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We are witnessing
psychological operation of all time –
another lockdown; another lie.
This time during the winter school holiday,
and just a few days before the march for justice
against the Family Court System.
– A coincidence?
Nope, this is what psychological abuse looks like.
As a reminder –
❌ nobody has the rights to tell you to stay inside your home.
❌ nobody has the right to tell you to close your business.
❌ nobody can force you to wear a mask.
❌ nobody has the power over you to tell you to keep your distance.
❌ nobody has the jurisdiction over your body, health or mind.
❌ nobody has the power to quarantine people.
❌ nobody has the rights to lie, or steal from others.
✔️ The abuse on the planet is happening because YOU allow it to happen.
✔️ The ONLY person who has rights over your body, mind and spirit – is YOU!!
✔️ The ONLY person who will give you your freedom – is YOU.
✔️ The ONLY person who can say NO to abuse – is YOU.
Take back your power today, before it’s too late.