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The most important advice anyone can give you comes from a paraphrased quote by Mother Teresa. She said that tomorrow hasn’t come yet, and yesterday is gone, so you should live in today. While the advice may seem counter-intuitive to many, if you ponder on it for a moment you may find there is a much deeper message attached. You can’t change yesterday, so worrying about it or anything that happened during that time won’t change anything. While preparing for tomorrow is a natural part of life, worrying about the time yet to come makes little sense. As you live in the present moment, you can learn to become the you that you want to be every moment of every day – by becoming a new you one day at a time.

The Present Moment

The moments you live today are a gift that you don’t want to throw away by dwelling on what happened in the past. Nor do you want to become so focused on tomorrow that you forget about your gift of precious moments right now. Today you are who you make yourself, and it is the only day you can actively create you. Today is the first step, the first thought, and the first breath of the rest of your life. Today is the day you can begin anything new, change anything old, and alter anything negative.

The Change Begins

If you have negative parts of your life you wish to overcome, today is the only day you can do that. You can begin to overcome stress, relieve anxiety, and reduce negative behavior. Today is the day you can drink more water, exercise one minute more, and drink less alcohol. Today you can speak more kindly, smile more often, and think positive thoughts. Today you can ask forgiveness of a friend you wronged, email someone in need of a shoulder, and contact an Austin drug rehab about kicking a substance you don’t like having in your life. Today the change can begin.

The Past is Gone

You are a creation of every moment of your past, and although there may be things you would like to alter or change about the past, remember that any change would make you into a very different person. Would you really want to do that? If you find yourself thinking about the past, ask yourself why. What is it that draws your mind there? You may remember life as a bed of flower petals back then, but you weren’t really any different back then than you are now. Don’t let the past drain all your energy and keep you from being the person you want to be as you focus on yesterday instead of today. The past is gone, and today is here.

The Now is a Gift

You have 1,440 minutes you have been given each day as you awake. How you invest that time is up to you. Some people begin the day with yoga, some with prayers, and some with a cup of coffee as they run out the door. Choosing how you invest the time you are allotted will ultimately decide how your day will go. Investing in positivity will return the positive to you. Investing in a chaotic screaming match with your neighbor or spouse will return negative emotions and feelings. Fretting about tomorrow will cause anxiety and stress. But ultimately, the choice is yours because you have been gifted with those 1,440 minutes – they are yours.

Whether you want to or not, you become a new you every day as you make choices on how you will live your life. Choose to become the best you each moment of each day and see how much more positive the world becomes around you as you invest your 1,440 minutes in yourself.

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