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Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


Lancet Coronavirus


Coronavirus conspiracy theories have come under fire for undermining the scientific community’s and governments’ remedial actions.(1, 2) The most important question in this controversy and battle against the “novel” 2019 coronavirus is the origin of the outbreak; not the utility or availability of masks, ventilators, drugs, vaccines, first responders, or lawmakers who abused intelligence briefings to profit from ‘inside trading.’

For all we know, without identifying the true source of the outbreak, additional outbreaks may multiply risks and civilization’s damage, disease, distress, and deaths.

For these compelling interests, coronavirus conspiracy theories are required for advancing intelligence, competent research, discerning analysis, and effective remedies.

In these efforts, journalists and whistleblowers play vital roles in vetting more than the commercial and political beneficiaries of the pandemic. Truth tellers, however controversial, serve the burdensome ‘public duty’ of disclosing hidden evidence of wrongdoing, including evidence of the alleged laboratory creation and ‘man-made’ origin of the pandemic’s geopolitical and economic impositions.

Such “conspiracy theories” must be presumed by the preponderance of facts and clear-and-convicing evidence summarized herein that best explain the 2019 “novel” SARS/HIV-1/coronavirus (“n-2019CoV”) alleged or presumed bioterrorism and biocrime.