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Water for Life…

Water is important to our bodies for so many reasons:

  • It’s the what the majority of our cells are made up of
  • It makes up a big portion of our blood and lymphatic system
  • It transports nutrients and oxygen to different cells and carries waste out of the body
  • It helps flush out toxins through the kidneys
  • It helps regulate body temperature

So if water is so important to proper body function, then it is safe to assume that water quality would be important as well. Tap water is full of thousands of contaminants. Mercury, pharmaceuticals, gasoline additives, herbicides and pesticides, VOCs and disinfectant by-products, chorine, chloramine, fluoride, lead, asbestos…all these contaminants wreak havoc on our bodies and upset our homeostasis. Image your veins and arteries are subway system. Drinking and bathing in tap water is like riding the subway in New York City during rush hour. With the subway so clogged, how do you expect your body to even begin to eliminate toxins or carry nutrients where they need to go? The answer is it can’t. Not to mention these chemicals are known carcinogens, endocrine-disrupting, can cause birth defects, and neurological damage just to name a few.

Whether you have city water or well water, your water is contaminated by hundreds of chemicals.  Even bottled water isn’t safe. First, it contains numerous chemicals that leach into the water from the plastic bottles, even if it advertises that it is BPA free. Second, the water is less regulated than tap water.  Municipalities have stricter regulations than bottled water companies do. So here are a few affordable alternatives to clean up your water. Berkey and Austin Springs filtration systems are top notch at removing contaminates from your water supply.


Drinking Water

The first step to providing your body with healthy drinking water is to purchase a reliable filter system.  There are several different options for all different budgets. Berkey water systems come in a variety of sizes, use no electricity, and on average, you can get years of use out of one set of filters. Simply pour your tap water, or any water for that matter, into your Berkey and it will filter out the contaminants.  Berkey systems are portable and can be filled with water from outdoor sources and still give reliable, clean drinking water. Austin Springs also has several choices for various budgets. Choose from either counter top units or undercounter units, the systems are reasonably priced and contain good, quality filtration systems.


Shower Filtration

You may ask why you would need a filter in the shower. After all, you don’t drink the shower water.  Most people don’t know that you actually absorb more water through your skin than you absorb by drinking each day. And who doesn’t like to take a nice, long, hot shower? Did you know by not filtering out the chlorine in the shower water that it is equivalent to standing in a gas chamber? When you heat up the chlorine, or chloramine, it actually turns to a gas. That relaxing feeling you get when you’ve taken a hot shower is the effects of the gas, not the “relaxing hot water.” That steam you see filling up the bathroom isn’t just because the water’s hot! Bad hair days, dry skin, skin rashes and acne can all be attributed to the contaminants in the water. Austin Springs has top quality shower filters as well as whole house filters that are really affordable compared to the competition.

For a limited time…get 1/2 off one set of PF2 Fluoride filters with every purchase of a Berkey water system. Austin Springs products are also on sale for a limited time only. Our New Dealer Pricing won’t last long…order today to take advantage of these amazingly low prices! (All Austin Springs products will ship starting March 22nd. Preorder your filtration system today to get the new dealer pricing.)

All of the above mentioned systems can be purchased at www.bestpinksalt.com. Please feel free to email or call with any questions you may have. All Austin Springs replacement filters and parts are interchangeable with eWater and Aquasana brand systems as well.



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