If Liberals Voted Their Values, America Would Be Saved

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The greatest reason for the existential threat to America posed by the woke/the progressive/the Left is that liberals vote for them.

If liberals voted for their values, the Left-wing destruction of every American institution — the American Medical Association and medical profession generally; the universities, high school and elementary schools; and the military, among many others — could not happen.

This is the American tragedy in a nutshell: The Left votes its values. The Right votes its values. Liberals do not vote their values. Liberalism has almost nothing in common with leftism, yet virtually every liberal votes for the Left.

Liberals believe in racial integration. The Left believes in racial segregation (all-black dorms on college campuses, for example).

Liberals believe in the ideal of color-blindness. The Left rejects the ideal of color-blindness. In fact, the Left claims the very term “color-blind” is racist.

The Left maintains that all whites are racist. No liberals do.

Liberals have always believed in America (without ignoring its flaws). The Left believes America is and has always been a fundamentally immoral country.

Liberals have always believed in free speech, which, by definition, includes “hate speech.” The Left, on the other hand, does not believe in freedom of speech. There is no example in history — from the French Revolution to the Russian Revolution to the contemporary American campus — of the Left not suppressing dissent.

Liberals have always been in the forefront of those supporting Israel. The Left is anti-Israel and supports Israel’s enemies.

Liberals have always supported capitalism, knowing that there is no other economic system that maintains liberty or lifts vast numbers of people from poverty. The Left believes capitalism is evil.

Liberals regard the flag as a symbol of freedom. The Left regards the national flag as a symbol of racism and colonialism.

The Left fights for the “right” of men who say they are women to compete in women’s sports. No liberal does.

The list of liberal-leftist differences is almost as long as left-wing positions. So, the question is why? Why do liberals vote left, given that the average liberal has so much more in common with most conservative positions than with most left-wing positions.

There are three primary reasons.

One is that the average liberal has no idea what the Left is doing to the country. Whenever I relate a left-wing action or position to liberal friends or relatives, they almost all say, “That’s crazy,” and thereby dismiss the action or position as that of a handful of weirdos. Most liberals have no idea what leftists are doing to deprive children of their sexual innocence: Ask any liberal in your life if they know what “Drag Queen Story Hour” is, or that professors have to take oaths committing themselves to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in order to obtain or retain employment. In fact, I suspect few liberals even know what “DEI” stands for. Liberals read only The New York Times or The Washington Post or some other major urban newspaper and they only watch CNN and listen to NPR. Therefore, liberals know almost nothing about the Left.

The second reason is most liberals have chosen to believe that the Democratic Party is still the party of John F. Kennedy. They are fooling themselves. It is the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, George Soros and teachers unions.

The third reason is liberals have been brainwashed from their youth to believe that Republicans represent “the rich” and that “Right” is synonymous with “fascist.” The opposite is true: it is the Democratic Party they reflexively vote for that represents the interests of the wealthy and that is stealthily and steadily imposing fascism — the merger of state and corporate power.

For these reasons, it is the nice liberal who is enabling the vile Left to destroy the country many liberals still love.

This column was originally posted on Townhall.com.

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