Fight Excessively High Insulin Costs by Passing HB19-1216! : Dr. Leonard

Fight Excessively High Insulin Costs by Passing HB19-1216!



America’s insulin prices are the highest in the world – forcing patients to ration their medicine because they can’t afford it. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies are raking in billions from insulin sales. New legislation could help pave the way for states to rein in insulin costs – saving the lives of diabetics who can’t afford their vital medication. Your support now could change the way states address the rising cost of insulin.

Ten percent of the American population has diabetes. And yet, insulin, the medication needed for those with diabetes to stay alive, has skyrocketed to unaffordable levels over the last few years. Because of this, 25 percent of patients with diabetes are not using insulin as frequently as they should because the costs are too high. 

“Self-rationing” of insulin can result in life-threatening conditions, such as blindness, kidney failure, loss of limbs, and even death. But sadly, this practice is becoming even more common as patients learn that insulin costs on average $500 a month this year. 

Patients are choosing to skip the medicine they need to survive because of unaffordable costs. And nowhere in the world are insulin costs as high as they are in America.

Just three pharmaceutical companies manufacture insulin in the United States. These companies ardently fight against cheaper formulations, and recently, a recent class-action lawsuit against the three companies alleges that they artificially inflate their drug prices.

The United States has the highest prescription drug costs in the world. These overwhelming prices are forcing Coloradans to choose between taking the necessary medicine need, and putting food on the table. This is not just or humane, and needs to stop.

A bill in Colorado’s legislature, HB19-1216, would place the responsibility on carriers to pass along rebates to consumers. There would be a $100 cap on cost to consumers for each monthly supply of insulin drugs, which will provide immediate relief to families and consumers who are hurting.

Join us in urging our legislators to fight the incredibly high insulin costs by supporting HB19-1216, by giving support to patients who sorely need it!

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