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More insane and looming unconstitutional Covid-lockdown overreach, once again out of hard hit L.A. county where cases are surging:

Things are so bad in Los Angeles County that health officials are now advising all essential workers to wear masks inside their own home to prevent spreading Covid-19 within their household.

As if instances where some cities across the globe began previously enforcing mask-wearing outdoors wasn’t bad enough, the L.A. health recommendation now advises people to mask up inside their own homes.

And it’s not a precaution that says wear a mask in the presence of a confirmed COVID-19 infected house member, which would be understandable, but simply at all times regardless of other family members being sick.

“Right now, because there is so much spread, we’re recommending that people wear their face coverings while they’re inside the home,” Los Angeles County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer said at a press briefing Monday.

“That’s for people who are either leaving their home every day for work or who are running errands regularly for their family” Ferrer said. She called it an added “layer of protection while we get through this surge.”

Even though media outlets like CNN are framing the directive as applying to “essential workers” it’s clear from the health director’s wording that the guidance is being issued to all L.A. County residents who belong to a household with more than one person.

Los Angeles is now approaching its one-year mark since its first recorded confirmed coronavirus case. Since then over 930,000 people have tested positive in L.A. County.

Local authorities have lately sought to impose the most stringent social distancing measures in the country, including new lockdown orders and a 10pm to 6am curfew, with the exception of essential workers.

L.A. is also telling people to not event take a walk or jog without wearing a mask: “Now is not the time to meet with friends at your home to watch the game,” Ferrer said in the Monday statement. “It is not the time to go for a walk without a mask.”

Source: Zero Hedge

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By Tyler Durden