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Why Americans Will Never Revolt Against Government

You will not like these facts but if you have been frustrated as to why people don’t get mad as hell and revolt against government, I have written this to explain it. It is so obvious that I will be surprised to receive any intelligent disagreements. Hang on…

50% of adults work for government at a local, county, state or federal level, or for a corporation that has a contract with the federal government. None will bite the hand that feeds them.

10% are unemployed and will not bite the hand that feeds them.

15% are on welfare and will never ever bite the hand that feeds them.

20% are getting or within a few years be getting social security and will never bite the hand that feeds them.

That leaves 5% that are not being fed by government and are used to feed the other 95%. However, due to social norms and media spin along with the fear that it would only get worse if they do rise up against government, they too will never revolt against government. The only chance for these 5% to become unburdened, is for a worldwide economic collapse in which the other 95% die off and loose their ability to control a system that funds their free ride on the back of the few. So, ask yourself—- how bad do you want to be free Jack? I say, absolutely free.

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  1. marie says:

    I have never heard it put so bluntly, or so up=in=your-face. It sucks being the 5%.

  2. wizzy says:

    Well, consider this……with millions of people out of work, there would be a real shortage of money in the coffers to pay the thousands who work for the gov. The problem with socialism is, that you run out of other peoples money to hand out…………then we’re ALL pissed off……

  3. Richard says:

    These are all valid points I never considered.
    It has been my opinion that Floride in the drinking water is why people have no energy to fight back government abuse.
    Since I stopped drinking tap water I personally have regained my memory and vigor.DOT DRINK WATER FROM MUNICIPAL SOURCES IMHO, unless you want to become a sheeple.

  4. Mike Edwards says:

    Interesting analysis! I didn’t realize it was this high. I was actually giving this subject thought the other day. With this scenario, America is in trouble.

    Thank you for the analysis!


  5. sue sloane says:

    I’m part of the 5%. I am not afraid; I am doing everything I can day to day to ensure the “future” freedoms of the other 95%.

    My answering machine msg:

    I’m thinking about changing it to:

    Godspeed Dr. Caldwell!
    ~Live Free or Die

  6. Thomas says:

    Dr C.

    This sounds alot like what was discussed in Atlas Shrugged. Im halfway through right now. I will have questions for you!

  7. Sonja says:

    I am one of the 5% and now declared unsafe by the US gov.
    95% of Americans depend upon “those like me to transport food, building materials, machinery etc” especially since company systems work people into an early grave..
    Some companies count a good year by the amount of accidents and comparing them.
    Those of course have paid dues that make many overlook the little things that the little guy must be examined over.
    I have heard owning a business when under capitalized is wrong. But when you work for years, and still pay everyone else’s dues and you would think someone would at least say thank you for the coffee.
    The most regulated industry is getting such flack..and it is because we stood up against the Mexican trucks…who wouldnt, diplomatic immunity as also Canadian trucks get.
    Drivers that were unsafe and no way to track criminals within the Mexican drivers pool…
    Yeah after a few hundred people died and that deal with the HIGH explosives exploding on I35 hauled without placards by a Mexican truck…The DOT tried to cover that one up…
    Well are you all ready to dump the trucks again…Our Gov thinks you should…
    They are still trying to sell off every American Interstate to International Corporations at a premium price…your memorials to dead soldiers..your inheritance.

    The weigh stations could not stop Mexican trucks even when oversized, illegal, overweight, or under secured, because of the Diplomatic Immunity, nor does your insurance work in an accident…

    you pay, and you can’t sue…

    Thanks from that 5% and drink your coffee…sleep in your sheets, climb into that car in the morning, because some “lazy do nothing” American most likely transported every part of those things you enjoy..and without a complaint.

  8. phyllis satterfield says:


  9. headtilt says:

    Yeah. Independant thinking people are as rare as gold coins in general use!! I hate being manipulated by dishonest business and government that has NO clue

  10. Richard says:

    No wonder we’re apathetic !

  11. Andee says:

    Sadly, the truth; the new jobs..ha, ha, they are 90% shovel jobs with no benefits! Boy this is really working for the economy and our recovery……………

  12. patriot 2010 says:

    The article is 100% correct. However, there is one additional fact that should be considered and that is the dunbing-down by the almost totally controlled media. In 1985, in the detroit news there was an article about think tanks. The article stated that there are/were 15,000 think tanks operating in the usa at any given time. When you realize that the two primary purchasers of think-tank information are government and religion, it becomes quite simplistic to realize that the masses-r-asses have been mentally controlled for many years and not a weapon was used to convince them to become a toady!

  13. Barney838 says:

    Revolt? For what would the American people revolt? Liberty? Freedom? Individual Independence? Self Sufficiency? Individual Responsibility? Never would they do such a thing as revolt. If they did, they would be forced to think and take care of themselves and their families. The 95% ers do not have the ability or character to do either.

  14. Eudoxia says:

    Dr Coldwell misses an important point. In the state of an economic collapse they will all have nothing. When you have nothing you have nothing to lose. We are entering a new age. The youth are seeing very clearly what is happening and they are very computer savy. The thing the elite fear most is a global awakening and revealing of who they are. Lists are now being published. When enough people are madder then hell they will be hunted down like rabid dogs. I would personally prefer to see the hackers take down their businesses which is definately on the cards not to mention their large fiat bank accounts. I can see in the not to distant future Ben Bernanke’s head on a stick.

  15. Your net web-site came up in my research and I’m prompted by what you might have composed on this theme. I’m presently branching out my enquiry and thus can’t contribute additional, however, I’ve bookmarked your web page and will probably be returning to maintain up with any future updates. Just enjoy it and thanks for permitting my remark.

  16. May says:

    IF The Government keeps pushing people, one day somebody or the people will push back and push hard.

  17. Detroit says:

    I believe that us americans will revolt against Obama. And my father will be there standing right beside me in it! I am twelve and i know the hard core truth of this country and how it will demise! This will be the american revolution all over again. We gave this government its power and we can take it away!

  18. Sandra says:

    I would gladly bite the hand that controls my misery…but I would be arrested and having a record only guarantees that I will not have a job. How can people revolt under these circumstances?

  19. Marilyn Becker says:

    You are so right!!!! Most people have no backbone. They are cowards. They will not save any money to be independent of the hand that feeds them. The majority are slaves to the system!!! And do not or will not accept this fact. It is called cognitive resonance or the like. I have no respect for the majority of humanity. Love your true take on the way things are. Sincerely, Marilyn

  20. Coach says:

    I am ready to die for my Freedom. Jack!

  21. Tom says:


  22. James Thornton says:

    You damn panzees!!!!! get a grip and realize you have your futurews to lose!!! If this happens the the reality is that you are going to be robbed or murdered for your valuables. Plain and simple. Do not be an idiot and stand for priciples that are not unsustainale.

  23. ricky says:

    I am starting a organization preparing to revolt against the government. If you’re sick of being taken advantage of, sick of legal theft. If I steal. I go to jail. If they steal. Its patriotic? These idiots can’t run a government. I believe in many conspiracies and that the figures of politics are only mere figures. The illuminaughty and other power hungry organizations are behind all this. If you love your country, but hate your government. Join me. Its time for a change. All are welcomed. Black white Hispanic and purple. We are all gods children. Contact me at acowart924@gmail.com

  24. ToTheArk says:

    By the time we have a revolt ready (even if one million people signed up right now) chances are Obama’s term would be over before we even launched a revolt. A good idea , yes. Will it work? Probably not. Let’s face it, if the government is willing to put themselves in depth, who’s to say they’ll have a problem killing the 5% that are weighing them down? We’d need go as far as a Nuclear assault to even scratch them, and no doubt the smart-@$$ military already has some blast-proof bunker in the middle of nowhere waiting for the congress to arrive so they can watch us burn from a safe distance. The idea of a revolt is far fetched, you’ll never get the people “loyal” to the pledge they took from kindergarten to high school to hand over their lives on the small chance of us beating the worlds, possibly even the universes strongest military power. We need strike teams. Let’s take their supplies, their bombs and their weapons, their food water shelter and money, they’ll strike the first blow and the people will willingly revolt. Good game Obama, but this is the finish line.

  25. PEB says:

    You have forgotten it was only 3% of the population that fought in the first revolution. So in reality things are no different today then it was back in 1775.

  26. Ryan says:

    I’m so fed up with being pushed around being in small business that Im going to snap. These mofos are have no intention of helping anybody but themselves. They keep us down by through debt, through security?, through money… Why as a people do we not stand up and take back our lives our pride? Why is their poverty? Why are their people going to jail for not paying ” fines”. Why do we bow down to their
    ” rules” suck it up and and take it in the ass. What the fuck have we let this become. I’m fed up!!! I’m urging everyone reading this to take a stand by not seceding to their laws , to not let the higher ups push us around anymore, to stand up by helping each other out, by being one. to help out humanity as a whole not the peoples at the top. Pull your heads out of your asses and see this is not right. Help create the new world!!!

  27. Kevin says:

    The economy will fail before there is a revolt. But on the other hand we are the 5% we stop working the whole thing goes to pot. The biggest problem if there was a revolt. How many countries would see us as weak. Then start thinking invasion. You think China would think twice about it, how about Russia, north Korea?? Who knows what kind of concequences could come with half the planet against us as is

  28. Ben Steinke says:

    If what is being defined as revolution is ARMED revolution against the Federal Government, then we need to make sure we don’t get suckered into a situation like that. This is because the Federal Government is prepared for that kind of battle and will easily be able to outgun us. There WILL be a collapse scenario soon, and The People need to be prepared for that. The instigation of violence against the government is in invitation to mass suicide. Do NOT instigate violence against the government. That’s what it WANTS you to do. That way, it can send in agents provacateur and informants to start violence and discredit the revolution. The collapse will take the government, Wall Street, and the banking system down with it, and we need to let that process happen.

  29. John Graham says:

    The US government is going out of its way to be certain no coordinated effort may take place towards an armed rebellion. That being said, however, there are still plenty of folks willing to DIE for their principles. The only people desperate to retain the status quo are the ones who have plenty and have not suffered from the likes of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. Presently, our “government” can’t even govern itself, so there’s also something to be said regarding federal response as being ruefully uncoordinated as well. I, for one, would rather starve than live as a slave, and I’m certain many Americans feel that way as well.

  30. gh0st says:

    Richard, a valid point about municipal water supply, but
    did you know that most bottled water is taken directly from
    municipal water supply?


    There’s that, chemtrails, and subliminal, hypnotic advertising.
    Plus the rampant computer illiteracy – which prevents people
    from using the internet to look it up, but the real reason why
    americans don’t rise up:

    The united states military is the most powerful, and illegally
    overreaching government in the world. They occupy like 75 percent of the world in some form, and they have recently authorized drone strikes against us citizens overseas, and keep
    most things secret. They spy on EVERYONE from sattelites, drones, they monitor pretty much all internet and phone traffic
    some openly (as in bahamas) but most secretly (snowden) With the rise of the internet, people have been able to leak some of their info (YAY) if they’re a hacker or have a classified clearance and an actual conscience. But make no mistake, the united states is very good at being evil. Americans are being suppressed and kept stupid not by active censorship, or military
    intervention, but by clever lies, chemicals, and clever steering of culture and social pressure – ie. “Trust your government!” “Better dead than red!” “Marijuana is bad.” “Only bad people go to prison” “It’s for national security” “Terrorism!” “They’re bad people!” Never telling you why, never giving you time to think. Buying off all the important people to getting it passed, and justifying it with more lies and propaganda. Make no mistake. Anyone who says america is a democracy is lying to himself. Anyone who says america is free
    is being lied to. Don’t follow the crowd! Fight it! Wake up!

  31. Levi says:

    well I guess you forgot about that 1%.
    soon people very soon !!!!!…….

  32. Levi says:

    you forgot us 1% .
    We are for the people.
    we are for change.
    you think there is no one
    who will stand up against
    the government? do you know
    that there are more of us
    then there are in the government
    across the world? there will be order!
    and all the government’s are losing by killing
    people and screwing them over yet my friends
    I for one wont stand for the misguidance of the government and all who follow. we need change for the better growth of our children and humanity is failing at all logical grounds. join now all are welcome make this a safer world don’t ask for change FORCE IT 1%

  33. Keila says:

    Interesting analysis!! However… it makes little to no sense. Roughly 7% of adults work for governments. The unemployment rate is about 6.3% (however, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Many unemployed people are not counted in this percentage, so we’ll round to 10%). And the percent of people on Welfare is about 4.1%. I don’t know where you got your statistics, but I doubt they could change within a four year time span. Google it. Seriously. There are multiple sources to confirm mine. I have not found a single source that proves any of your statistics.

    Anyways, wouldn’t you think that people in Welfare would want to get out of Welfare? Barely surviving, if surviving at all, actually. Not being able to live comfortably. Some would argue that people on Welfare are lazy, and maybe that’s true, but it is against human nature to live in conditions so bare that they are barely liveable. Wouldn’t want to bite the hand that feeds them? Maybe they’ll bite the hand that barely nourishes them and provides them with little to no other necessities like shelter and doesn’t provide them with a good lifestyle aka being able to clean themselves, being able to wear clothes, being able to care for their children, being able to get care if they are hurt, etc. Think about that.

  34. John says:

    So when are we gonna do this rebellion? All talk and no plans or actions. Why not everyone pitch in to hire a few good assassins? I know this might just be a forum for discussion, but nobody said it had to be for poops and giggles.. i just turned 20 and I dont have much but ill throw in 250 for an assassination or something. Unless if anyone has a better idea….. lol

  35. jason says:

    Why do the middle class get so screwed over. im tired of this crap. we the people need to do something about this. we work our whole life away. for what? To pay for all the lazy people who dont wanna do nothin. This is ludacris. we need to stop all these stupid goverment programs that take all our money. its not our fault if you dont wanna rise up and do your your part as a human being. in nature its survival of the fittest. thats how it needs to be with us. screw this for self stuff. everybodys for self, ecspecially the gov. Need to just tax the millionaires if they want to take care of all the poor. Why does it have to be our problem, the middle class. let the poor die. we would be a lot better of who cares if not humane. it happens in all third world countries. eventually they wont even have a middle class because of all these stupid taxes. they just get worse and worse each year and i dont even wanna get started on this health care crap. its just rediculous. screw the goveerment. all they need to worry about is protecting the usa from invasion from other countries and let us worry about us.

  36. Matt says:

    This is an example of an idiot who finds reasons that sound very republican or conservative in thought, so that’s a good sum up for why americans actually never rebel. they’re lazy, or don’t care about whays happening enough to get off Facebook. They are consistently uneducated and misguided by “facts” like the ones listed above. This two party system allows private interests to buy the election on both sides of the fence and then whoever wins, they get their way. And angry americans just go “damn republicans” or “damn democrats” and just elect the other side instead actually addressing the issue, allowing us to ping pong our anger back and forth while never actually unifying over issues for that very same reason. If you are a sworn democrat or republican you have been duped. And the american government isn’t just “protecting us from invasion” the use our money MOSTLY FOR MILITARY so we can take whatever we want from anyone. Bush and obamas presidency, not very different. Both stripped away rights in the name of war on terror (biggest perpatrator of international terrorism voted by UN is the united states, unanimously voted by other nations, but, oh yeah we vetoed that because we’re head of the security council). And you worry about your guns like the governmemt wants to take them away. Because they fear your guns? Yeah right, Can you shoot the drones down 50,000 feet above you? They know you can’t either, and the only way you’ll ever actually pull out your guns is if they take them away, or try to. No one rebels because they’re idiots.

  37. Edster says:

    Sonja…I’m gonna have to put you OUT of the 5% as you apparently are in the trucking business and use……federal interstates! Sure, you pay a pittance in taxes and some fuel excise tax. However, you’re pretty much riding for FREE on roads owned by all the taxpayers! So…you’re a part of corporate welfare like everyone else!

  38. Ray says:

    I dont fall into any of those categories,but if i did i would know that to make a change for our country i would have to take a stand and be proud to do it,im not 1 of the categories and dont have my tail tucked between my legs like a coward either,IM AMERICAN AND PROUD of it and willing and able to speak my mind and to stand for my country and the constitution and more importantly my brother and siter americans/
    The Categories are for cowards and bitches

  39. mike sislet says:

    You are on target. For most of my military career I was a strategic planner. The American people are sheep. Lead them to the nearest slaughter and they will go, willingly. Why? Because they are indoctrinated to believe that the slaughter is good for them. How far do we want to go with this? Contact me if you have some serious questions.

  40. tusense96761 says:

    Totally disagree American literally bought millions of guns since Obama proved that he was a continuation of Bush policies. American have fighting genes. Americans are a melting pot of people that were dissatisfied with being governed by a King or Totalitarian states of governments. They braved the travel and homelessness to set up on new frontiers and people up until the last 20 years have fit into that gene base. As Americans see Obama shredding our constitution, siding with our enemy, letting our military die with stand down order in Benghazi. Obama doing nothing about our rights to privacy and allowing, if not commanding the NSA to spy on all Americans. Obama took away our rights to due process with the NDAA once again allowing indefinite detention without charge for Americans.
    Obama is rewarding the banksters for stealing the American people’s homes in freud foreclosures and bailout the rigged banking system to the Federal Reserve Big Bank owners with trillions. A conflict of interest for the banks to profit when they cause a recession. The 15 percent or 48 million that live on food stamps is no gift. It is a life of poverty. People care more about a government they can trust than a government taking rights away. So don’t be so sure Americans will react like the Jews did when Hitler came after them. American won’t hoot the first shot but they will get the last shot.

  41. asnow says:

    Most ppl on these benefits don’t wish to be I have tried really, REALLY hard to find a job. The only work I can find is part time. I had to start collecting food stamps in order to feed my son and I. I would rather have full time work and take care of my own responsibility. I simply cannot escape this grinding poverty.

  42. stzzla says:

    Rise, humans. RISE ! It’s time to backtrack from the claptrap we’ve been led into. They herded us into cities to do this to us. To control us. So we’ve got questions we need to ask ourselves. Do we leave the cities and stand by ourselves? Or do we take their cities from them – we built them anyway – it was their money and our hands. This was supposed to be a joint venture but we have become slaves.

    Either leave, rise, or die.

  43. stzzla says:

    The thing that worries me is that time is fast running out to escape from the dilemma we are in. The day we have a fully automated society is the day we either lose total freedom or we get culled altogether. We will be superfluous. At the moment we are still needed, we are still assets. But thats why my heart froze when the news broke that the first automated deliveries were on their way, the first automated cars, etc. We are so far down the path to our own doom its scarey.

    What does your life become about when you no longer need to anything for yourself? Where do you go from there? What kind of human being do you become, a wholesome one? At the moment, we’re still needed for manual labour and other skilled jobs. That keeps us locked into a system where if we turn on each other, it all falls apart, so we dont turn on each other and there is the glue that holds it all together.

    But when we no longer have the need for humans to work, are we just going to turn on each other? How will we stay cohesive in a fully automated society? How will we stay alive? What will our worth be? This is what worries me, these are the questions that face mankind now because the fully automated society is, it seems what someone has decided we need. Who decided this I dont know, but thats the direction that our technology goes in consistently.

    We’re still living in the last days of a time when we can do something about this, but its running out fast. The more tech they develop, the more mechanisms they have that reduce our worth. There will come a point where we are no longer necesarry.

    This is an existential crisis. Please wake up and start asking yourselves some of the questions I have posed.

    I dont have the answers. You do. We all do. We just need to find them. But first you must be willing to wake up. Please wake up. And wake up the person next to you. Dont lecture people, just ask the questions. Where are we headed? What will our worth be? What will be our reason to exist? Will we be deemed necessarry or will it be decided that we could be dispensed with? Important questions that become more and more relevant every day. That nobody seems to be asking themselves, its breaking my heart. This is an age change…..lets surf it, dont sleep through it. Grab it, its a wave, an opportunity to rise. Choose to EVOLVE.

  44. Tyler says:

    YES–Revolution is the ONLY way to get us back on track! forget courts, lawyers, etc. as they make the problems worse.
    Read about the many slave revolts in Rome, Spartacus esp. tho he lost, more followed until Rome was downed.
    Fighting is the only option now.

  45. jb says:

    Revolting by attacking now won’t work. You have to destroy them from inside…a house divided. Surely all the players do not believe they will escape the same fate. Pray people, harder than you ever have. Think of the struggles, deaths and suffering that purchased our freedom. Also the bible tells us how it will end. How smart can Satan and the now be then?

  46. Keith says:

    Well get this jack! May leave only 5%. We only need 3%. Just ask the British. And i am a III%er .

  47. DrLopez says:

    What this really means is most Americans stand for nothing and are nothing more then sheep to the slaughter, correct? They worship convenience and have no idea what freedom is,correct. Further more, most Americans do not care if our country is taken over by the Islamic faith and believe the rest of us will fight for their freedom,correct?

    If we are now a country of talkers and cowards then quite frankly it will become a blood bath and all the religious hypocrites and talkers will be killed. Is this close to what I am hearing?

  48. Fukfederalgovt says:

    Revolt against our tyrannical government.
    Detroit, you are a very smart kid, especially for 12. I’m not as concerned for our future knowing there are youth as knowledgeable as you.

  49. Stuart says:

    We wouldn’t be burdened by them financially. Overthrow the federal reserve and take back the stolen and I’ll gotten wealth that the Rothschild family has acquire. Which is roughly 500 – 900 trillion dollars. Problem solved.

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