EMF/RF/5G “Science;” Why EMF Provocation Studies Should Be Halted

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Un-Scientific, Abuse Of Human Rights, Enabler Of Ecosystem Harm

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International, Images Courtesy Floris Freshman, (because we are the ones reporting the real history)

This is part 2 of an on-going series. In part 1, 5G/EHS/RF Health & Safety Research, What We Know from Herd Dogs, we discussed the fact that within the canine breed, we recognize that different dogs have different instincts and abilities, which is why humans don’t use dachshunds to locate avalanche survivors. It’s not just about size.

And even within a dog breed, there are anomalies, like the retriever who won’t swim.

“In our scientific community, we have the equivalent of pro-industry, mercenary dachshunds and chihuahuas producing research “proving” that herding capacities in collies do not exist. Our science regarding animals is incomplete; our science that exploits animals is immoral and unnecessary; and our industry science that denies harm to a portion of the human population caused by artificial frequencies is unethical.”

We can change this.

Caught in the Storm (Drain Grate)

One afternoon when they were young, after watching a television show where Lucy kept pulling the football away from Charlie Brown, my sons invented a new football game.

Unbeknownst to me, they ventured into the toolbox in the garage. By cutting a soda can, they created a spiked football holder. Then they placed the metal contraption in a hole in the storm drain grate.

It kept the football in place perfectly. They took turns, with one brother kicking the ball and the other catching it and tossing it back, with the drain hole cover acting as the team’s center and special team’s kick holder.

Later in the evening, after dark, the dog came to the door bleeding badly after slicing his paw when he stepped on the sharp metal, requiring stitches.

But what happened afterwards is more to the point of the story.

The dog developed an instinctual reaction to storm drains. If we were walking him on the leash and approaching a storm drain, he would suddenly tense up, slow down, hyper focus on the grate, and then literally lunge into the roadway to avoid it, even into on-coming traffic.

Our relationship with wireless technologies, – especially cell phones and safety, is equally as instinct injured. Unfortunately, wireless technologies are not the only safety myth leading humanity directly into on-coming traffic.

We need to get it together, together.

Reclaiming Knowledge That is Always New and New Again

Through-out eons, long before the healing and healthcare became equated with drugs and surgery, humans learned through instinct, observation, and direct experience.  Lived biology helped refine the human sensory system. We have co-evolved with, and for, life on Earth.

The Indian sciences of yoga, Ayurveda, and Vedic astrology were developed through reverence for the Cosmos as an organizing intelligence.

Humans learned downward dog pose from observing nature. For decades, the military skewed fitness in favor of power, strength, speed and endurance. The West arrived very late to understanding that flexibility is a component of health. The role of fascia connective tissue has only recently been recognized.

Ancient cultures not only codified principles to sustain human health. They understood variations based on constitutional tendencies. Within one family, there might be very different health tendencies between pitta, kapha, and vata siblings with individual strengths and vulnerabilities.

In Chinese Medicine, according to an article published by Remedy Grove, A Guide to the 12 Major Meridians of the Body by Kristin Nagy, here are two examples of meridian qualities which also correspond to constitutional types.

Large Intestine (Arm Yang Ming) Function: Extracts and processes water from waste material before expelling it. Symptoms of imbalance: Abdominal pains, and on an emotional level, difficulty holding on or letting go. Time of day: 5:00am–7:00am Element: Metal

Kidney (Leg Shao Yin) Function: Stores sexual energy, regulates the reproductive system, and produces blood and bone marrow. Symptoms of imbalance: Genital-urinary disorders, backaches, asthma, and tinnitus. On an emotional level, the kidney meridian controls willpower, determination, and ability to cope with hardship. Time of day: 5:00pm–7:00pm Element: Water

One person can be prone to heat, another to chill; one to overcharge, another to dissipation of energy.

Much of what was systematized by the ancients as informed self-care and self-mastery is now devalued, dismissed, attacked, and/or forgotten. Learning from nature, instinct, observation, and direct experience, again, could restore balance, especially if we listen to one another, and to those experiencing harm.

Citizens of the European Union have launched a European Citizen’s Initiative entitled, “Stay connected but protected.” They explain:

Why EHS is No Fairy Tale:

Sign the ECI here if you are an EU citizen: https://signstop5g.eu/en#sign

Recognizing Reactions to Trauma and Danger

The field of energy psychology has made great strides in helping humans to uncouple stress reactions that are dysfunctional, where the body/mind connection over-reacts to something that is seemingly benign. This includes EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique.

But it is a cognitive error to assume that reactions in humans to environmental toxins are instinct-injured over-reactions. As trauma expert Peter Levine noted, “In a herd of deer, we need some super-sensitive ones. They are the ones that will hear that teeniest little crack or smell the one or two molecules of scent from the mountain lion that’s stalking them. Their job is to use their hyper-sensitivity to alert the whole group.”

Regarding the exquisite relationship between the planet’s electromagnetic energy field and human and environmental health, the mass consumer culture and tech culture are in the Dark Ages, riding on the fumes of the Witch Trails. This includes treating the human body as the equivalent of an automobile with removable parts rather than as an interrelated, interconnected energetic field alchemizing with the Cosmic Current. It includes denying the unique capabilities of women to detect and respond to electromagnetic frequencies.  It includes industry-funded researchers deceiving research subjects and attempting to justify the nocebo explanation. It includes double blind placebo tests and lying and sham exposures. The detection of lies can elicit a guarded, cautious reaction.

If We Were Only Willing to Question Our Beliefs

We have reached the point where the intentional suppression of evidence of harm is negligent.

We are at the bending – a turning of the Ages, when the beliefs that defined an earlier age are being replaced by differing insights and understandings. Jose Arguelles, PhD. notes, “Belief systems, believe it or not, are functions of time. What you believe defines the time you are living in.’

But in this case, it is not about new inventions or new technology. We are actually cycling backwards, circling around to recover what was lost during an Age of Materialism and dissociation.

In 2011, the late vegan eco-activist Marti Kheel (1948 -2011) spoke at a meeting to the California Public Utilities Commission regarding the wireless smart meter debacle, an example of a tech-laden ‘sustainability’ investment compromised by economic and surveillance objectives that caused direct harm to a portion of the population. She explained, “When you are standing at the edge of a cliff, progress is walking backward.”

There is one thing that can be done immediately to begin to balance the scales, which is to have the right peopleusing the right science to quantify adverse health effects of artificial frequencies on non-consenting, non-benefitting populations, including children.

The right people should be speaking, directly, to those suffering from wireless exposures, and investigating the environments where harm is unfolding, for example, Shacktown, Pittsfield, MA.   

“No Evidence Whatsoever”

 “Commentary Box Sports – latest news from all around the world” is an on-line aggregator recently publishing inaccurate conclusions regarding reported harm caused by wireless exposures in the article “Can you be sensitive to WiFi and mobile radiation? Investigators again found no evidence whatsoever.”

The article published Dec. 14 in the” science” category by Faye Welch “Travel enthusiast. Alcohol lover. Friendly entrepreneur. Coffeeaholic. Award-winning writer,” offers no references or hyperlinks. (The publication has not yet responded to an inquiry for references.)

The article states, “For more than twenty years, researchers have been conducting double-blind studies to determine whether these claims hold up. So far, these studies always lead to the same conclusion: People who say they have electromagnetic hypersensitivity are no better at distinguishing between real and imaginary exposures than control people. There is no demonstrable association between exposure to electromagnetic fields and reported symptoms.

And most importantly, complaints of people who have declared themselves suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity often appear when they are convinced of the presence of radiation, although there is no radiation. Researchers such as Omar van den Bergh, professor emeritus of health psychology at KU Leuven, suspect that the nocebo effect exists. This means that the symptoms are just the result of a belief that something is serious. “In combination with the body’s stress reactions, strong expectations can form the basis of a vicious cycle, where the sufferer with EHS believes that environmental triggers are actually causing the complaints,” he says.”

Likewise, in 2015, Huffington Post Canada advised, “I will simply point out that the academic literature is essentially unanimous on the subject. It is not the Wi-Fi that is causing your or your children’s headaches, it is the nocebo effect.” If only academia were not being funded by industry, for example, Cornell and Monsanto.

Energy Literacy is the Solution

If a researcher were to take 100 different dogs and conduct studies on the question of whether dogs can herd, that study might offer no useful or valid information about the question of whether or not a specific dog can herd or detect an incoming lightning threat. Drug studies do not confirm whether or not a medication that is helpful for one individual is appropriate for another. (Hence drugs with lists of potential ‘side’ effects.) Mass medicine has pushed humans down an increasingly restrictive one-way street of unfounded beliefs.

Fear temporarily constricts our ability to reason and to access parts of the brain not needed to insure our immediate survival, (as does greed.) In a healthy organism or culture, calm is restored when the threat has passed.

We have allowed the industry and its partners to promote studies where they subject individuals to wireless frequencies under laboratory conditions, and turn the frequencies off and on, expecting the human energy field to act as if it is a radar or smoke detector.  Restoration of homeostasis between exposures is not even considered.

The time of day, time of year, inborn constitution, hydration level, menstruation cycle, moon phase, and other energetic factors are electromagnetic variables far beyond the intellectual scope of the current operating paradigm.

But they have informed the Eastern perspectives for thousands of years.

When the industry-funded scientists running the experiments tell us that the subjects can’t reliably report whether or not the frequency is off or on, they conclude that no harm is actually occurring as the result of exposures. In addition, we measure the temperature of inanimate engineering models as a test of “safety,” and if there is not significant heating effect, we also conclude that no harm is occurring.

These forms of science are demonstrating an extraordinary level of bio-energetic illiteracy.

Fifty Different Words for Snow, Twenty-nine Qualities for Twelve Pulses

In 2013, the Washington Post published, “There really are 50 Eskimo words for ‘snow’”. “The Sami also have as many as 1,000 words for reindeer.” []”Central Siberian Yupik has 40 such terms, while the Inuit dialect spoken in Canada’s Nunavik region has at least 53, including “matsaaruti,” for wet snow that can be used to ice a sleigh’s runners, and “pukak,” for the crystalline powder snow that looks like salt.

This kind of linguistic exuberance should come as no surprise, experts say, since languages evolve to suit the ideas and needs that are most crucial to the lives of their speakers. “These people need to know whether ice is fit to walk on or whether you will sink through it,” says linguist Willem de Reuse at the University of North Texas. “It’s a matter of life or death.” “

The Chinese, Ayurvedic and other Eastern cultures were explorers of human energy, individualized human health, and human potential.

Wikipedia response to a search for “pulse diagnosis Chinese medicine” notes,” Pulse diagnosis is a diagnostic technique used in Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Mongolian medicine, Siddha medicine, traditional Tibetan medicine, and Unani. It has no scientific legitimacy, and is ill-defined, subjective and unreliable.”

Chinese Medicine codified twelve different organ ‘pulses’ that can be detected on the wrists. Sacred Lotus describes 29 different qualities of the meridian organ pulses.

The 29 Pulses in Chinese Medicine (TCM) Pulse Diagnosis (sacredlotus.com)

The Chinese were/are as skillful in recognizing the energetic signatures of the pulse qualities as the Eskimos were of qualitatively describing snow.

We need to become skillful in recognizing Western intellectual arrogance.

It’s not so much of a problem that the West only knows the names of Santa’s reindeer, and not the 1000 descriptive terms used by the Sami.

But our energetic illiteracy regarding frequencies is unleashing a tsunami of harm, just as juxtaposed, chronic, and cumulative chemical use does.

Exposure to man-made frequencies is disrupting the balance of the electromagnetic energies both within the body, and in the Cosmos itself. Wireless tech is redistributing chi in dysfunctional ways in non-benefitting, non-consenting humans, including Amelia and her family, as well as adversely affecting other species. Harm is happening.

Pittsfield Cell Tower Concerned Citizens | Pittsfield MA | Facebook

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”― Edmund Burke

Every ‘good person’ who uses a cell phone and promotes more infrastructure and is not willing to engage in the process of demanding appropriate safety monitoring, testing, and protection for those being harmed is tipping the scales to enable evil to prevail.

Bonus Hint from the Cosmos: The New Year doesn’t start on Jan. 1, except for those still under the sway of the time when the church took the calendar away from the people, to sever their relationship with Nature. The new moon matters, and the Year of the Rabbit (5 am to 7 am) does matter to both the Large Intestine (high tide), as well as the Kidneys (low tide).

Jose Arguelles, writing of “this perilous passage, a consequence of operating in ignorance of the actual nature of time and consciousness,” invited humanity to “Change your calendar, get back into living in harmony with the natural cycles of the rest of the biosphere and the universe.”  (This is) “not a time for the vacillation of flabby souls, but at a great turning point in the history of scientific thought, as a crisis such as occurs but once in a thousand years, such as has not been witnessed for many generations.”

Our senses and our intellectual capacities can take us back to the (biodynamic) Earth Garden that is our birthright. Now.

Source: SafeTechInternational

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