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If you are like most people these days, life seems overwhelming some days.
We have so many obligations – work, kids, family, appointments, and life in general. It can be a lot if you don’t purposefully make the time to take for yourself.

Nothing is more important than your health – Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically. Without your health, you have nothing to give other people in your life anyway.


20 minutes of equals 8 hours of deep restful sleep, by the expert opinion of Dr. Med. Thomas Höhn, Dr. Med. Holger Crone, and Dr. Leonard Coldwell.


  • Sold over 3 Million times in the last 40 years
  • On the market since over 40 years
  • Modernized in an user-friendly app
  • Easy to use, simple user-experience
  • Track your Stress-Levels in the app
  • Science based Stress Reduction
  • Free of any New-Age-Stuff


    Fundamentally, the system works because the brain needs a comprehensive blueprint and the proper software to direct the nervous system to achieve a desired goal. Normally, this blueprint develops over years of trial and error decision-making combined with constant repetition, which is the foundation for dendrite formation (software) that directs your mental activities, the IBMS® sessions help your nervous system to create this blueprint for the brain.

    It is important to understand that you must be in a specific brain state at a specific time in order to achieve the proper IBMS® programming. You must be in the beta state (14-30 hertz) to clearly define your objective. You then must shift to the alpha state (7-13 hertz) to be able to create a IBMS® blueprint for action. Immediately thereafter you must return to the beta state (14-30 hertz) to commit to the IBMS® blueprint.  Then you must transfer to the theta state (3-6 hertz) so that the brain can begin building the new dendrites and install this new life changing software throughout the nervous system. 

    With this process, you are able to produce results that might normally require years to produce. IBMS® was created to function within the natural mechanism of the nervous system which is why the sessions are so effective. 

    It simply allows natural neurological mechanisms to function faster and more efficiently.

    Download now: – Powered by IBMS® Connect – Available for iPhone, Android, and Computer!