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Your Loved One Could Potentially Still Be Alive! – Help Halt Censorship

CensorshipThis radical censorship has reached a dangerous level. The fact is that the blocking of what should be freely shared information is killing the people you care about.
Have you lost a loved one to cancer?
The sad fact is that it could potentially have been prevented. If they had access to the Cancer Patient Cure information in time that Dr. Coldwell provides for free via the Internet.

The Problem…

YouTube is blocking his potentially life-saving information so that the major pharmaceutical companies (aka Big Pharma) and Chemical Medication companies make more money, profiting off of your prolonged suffering which eventually leads to death.

The Answer…
Dr. C has for years, provided free of any cost, information on how someone diagnosed with cancer can be cured fast and easily, but social media outlets like YouTube and Facebook continue to block his videos and links at every turn. Sign up for the daily newsletter at www.DrLeonardColdwell.com

He is also being blocked in Germany as well as the USA. The powers that be do not want this information released. Patients that can heal themselves are no longer patients, they are simply healthy people.

Dr. H. Crone Medical Director IBMS University and MTC Europe

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Stay away from any form of XRays

The Season is Radiant, and Not with Joy

Dr H. Crone MD ND HD Medical Director for the Dr Leonard Coldwell Foundation

The new security procedures at airports have been much in the news lately. The U.S. government apparently can’t figure out why air passengers don’t want security personnel looking at them stark naked or groping them from head to foot.

If modesty and decency don’t matter, the health angle should. The level of X-ray exposure from the strip-you-naked scanners is high enough to worry about. There’s no such thing as a safe level of X-ray exposure. The damage is cumulative and lasts a lifetime. So, while one exposure doesn’t do much harm, dozens start to add up. Frequent air travelers have the most reason to be concerned.

The cancer resulting from X-rays generally shows up decades after the exposure. It’s hard for people to connect the dots. “Oh, go ahead and X-ray my stubbed toe to make sure it’s not fractured. I’ll get cancer 40 years from now, but so what?” That’s assuming Mr. or Ms. Stubbed Toe even knows X-rays cause cancer. I expect most people don’t.

Take it from me, the future sneaks up on you and all those bad decisions do, too.

“They say the risk is minimal, but statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays,” says Dr. Michael Love, talking about the new airport scanners. He knows what he’s talking about. He runs an X-ray lab at the department of biophysics and biophysical chemistry at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Sometimes I have to fly and that’s the way it is. I fly as little as I can because the airport experience has become so incredibly miserable since 9/11 plus the planes themselves are dirty, overcrowded and often late. Flying these days is a forcible reminder that America is not what it used to be.

Look for opportunities to avoid X-rays

Some X-rays you can’t avoid but most you can. Mammograms are a good example. The total amount of radiation you’re exposed to if you have a mammogram every year for ten years is as bad as being near the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshoma. Besides that, the test is useless for women under 50 and questionable for older women, too. Avoid it. To choose better, safer tests for breast cancer, check out our Special Report Beat Breast Cancer & Prostate Cancer Without Surgery, Chemo or Radiation.

Decades ago I let a doctor give me a full set of sinus X-rays to see if I had a sinus infection. I’d been suffering from “mystery headaches” and we couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I’d never do that again. It was fairly obvious my problem wasn’t an infection. I got hit with a huge dose of radiation for nothing.

I also had chronic back pain from an early age and got more X-rays, from a series of doctors, than I want to talk about. I think I got the first one when I was 12. Of course they didn’t find anything useful and never cured the pain. Both the headaches and the back pain got cleared up years later by alternative treatments. I just hope the megadoses of radiation didn’t set me up for something really nasty late in life.

And if you have a dentist who gives you a full series of mouth X-rays every year, I suggest finding another dentist. You should have all your teeth X-rayed only once, at the first visit. Thereafter, your dentist should X-ray just a few teeth at a time, only as needed. When I’ve moved and had to get a new dentist, I’ve had my old set of X-rays sent to the new guy.

This is serious stuff, folks. It’s carelessness about things like this that have brought on a cancer epidemic.

10 Dental XRays will increase your thyroid cancer risk by 800%  – our research shows 3 Airport Full Body scanners will cause cancer!