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Arizona Rain Green Clean would like to give away 5 cleanings to those in need.


Examples/Qualifications: cancer patients, single parents, injured people, disabled, elderly, mental health disorders, any sick and unwell people. In order to qualify, they MUST have a NEED for the cleaning. The need is HUGE out there and we need help finding them.


Send us a qualified candidate, and we will give you a free bottle of our room spray.
🥰Please email us a description of your candidate to:
We will be making decisions by mid December. Anyone can qualify, just make sure the NEED is there.
Remember, EMAIL a paragraph or two explaining who it is, what is their need, their location and phone number.
If selected, we will contact them directly to schedule 🙂
Thanks for your help everyone

No strings. We just want to give back and help others with our gifts.


You can find us on Facebook:


Dr. C Says “More businesses would do well to do things like this. Kind, compassionate, and community building. We need more of this. Great job Arizona Rain Green Clean!”