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I have been researching this topic of mass mind control and social programing for a long time. There is a lot of data to review about this topic, just look at all the subliminal messages and advertising in modern media. There is control at all levels of society and the modern day educational system is a fantastic control machine pumping out traumatized citizens by the millions each year. It is primarily based on consistent Traumatization and Alienation of the Students from the family.

Trauma is what helps induce behaviors that favor the systems of control. Eventually one will do anything to alleviate a traumatic situation, and we are experiencing subtle traumas all the time. One of the most crucial self identification times in our lives, ages 6 through 18, is dominated by external control factors; the teachers, the curriculum, the social cliques developed over time, the media and its influence on attitudes and cultural biases, etc. There are so many influences on us at these times it is no wonder most of us get lost in the experience only to rediscover ourselves later in life. I spent most of my early life fighting my true nature only releasing that fiction in my late 20’s.

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I have a post I want to release soon which will discuss this topic of Trauma Based Mind Control more in depth. It can be disturbing to come across this facet of our lives, but once you know of a thing, and fully reconcile it, its power over you becomes severely limited.


– Justin