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5G is being touted as the fastest lastest greatest technological innovation, but at what cost to humanity does it come? 5G puts your health and future in danger. It is vital you know the truth.

Please take some time and peruse the articles and videos below. We will keep on updating as they come in!

Scientific American, the Oldest US Monthly Magazine, Issues Severe Warning on 5G

Why the Swiss are Rebelling Against 5G Rollout Mobile Phones

5G The most censored story of 2018

The stupidest idea in the history of the world says Washington State Professor

5G Tech reveals the damage he believes it will cause

Greens try to hide their support for smart meter roll-out while more than 230 scientists agree that 5G is bad for our health

The Unreported Global Threat

5G Verizon claims it will help fight cancer. Experts say that’s not likely!

Britain’s first court case against 5G

The Illusion of Choice


China Kicks off Work on 6G 5G Research State Media


Never accept information without doing your own research. The mainstream media tries their very best to convince you to believe that 5G is safe. The fact is that it is very dangerous. Thank you for taking the time to dig further. Keep checking back as new articles will be added.