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Are you paying attention or just listening like a good stupid child to everything the news tells you? Its time to think for yourself, your life is at stake.

I am realizing that no matter how many videos I make, articles I author, conversations I have with people individually they simply have to learn for themselves and a lot of you are going to learn the hard way. Perhaps with your life or the life of your child or loved one.

The Covid Vaccine is NOT a Vaccine.

It is an injectable medical device that holds a mRNA pathogen creator inside of it which releases into your body. It will either kill you or eventually cause massive autoimmune issues where your body will attack itself. This isnt a game and this is life or death.

Those “vaccinated” are now putting others at risk. So enough of this propaganda being spewed about anti-vax and anti-maskers being selfish. If you got that shot and are out and about in public shame on you, you are putting others at risk by shedding spike proteins.

DO NOT GET THIS VACCINATION. DO not get the PCR test either. That has nanotechnology they shove up your nose into your blood brain barrier.

You have been warned.

Dr. C