Vancouver, BC October 16, 2011 : Dr. Leonard

Vancouver, BC October 16, 2011










Matt Hobbs

Dr. C gave another unique, powerful and life changing seminar.  How lucky we are to have such a powerful mentor.


Richard Ackley

Dr. Coldwell was awesome.  This was truly a life changing experience for me. I’ve only been in GIN for a three weeks but my life has been changed forever.  Thank you so much for teaching me the truth and how to be free.  I feel blessed to have the GIN community in my life.


Lisa Raketti

Dr. Coldwell gave a excellent presentation.  I liked the way he built up the seminar from beginning to end.  He talked about the challenges he overcame and how one must believe in themselves.



Excellent conference, there was so much to learn but done in such a relaxing matter.  Every seminar is better than the other.  Excellent job.



I love Dr. C.  He is so amazing.  This seminar was so terrific.   Thank you for bringing this seminar here to us. I feel so empowered every time I feel a surge of power and energy.  What I have learned will be a powerful tool this will be something I will be able to use for the rest of my life.  Thank you so much Dr. C.



Paul Fisher

Dr. C is awesome on the website but he is even better in person.  I can’t wait to listen to my new CD’s.


Colleen Balir

Amazing! Thank you for helping me become who I always knew I could be but was always too afraid to be.  I want to learn more and more so I can be free.  I always knew I danced to the beat of a different drum now I know I have a great dance partner.  This is my first GIN event and wow did it ever exceed my expectations.  Thanks bunches.


Benjamin Royter

Hello Dr. Coldwell, it was an honor to be at your seminar.  I am so grateful to have the privilege of listening and absorbing all powerful life changing information from you and also other GIN members.  I believe we have come to a time where everyone should be exposed to this type of personal empowerment in order to take control of their lives.  Thank you so much for sharing with us.



Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. C, for giving common folk an opportunity to create and fulfill our dreams.  I feel that the seminar provided us absolutely spectacular.  The seminar was valuable beyond measures.  I will walk away today armed with yet again more tools to be the champion I was born to be.  The value of GIN provides to its members is beyond education, its practical and it works.



I’m so happy for that I was at this seminar.  The super charged energy around and from Dr. C was not just entertaining but we got first class motivation and exercise too.


Duane Lehr

I very much appreciate Dr. C’s no BS way of putting the truth into my life.  He’s changed my life and let me see that I am a champion.  Thank you Dr. C I learned some really good techniques to build my future by letting go of the past.  I am a somebody!! Thank you God.


Kim Martin

Wow! Cutting edge, in your face speaking.  Dr. C you’re getting better every time I hear you.  Definitely works for me!


Mary Alberckt

For the last four and a half months I have been reading the books listed on YWIYC.  I have been listening to the audios, and learning and applying the teachings as much as I can.  This is the first GIN seminar I have attended and Dr. C is incredibly inspiring.  I know that the work that Dr. C and all of you who teach and work with GIN are doing is extremely important.  I am proud and happy to be a member of GIN.  Dr. C is the best!!  God bless Dr. C and GIN!  May the force be with you and all of us!!


William King

Thank you so much for sending Dr. Coldwell to Vancouver.  Thank you Dr. C for the incredible experience.  This seminar was a life changing experience for me and my wife.  Thank you for the opportunity to master mind with local GIN members.  All of these local meeting and seminars are not only having a positive impact on my life, but also on those around me.  Please continue to send great speakers such as Dr. Coldwell.  I just know this seminar and the others are affecting more and more people lives in our local area for the better.  Keep up the excellent work GIN staff, the council, and Dr. Coldwell.


Natasha Dean-King

Thank you very much for doing this seminar.  I received tons of life changing information.  I am a champion after this seminar.  Today I can honestly say I am a champion.  GIN has also changed my life and enriched it more fully.  Thank you for the reminders of who I am with each seminar.


Willy Gammel

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  What an impressive gathering from GIN.  Dr. Coldwell is certainly one of a kind.  Everybody who has met him will never forget him or his performance.  This will have a lasting impact on me for the rest of my life.  Thank you Dr. Coldwell.



Johanne Ebluff

Thank you so much for giving us everything and then some in this seminar.  Each time we have a seminar you progress us to a new level of self-awareness that empowers us.  It is always a joining of joy to spend time with you and all of the GIN champions.   You are giving your dream and showing us how to live our own.  I am so grateful and thankful to have been here today to be transformed.


Anthony Prakesh

Dr. C is amazing, it’s true that he reminds me of the things that many of us know but forget because of a lower vibration that keeps all of us caught up in the bullshit of society.  I enjoyed his enthusiasm, excitement and motivation exercises.  I feel that I raised my vibration and DNA changed from hearing him and I learned so much.  He is an excellent teacher and a great exposure of evils and bullshit of in our government and society.  I am some body, I love myself, and my friends!!! Thank you Dr. Coldwell.



I need these seminars, especially Dr.C’s.  I’m a new member and because of all the negativity in the world I get my dose of positivity here at these seminars.  Without these, I would probably give up because it is so true that you get so much more out of being here in person than you do listening at home on a CD.  I’m taking baby steps, but I need this.  Thank you!!!


Wiley Calhoun

First off I want to sincerely thank the GIN Council for everything that you have and will do for the GIN members.  Dr. C was unbelievable and so enlightening, his presence and energy shook up every part of my vibrational being from the moment I saw him till after the training.  I was on such an emotional high that it was unreal like floating on a cloud or being touched by an angel.  Dr. C is a true blessing to us all. The gift that he gives back to the world is so sincere.


Gordon Wenger

Wow!! This was powerful!! I am a different person!!! I am more completely connected to my inner being!! Nothing can stop me now and so many things that came from the GIN trainings have become clearer to me.




When your internal motivational speaker within you is low, listen to Dr. C and he will crank up the volume for you.


Daljeet Ghatora

My husband and I are so happy we attended this seminar.  This is our first seminar and we learned a lot.  Dr. Coldwell told us so many things which is related to our real life, such as be positive and keep moving in our life.  We really liked this seminar.  It was fabulous and a lot of fun. Thanks.


Elly Singer

Wow! Could the truth be any clearer?  We have read your books and knew you would be a force to be reckoned with.  My husband and I will be in North Carolina, and on the cruise. See you then.


Martin Singer

Very empowering seminar.  Dr. C has given me a new start! Pure 100% new future I feel I have the power to do anything now.  I highly recommend him as a must for many to hear.  Thanks for setting me free Dr. C.


Mary Thomas

This was the first time I met Dr. C.  Now I understand why my sponsor, Jay Hira, told me you can’t miss Dr. C.  I am very grateful and am in total gratitude for the love and energy he gave to all of us in the seminar.  I wish I had known of him when I was fighting for my life.  I am a two time survivor and I love who I am becoming thanks to Kevin and all the speakers. Thank you


Joy Aegria

Thank you so much for an amazing workshop.  It was informative, fun and very powerful.  I feel I gained more keys to transforming my life to the one I am meant to have.  I look forward to re-reading my notes once I get home and taking the information to an even deeper place within me.  This workshop was a true gift and I look forward to more vibrancy and more fun.  Thank you so very much Dr. C and GIN Council for changing the world one person at a time.



Thank you for showing and helping us all to see the light in ourselves.  I came in not feeling very well and by three fourths of the way in I started to feel so much better.  Thank you for the reminder that life is about having fun.


Daniel Hedberg

Dr. Coldwell’s information felt so empowering to me because; I’ve been living by other people’s rules for so long.  I didn’t know any better that there is another way.  Also he helped with something that has been holding me back for a long time.  I’ve been dwelling on it and thinking about my past, all the unsuccessfulness and doubt from not only me, but others who I care about.  Thank you so much for helping to empower me with this seminar.  I look forward to Dr. C’s seminar in Charleston, SC.


Arti Dimar

This was an amazing seminar on many levels.  The predictions on 2012 were new to me.  My mind is definitely shaken. I cannot go to the Charleston workshop but I will be talking with those who do from my group.   Feeling Dr. C’s integrity I am inclined to believe that every word he says is true.  I will use the tools he has shared in this seminar to help my friends and family with their healing journey and let you know how they take it.  I look forward to the opening of your healing centers in a couple of years. Thank you.


Rakesh K. Parhar

Dr. C is amazing!! He brings life in the dead or the unmotivated.  He gives us a life changing experience by putting a light at an end of a tunnel.  He told me the fact that I am a champion and that I will always be one.  He has changed my life.


Sukh P.

Thank you Dr. Coldwell you are awesome.  Very powerful message.


Ashley Nianekeo

Dr. C was awesome! I’ve learned so much that I can’t stand it.   I love Dr. C I just can’t get enough of all of his positivity.  Thank you so much!!!


Terence Beke

Thank you for freeing me from my past and letting me start my future.  Every moment was educational. Thank you Dr. C.



Dr. C is an incredible speaker that had my attention riveted throughout the entire day.  He led us on an emotional roller coaster of transformation.  Thank you.


Svitlana Petrushka

Thank you very much Dr. C! I absolutely love the time you spent with us.  Thank you for helping me to change my life and the life of my loved ones.  You are one of the best people I have ever met.  I am very proud to have a chance to listen to you.  Thank you!



What a raw, gut-finding, emotional, in-depth seminar.


Melissa Sharp

Absolutely mind blowing!! How can I say enough on one sheet of paper? To keep it simple, I will say this….I will never be the same person again.  Period! I know I am closer to my dreams than ever before form the first break on, I noticed a difference in me.  The energy of this seminar was incredible, the content was to the point and was life-changing.  What caught me most was the sincere love behind every word delivered.


Brad Hopfauf

This seminar exceeded my expectations.  I started listening to Dr. C on the website but after hearing him in person I see that he is just even more awesome than I could have ever imagined.



Genia Gaffaney

Dr. C fills me up emotionally, spiritually and energetically.  I feel renewed, re-energized and ready to take charge of my life. Thank you Dr. C.


P. Wenger

Thank you for beginning to hold more conferences in Canada!! Every time I hear Dr. C, I leave his sessions with an increased feeling of self-empowerment.  Thanks Dr. C.


Mario Jones

This was simply awesome.  I have no words that can truly express what I feel right now but I will try by saying that this whole experience needs to be bottled and force fed to the entire world.



Thank you so much for all the seminars you allow us to attend.  Dr. C was fantastic as always.  This is the third time I have heard him and always I am encouraged and instructed how to take that next step in fulfilling my dream.  He gave me a new birth and I still have new dreams to pursue. Thank You.


Chad Gaffaney

Dr. C is simply the best!! Dr. C is the most caring, generous, and genuine person I have had the pleasure of being around.  I love Dr. C so much, he has the uncanny ability to allow myself to be the real me that I know is that champion waiting to come alive.  I love how Dr. C gives it to me straight and does not try to fluff his message.


Greg S.

This is the tenth time seeing Dr. C and it was fantastic!!  It amazes me that he can help us as much as he does and he still never gets boring.  New stuff he taught this seminar and it was just fantastic.




Sebastian Lachat

It has been a great pleasure.  Thank you for your energy and your sense of humor Dr. C.  you would have to be nuts not to come to a Dr. C event.



The energy in Dr. C’s seminar was great.  His presentation was interactive, the information was amazing, the personal intimate venue was great, his products are spectacular.  The straight forwardness, honesty, and integrity of Dr. C is wonderful.


Ashleigh Steinbach

The seminar was very good he was very entertaining and definitely took the seminar in the right direction that he said he would take it.  I was both delighted and surprised by the information presented and it was very good.  I learned a lot of new things as well as things that reinforced things I did not know.


Wes Pellissey

I drove to Vancouver B.C. from Wrigley N.T. Canada.  It took me three days to get to the seminar.   It was worth every second to make it to Dr. C.  He was absolutely amazing!!  I had a experience that I will never forget.


Vince G.

Dr. Coldwell rocks.  I love the energy he always brings to a room.  I feel like I had a conversation about the events going on in the world.  I felt like it was a personal conversation we were having with one another.  The seminar was so great.



Dr. Coldwell gave an absolutely amazing presentation and it truly has changed my outlook on the world.  He has woken up a positivity and curiosity that I never knew existed.



Paul Bouruff-Flolt

A roller coaster from feast to famine and then back again.


Daniel L. Rasmmssen

I didn’t know what to expect with this seminar.  Dr. C surprised me with this information on the agenda of the NOW and the staged events around 2012.


Morgan Mandel

I really thoroughly enjoyed all the songs played.  I learned that all illnesses are due to stress.  I truly love hearing you speak.



You rocked it out!! I will make every effort to attend any and every event you speak at.  You were informative, funny, honest, and genuine.  Thank you so much.


Miguel Verdugo

This is the best seminar I have ever attended.  Thank you very much for having these seminars Dr. C you are amazing in doing what you do.


Karla Camaiena

This seminar was a lot better than expected, it was the first time I have heard Dr. Coldwell and he definitely exceeds as a speaker.  I feel energized and full of positive feelings.  I believe I can achieve everything I put my mind to.  Please Dr. C continue doing seminars your awesome.


Nancy Gellou

The seminar with Dr. C was a perfect.  I appreciated the frank, clear message about the lies around cancer and other diseases.



The energy was life affirming.  Dr. C knows of what he speaks and is willing and loves to share it.  All I can say is wow.  Go Dr. C teach this for the good of each of us and for the future of our country.



Dr. C was fun!! But more importantly I got my mindset reinforced that in spite any upcoming changes in the U.S., I know how to take care of myself, and my mindset with the of GIN.


Rijwar Sysel

This was my first seminar experience with Dr. Coldwell I totally enjoyed every moment and I felt a shift in my life.  GIN is a great organization with Dr. C. Please continue to do seminars and GIN please continue to schedule him again in Canada.



Dr. C tells it like it is.  I learned so much of how this world works from Dr. C.  This was my first GIN experience and it has left a lasting impression on me.



Ok so how has this day been with Dr. C? I think it goes without saying that it was fantastic.  I have been to more seminars then I can remember and this by far is the best.


Jag Hira

Quite frankly Dr. C is the best!! I love Dr. C please bring him back again soon.


Dean Phillips

Dr. C’s seminar was in my opinion one of the most empowering ones I have ever been to.  I think the GIN Council should integrate more hands on things into the seminars like Dr. C does.



Dr. C was amazing as usual.  His powerful presentation gave me so much energy and enthusiasm.  I know that I will be a better person because of it and will continue on my journey toward complete happiness and adventure.



Dr. C delivers the goods and doesn’t pull any punches.  I thought I was on my way to the top before this, but now I feel like a success rocket!!  This seminar was worth every penny of fuel money for the drive up her to Canada from Oregon.



I learned how to let some of my past go, the stuff that has been holding back from being my true self.  I found a need a level a new understanding of living my true purpose.



Audience participation made the performance excellent.  It allowed us to let our guard down and get to know one another- in some way- more than we know others we’ve known for years.



Wow! Dr. C is incredible and I already can’t wait to see him again.  He has such an incredible vibration you can’t help but join in.  All the information he has is awesome.  I feel empowered and amazing.  Thanks Dr. C.


Sidra Subsawan

Dr. Coldwell was absolutely phenomenal!! The event was fun, powerful, and informative.  I feel bulletproofed and am ready to blast into our exciting future.




Kevin Lucas

What I liked most about Dr. C is his willingness to share any and all information.  You can see that this is his true passion to help us help ourselves.


Cassandra Lucas

What an amazing day!  Thank you so much for bringing Dr. C to us.  I am so excited to be a member of this organization.  I had such a great weekend of events.


Tanya Porteons

Thank you so much for coming to Canada! I had asked the universe for some kind of seminar to help me and the next morning I check my blackberry and there is a Dr. Coldwell seminar.  This was great and very life changing. Thank you Dr. C.


Doreen Baker

Dr. C you are just wonderful! You are thought provoking, intense, fun and full of energy.  I totally enjoyed the day.  My energy is much better because of you.  I am going home renewed and energized and I feel like a better me.



This was an awesome seminar.  I really learned a lot and would love to go to another Dr. C seminar.



Fantastic!! I will be going to as many Dr. Coldwell seminars as I can.  This is the most powerful thing I’ve ever been to.  Please continue to bring us more of these wonderful seminars.



Thank you for a great day! Thank you for making it okay to be me!!  What a great lesson to pass on to my kids.  This seminar makes me a better mom and wife.



Dr. Coldwell’s seminar was an amazing, eye opening exercise.  It reformats the brain and his style of teaching is amazing.


Ryan Turner

Thank you I feel free.  Experiencing a Dr. C event is the only way to truly get the full benefits of life.  It got me out of my comfort zone and now I will that with me forever.


Natasha Williams

Thank you for reminding me that no one can have power over me without me giving it to them.  I love to eat, I love my wine, I love my life.  I have been pressing the snooze button on my life.  This event was amazing and I am so grateful.


Adrian Doherty

What an eye opening experience.  I want to thank Dr. C for his genuine care and love he has for people.


Gabriel C.

Today I knew that it was going to be a great day.  Dr. C has helped me once again to see my future clearly.   He has said and done things that bring me back into power of my life.  I am very thankful for having Dr. C.



The seminar was empowering and very engaging.  The message given was very uplifting and gave me the knowledge to take my life to the next level


Bernadette Beck

Dr. C was amazing, he was so informative.  He has given us insider information on the causes of illness, how to express the real me and how to forget the past.  We can all learn something from this seminar, I left this meeting feeling positive, free, and best of all loved.  Thank you Dr. Coldwell!!!

Jason Tutt

Dr. C woke me up from a bad dream I made my life.  This was an amazing seminar.  Please send him back to Vancouver or Seattle soon!!!!!


Sanaz K.

During Dr. C’s seminar I was able to see that it’s not hard to get out of a sad state.  I am so happy I was able to attend this seminar and see and understand how I can put things in the past away forever and never think about it again.  All the exercises that we did helped me to be more courageous to meet someone new and shake their hand.  I had an amazing experience at this seminar.  I look forward to attending the next one.  Thank you so much!!


Jerry Enewold

Dr. C is great; this is the most life affirming, most wonderful event GIN has done.  They have done a great job and I look forward to coming to more.


Stamatis C.

It’s the fifth time I have seen Dr. C and I can’t believe how I feel after every single seminar.  The tone of his voice, the words he uses goes in my ears and always touches my soul.   Dr. C’s presence in the room has such great vibrations.  I’m so thankful, appreciative, and blessed to be part of this amazing club and all the seminars.



Dr. C is the greatest speaker.  I would come and see him every day if I could.  I would come out with a much better outlook on life and just feel wonderful all the time.   By the end of this seminar I had tears in my eyes.  Thank you Dr. C!!


W. Payne

I had the time of my life, and I’ve never felt so good before!! Yes, I swear, it’s the truth, and I owe it all to Dr. C! This was a magical experience and I know my life I now bulletproof.



Dr. C’s seminar is life changing.  The tools he has given me are something no one has ever cared enough to give me.  He is the best, I am free!!!


Phil Sodoma

I found the seminar very valuable.  It helped me to break out of my shell. I have always hated trying to open up and do the activities at these seminars.  Dr. C’s approach helped me to view these activities different.  Thank you.


Kenneth T.

You have increased the quality of my life!! Thank you GIN Council this is the best club in the world! I am thankful and grateful for Dr. C.


Hong Sodoma

Dr. Coldwell’s speech was absolutely amazing and life changing.  Please keep these type of seminars coming!!


Cisly Ventura

Thank you Dr. C for coming to Vancouver, as always, you are in amazing and highly entertaining speaker.  You have helped me realize the importance of coming out of my shell and being myself and not be what others expect me to be.  I deserve more than being told “no” all my life and I’m ready to feel good about myself and what I want, right here and now, I matter!!!!


Marc A.

Thank you for the turbo charged energy boost.  It’s always a blast attending your seminars.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!



Thank you for coming to Vancouver.  Dr. C please do more Canada events!!!

Tim Ochitwa

Dr. Coldwell’s seminar was wonderful.  He is truly a born presenter who comes across as 100% creditable.  I would go to one of his seminars whenever I could.  Bravo Dr. Coldwell, thank you.


Draeme Muir

I became a member last night. My membership was motivated because of Dr. Coldwell coming to Vancouver.  Thank you!!  You have brought my vibration to a whole new level!! All the shouting, dancing, and singing with my GIN brothers and sisters have lit a huge fire for me to be healthy, wealthy, and well!! I’m ready to be the change.


Sandy Baaker

I learn something new every time I hear Dr. C. He has changed my thinking and helped me get in touch with myself once again.  He has helped me to set goals and have dreams, but most of all hope.  In a simplistic way he gives the tools of life.  I love Dr. C!!!



I am so happy to come and gain so much from you!! You confirmed my belief about the government.  I would love to go to your seminar in South Carolina.  You are so uplifting and straight forward and honest with your delivery.  Thank God for people like you it’s such a blessing that you have come to Vancouver.


Debbie Rybelke

Dr. C is a no B.S. kind of guy.  He delivered an amazing session definitely top notch.  I believe I now have the tools to be the best “me” I can be.  Thank you!!


P. K.

Dr. C woke me up! He stirred me to the core and rocked my world.  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend the day with Dr. Coldwell.



John Henry

Thank you Dr. C for your encouragement that we can the best we want to be.  The techniques to letting go of the past so that we can move on to the future we want to have was spectacular.  The visualizations are powerful and needed to see our life the way we will like it in the future.  Thank you.



A lot of good, useful, informative information was given in an entertaining format.  The atmosphere is very positive and the group interaction is very uplifting.  This is an event that we should all be able to partake of and enjoy and be thankful for the opportunity to attend.  Thank you.



I found this seminar very useful to enforce the belief that we own what happens to us in our future.  We got new tools to handle transition from past to future.



Thank you so much for being you Dr. C.  We recognize there are many things we don’t understand and I personally want to extend my gratitude and appreciation for sharing your time and knowledge with us.  I always take away so much more than I usually expect.  You are a fantastic speaker and trainer.



The seminar was great.  It was filled with great information and was very educational.  Dr. Coldwell is a very wise and genuine person.


Joy Taylor

I’m always happy that I can attend GIN programs.  I seem to be following Dr. C all over.  I am so happy to be around like minded people and stay away from the dream thieves.  Thank you for the valuable speeches and content.



Roger Holt

I just finished my first GIN meeting and let me say, “What a fantastic event, what an awesome day.”  Thank you so much for putting these events on.  I will be looking for more of these close to me.  Dr. C was funny, informative, and cut to the chase.  He really seemed to care about us and could walk and talk what he taught.  Thank you again!!!


Merna Tattersall

This was my first GIN Conference and I am taken back by the greatness of all I have learned today.  Dr. Coldwell’s message was perfect.  Thank you so very much Dr. Coldwell from the bottom of my heart.



I feel most grateful for GIN’s input in my life and Dr. Coldwell’s seminar today.  He is a marvelous man and quite informative.  I have learnt a great deal of new information today.


Kevin O.

Dr. C is my favorite GIN speaker and he never ceases to amaze me.  He was outstanding and I can’t wait until the revolution, the time is now!!!



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