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Dr. Andrew Wakefield lost his medical career for speaking the truth about v@cc!nes.

In pursuit of possible links between childhood v@cc!nes, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injuries…

Dr. Wakefield lost his job in the Department of Medicine at London’s Royal Free Hospital, along with his country, his career, and his medical license.

Go here to discover what he found that caused him to be wrongly punished. 

Andrew Wakefield now uses his time and efforts to share what he’s learned about the MMR v@cc!ne and the startling rise in autism.

He takes every opportunity to speak out and publish what he believes everyone should know when considering v@ccinating their children.

Long before wise voices like Dr. McCullough and Dr. Malone started waving the warning flags about the dangers of C0VlD v@cc!nes, there was Dr. Wakefield…

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Our trusted advisors at Revealed Films are bringing together the world’s leading medical experts to reveal the deadly dangers of v@cc!nes that have been there all along. 


v@cc!nes Revealed 2023.

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