Toxic Black Mold Has No Place in Your Air Conditioner : Dr. Leonard

Toxic Black Mold Has No Place in Your Air Conditioner

black moldGiven the right conditions, mold spores take hold and grow anywhere they can including inside of your home and even inside of your air conditioner, ducts, and vents.

It is especially important to heed the advice of your Air Conditioning Technician when it comes to black mold because of its high toxicity levels and their effects on the body even if you do not have a mold allergy specifically.

Even the smallest amount of collected condensation within a system can start the growth cycle. One of the largest contributing factors is residents who are not home all day. The natural inclination is to turn the air conditioning temperature way up to save money. And even worse, if you go out of town or are a part-time resident, the urge to turn it off altogether. This can be a disastrous mistake.

Along with leaving your AC unit in Naples switched on the majority of the time at least with the fan blowing the best thing you can do is to install Ultra Violet Lighting inside of your unit. AC UV lights can range from a couple of hundred all the way to a thousand dollars depending on your specific unit. While that cost may seem high up front, it will keep the mold away and prevent you from acquiring toxic mold illness. Mold can cause problems with your immune system and cost you money in medical bills not only in treatment but in diagnostic testing as it is not always readily obvious as to the cause of your ills.

While a UV light does not clean your air what it does is shine 24 hours a day on the inside surfaces of the unit and prevents mold from growing. It works as a disinfectant.

Black mold is dangerous for pets and humans. Those with allergies are very susceptible. If you notice that you feel constantly fatigued, headachy, have a runny nose, or scabs inside of your nose that won’t heal, asthma, or even COPD.. we advise you to check your AC unit thoroughly.

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