RIGGED DEATH SENTENCE: If Democrats can get Trump in a jail cell, he will surely be “suicided” during some grid-down scenario, with no videos or witnesses

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It’s surprising that the Democrats and their judge friend in New York did not blame the Russians for helping Trump cover up payments to the raunchy Stormy Daniels. It seems now that the Democrats, led by George Soros and Obama, must find a way to “rig” the Supreme Court of New York to deny Trump’s appeal of the disheartening verdict of “guilty” on a few dozen counts of the crime of … well … something about book-keeping errors. Realize right now that George Soros, the billionaire King of Funded Mayhem, FUNDED and INSTALLED Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, (along with 70 other D.A.’s across the U.S.) who just prosecuted and persecuted Trump, despite having no jurisdiction, with the ramped-up weaponization of the Left’s Justice Department. The radical Left Judge Juan Merchan will sentence Trump on July 11, most likely to at least 10 years in prison, where he would likely then be “suicided” Jeffrey Epstein style.


Orange Man Bad” Donald J. Trump can still run and serve as President of the United States

What you might not know is that Trump can still RUN and SERVE as president, while the appeals process for the latest witch hunt on Trump takes a few years. It’s just the latest in a long line of staged attacks on Trump’s character, from the Russian-collusion hoax, to the made up, sexed-up dossier, to the Ukraine scandal, to the 2020 election denial, to the completely staged and Soros-funded go-straight-to-jail for accounting errors scandal that came to a head this week.


Remember back in May of 1998, President Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton PAID Paula Jones nearly a million dollars to keep her mouth shut, and nobody on the Left called THAT a felony, nor did Bill “Cigar Boy” Clinton face prosecution or arrest for the hush-money payments.


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The wicked son of George Soros, Alex, posted on social media that “Democrats should refer to Trump as a convicted felon at every opportunity.” Don’t you know that this was the entire goal from the beginning, knowing they probably will not be able to get Trump into a prison cell, unless they can rig appellate and Supreme Courts as well.


“Repetition is the key to a successful message and we want people to wrestle with the notion of hiring a convicted felon for the most important job in the country!” Alex “Son of Satan” Soros wrote, like they’re selling America some medicated, farm-raised GMO chicken (Biden) and are trying to bad mouth the wild-caught fish (Trump).


Here’s what Trump’s legal team can do next to keep him out of the New York gulags

After the Trump-hating judge sentences Orange Man to 20 years in prison for being bad, Trump’s legal team can file a direct appeal to the First Judicial Department of New York’s Appellate Division within 30 days, citing all the major issues they have with prejudiced trial testimony, the judge restricting Trump from using any evidence his team had for defense (that’s enough to throw out the whole thing right there), and with the judge’s radical multiple-choice-style instructions where he told the jury to choose any offense they wanted (just like choosing a happy meal from a fast food menu) to help put Trump away.


Also remember — no crime has been committed, Trump has NO record for any crimes, and these wrong-doings were all nonviolent. If anything, he should be released on his own recognizance, or get cash bail option. It’s not like he’s a flight risk or anything, folks, he’s running for President and will most likely legitimately win by landslide, or so it is showing in all the big polls.


Meanwhile, the first layer of appeal should take about one year. Even if that level is unsuccessful, Trump still has the opportunity to file a leave application with the New York Court of Appeals, and if granted would get an appeal with New York’s highest court.


At that point Trump’s team would file a briefing that reads for Trump, “I was denied my constitutional rights under both the New York Constitution and the U.S. Constitution,” or that they simply did not follow criminal procedure. All that could take another whole year, and by then, we’re halfway into Trump’s second term as POTUS. By then, surely Trump can take down the real criminals – the Communists who have seized Washington DC, the U.S. military, Big Pharma, Big Media, and are trying to finish dismantling the Constitution once and for all.


Lastly, realize that the kangaroo court in Manhattan STILL has not said what crime Trump has committed, and still has NOT told anyone what the jury decided on. Are we still living in America? Keep your truth news in check by adding Preparedness.news to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on Trump and the Constitutionalists trying to save the Republic from sure doom.


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Originally posted: https://www.naturalnews.com/2024-06-06-democrats-get-trump-jailed-he-will-be-suicided.html
Author: S.D. Wells

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