Video Game “Mr President” Based on Non-Stop Assassination Attempts on Donald Trump : Dr. Leonard

Video Game “Mr President” Based on Non-Stop Assassination Attempts on Donald Trump

Video Game “Mr. President” Depicts a Fictitious “Ronald Rump” Under Non-Stop Relentless Assassination Attempts

Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report

A new controversial video game called Mr President claims to be a “great video game,” featuring body guard Dick Johnson, who is continuously diving in front of bullets to protect soon to be Presidential candidate Ronald Rump. 

The developer states their game is based on the “most hated presidential candidate of all time Ronald Rump.”

Obviously the name Ronald Rump is a play-on-words to represent President Elect, Donald Trump. The character depicted even looks like Trump.

The games official steam account states the games synopsis as:

“Liberal media has rigged the election and tarnished his glowing public image, now they are trying to end his life. You need to leap, flip, fling, roll, and many other verbs to get in between Rump and certain death. If Rump dies, Who is going to pay for your Netflix sub? How are you going to pay for your lifetime of student loans or over inflated medical bills? Where will you get the money for another dumb physics game? YOU BETTER SAVE THE MAN OR YOU DON’T GET THE MONEY! It is your American duty to protect, serve, and live by the mighty dollar, because money is the only true sign of someone’s worth.”

On the website oceanofgames, Mr President highlights the main features of the game as:

  • It’s a great action adventure game.
  • It is based on most hated presidential candidate.
  • You are playing the role of a bodyguard.
  • You must protect him so that you can get the money.



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