin Vidiyala

I have been to a couple of seminars now, but I can confidently say that this is the best seminar that I have ever been to.  The way Dr. C teaches, his no bullshit approach, and the very real world, workable, scientific basis to his philosophy is very uncommon and refreshing.  It is because of such speakers that I feel truly blessed and honored to be a part of this great club.  Everyone, please come to Dr. C’s seminar.



Enjoyed it very much.  Colorful language was not a problem-liked his energy and was very motivating.  Would gladly do another seminar with Dr. C.



This was one of the best seminars that I have ever attended, I hope to join you on more  and more.


Keith L.

Dr. C is truly amazing; he brings out the true champion in you, and shows you that we can have the highest level of success that we choose.  I love the way he motivates you.



Dr. C rocks!  Thanks for the great energy, inspiration and motivation.


Daniel Freeman

Your seminar was great.  Appreciate you taking time to help us out.  Your advice on “take credit for yourself” is appropriate for me, I’m glad to hear you tell people to come out of their shell because I need to also.  I will use your advice.



Please, please, keep Dr. C in this area! Incredible information and life changing wit and humor.  We can’t wait for what is next to come out of his mouth.


Dan Johnson

Dr. C at his best, we in America are blessed to have Dr. C come to Dallas.  Thank you!


Ana Maria Tardelli

I absolutely loved coming to this event.  Dr. Coldwell is an amazing speaker and person.  I know that what I heard and learned here today will change my life.  I hope to have continued seminars here in Dallas.  I appreciate and am thankful to be a part of this wonderful club.


Set Araujo

I am somebody!  Thank you much Dr. C!  I was not expecting this energy from GIN today.  I will see you at the top.



Dr. C you are absolutely sensational and I am a champion!


G. Valdez

This was the first time for me attending a seminar and all I have to say is that I loved and enjoyed every single minute of it.  I’m very excited to start my life and goals today.  I’m ready to be a champion.



Awesome! I don’t use that word often and I have been to several seminars and they are all great!  Dr. C has given much more than I expected.  I will take this with me for the rest of my life.

Terrance Peterson

Dr. C was great!  He was a great balance of entertainer and teacher.  I took pages of notes and took away life changing principles.  He was even outside after each session talking to people individually.  That was very impressive.  Dr. C thank you so much for caring.



This seminar kicked butt!  Dr. C is amazing.  He is truly a champion.  He will kick your butt and get you to get yourself motivated.  He shows you how to set and achieve goals.  It is so clear now.  Adios to the past!



I feel motivated, the session was very inspiring.  I feel powerful and mentally and emotional completely different person.  I want to reach for the stars.  My dreams are coming true.  I am looking for the gold!  Everyone was friendly and the session was very helpful.  I hope and will attend more seminars in the near future.


Leo Curtis

The event was very satisfying. I loved the information that Dr. C gave us.  I can feel the love in the building.  The people in it were very friendly and helpful.  I hope to come to more events in this area.



Great! 21 times to make it stick! Do a little bit each day on goals and love yourself first!


R. Hacod

This was a life changing event for me after going Platinum.  This was the next step to cash in my success for a life time.  I have the power! Thank you, Dr. C!



What a confidence builder!  I’m amazed at how I went from unable to speak in front of anyone to speaking to a group of people easily and enthusiastically.  What a great seminar!  Thank you, Dr. C!

N. G.

This was the best GIN seminar I attended so far.  I really took lots of value from it and hope he will come to Dallas again soon because I will sign up some people for him so they get value, too.



Thank you, Dr. C!  Today made all the difference for me.  I am making the decision today to believe in myself!  I am a champion!  Thank you for sharing your message with us.  We are committed to make Dallas explode!  Please keep coming to Dallas!



This has been amazing!  I think this is finally the kick in the pants I need for multiple changes in my life.  Dr. C is incredible, speaks from the heart.  Fresh material and the emphasis on being in the vision as opposed to seeing yourself from the outside will be pivotal for me. Thank you!



In my opinion he is a very enthusiastic motivator and I recommend that he continues to come to Dallas to speak and keep motivating people.



Dr. C is awesome.  I am meeting new people and I love it! I cannot say thank you enough for opening my eyes.  Thank you. Thank you!


Kathy O’Connor

The goal setting seminar with Dr. C as usual is very awesome!  The exercises where we visualize ourselves in our dreams not watching them is the most effective exercise in setting goals that I have ever done.  I seems like most of our work with him is so easy. When I go home I know from the past that it is truly embedded in to my life. There is no let down action.


R. B.

If I had to describe this seminar in one word it would be amazing!  Dr. C had such a high level of energy that it blew me away.  It opened me up to receive the information he was presenting.  I did not think that was going to happen because I was so sad and angry coming into the day.  Dr. C helped me remove all that and get back into a happy place.


I enjoyed Dr. Coldwell’s seminar! I wouldn’t change anything!  He was an enjoyment to listen to and learn from.


M. Caul

Dr. C is great!  Had a wonderful time!  This has changed me and everyone in the room!


Tom B.

I thought this Dr. C seminar was wonderful.  It really helped me focus on many different things that I need to do in my life.  Dr. C has a way of making things very simple and easy to understand.  Looking forward to seeing him again to reinforce the information, keep me in the right track to reach my goals.  Love the seminars coming to Dallas and really love that I see more people attending each one.




I had an amazing time here, this was my first time and not the last.  Thank you, Dr. C!


Conshetta Taylor

Dr. C was amazing!!  I enjoyed and loved and learned so much!


Mark Ellis

Great day!  Will come to every GIN event in this area that I can if it is with Dr. C!



Dr. C is amazing!  Unforgettable day!  Everything he taught us was life changing.  Everyone needs to experience Dr. C’s workshop.  I expect amazing things in 2021 as a result from this amazing day with Dr.C.


Henry Bach

Dr. C was amazing as was the energy and in the seminar.  The information Dr. C presents showed me that “I can do it!!” Whatever “it” might be.  This was a most powerful and empowering seminar.  Thank you so much, Dr. C!


Mark R.

Great motivation.  Gives you insight and tools to become healthy, wealthy and wise.  Dr. C is inspirational and I wish we could get everyone to hear this info.  It would make for a better world.  I’ve been truly blessed to be a GIN member.



This seminar was awesome!  If I had paid $2,500.00 for it, I would still think I got a steal.  The information is extremely valuable and even more than the information, the connections were astounding.  Dr. Leonard Coldwell is amazing.  The energy created in his seminar was transformative.  This was my first GIN event and my first seminar with Dr. C.  I know at the depth of my heart that this was one of the best decisions I made this year. AMAZING!


Lanette Kaiser

Dr. C was absolutely amazing!  He is motivational and inspirational.  Dr. C mad me realize everything that I need to make 2012 the Best year ever is all already inside of me!  I know I will never gain struggle to set my goals or struggle to meet them. Thank you so much for offering these seminars in Dallas! They were such blessings!


Surya V.

Thank you very much, it is a life changing event in my life, never have I experienced anything like this ever.  You awakened the giant in me! Looking forward to have more like this from you.


Peter Geier

Thank you so much for bringing out Dr. C! Wow, this is exactly what I needed today.  Very valuable, hands on training we can use right away. Next time you allow him to come to Dallas our whole organization will attend!  It will be of up most value to them!

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