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May 2020 and censorship is on the rise. Facebook and YouTube are at the forefront of cutting free speech off at the knees. They hire fact checkers to dispute and “prove” wrong posts with no back up other than their opinion based findings which are often wrong. There is no debate or recourse and you may be tossed in Facebook Jail for any number of hours, days, or months with no due process.

The first amendment apparently doesn’t apply to online communications any longer. This is a major problem and one that people ought not take lightly.

Its no longer individual articles they deem “against community standards” it is now becoming entire websites not fit for their viewer’s consumption like some mad parental set controls they hold over all of us. Well mommy and daddy Facebook, we don’t need you to filter reality for us.

We do have other choices.

We can start to merge away and Facebook will die a slow death.

WWG1WGA (where we go one we go all!) Patriot based social site.
Check it out if you are so inclined.
It works much like Facebook but without the censorship.
It is also monetized so that you, the user, eventually make money for your time, unlike Facebook that keeps all profits for themselves to hire more goon fact-checkers.

facebook censorship