The Truth About Skin Cancer

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Guest Blogger: Caitlin Woolery of Veritas Botanicals

I spent six hours meditating in this intense sun yesterday. No sunscreen. This morning I woke up with zero type of a sunburn. My blog post with the most traction and views is on this topic and I’m going to summarize those sunscreen and skin cancer lies here now.


People think the sun and UV rays cause cancer. Wrong. Inverted truth. Half truth. Ignorance. Lack of discernment and intuitive awareness. The sun does not cause cancer. Ever. The sun causes something caused ROS (reactive oxygen species). These are free radicals that damage tissue in the body while looking for electrons to stabilize themselves. But everything that promotes life causes free radicals and ROS!


That’s the beautiful paradox of existence: everything that promotes life is also killing us. Breathing, eating, sex, exercise and sun all cause free radicals that give us life but simultaneously destroy us.


Guess what nature provided for us to stabilize the ROS and free radicals?
Antioxidants!! We have two forms of them! Internal endogenous production. Meaning that our cells literally make chemicals that neutralize the free radicals from the sun, sex and food! Our cells make glutathione, CoQ10, catalase and SOD. All of those stop free radical damage in healthy people who take care of themselves. AND nature gave us other forms of antioxidants in food!! We have sulfur, selenium and zinc as mineral antioxidants. We have Vitamin C, E and A as vitamin antioxidants. We have photochemical antioxidants in food like polyphenols and flavonoids. These are what give us the power to tilt the scale of life and death towards life, health and vitality. This way we get the benefits of the sun without the damage.

This means: if we go into the sun for a long period of time, we will create oxidative stress. This also means that if we take a huge bowl of berries, green juices, food grade vitamin C capsules, some raw wheat germ oil and whatever else superfoods with us into the sun WE WONT GET CANCER AND WILL BURN LESS.


So then what is skin cancer?


Skin cancer is caused by sunblock, toxins and a lack of antioxidants. We live in this idiotic ass backwards world that actually convinced people to block out the ball of energy that gives us life. (Then people get all confused when their Vit D panels come back low and their solution is to go buy some synthetic D supplement that’s made in a lab and totally toxic) 😩🤯😳 Read the ingredients on the back of your label. Most of them CAUSE cancer. The sunscreen literally creates an oven over your skin that traps toxins. Your lymphatic system flushes toxins out of your pores all day via sweat. The sunscreen coats and traps the toxic sweat released by the lymph. Then the sun literally bakes them on the epidermal layer.


That’s why people get skin cancer. Their lymphatic system is toxic and then they trap those toxins in a sunscreen oven. I’m not sure how this isn’t naturally intuitive to people but somehow it’s not, so now you know.


Next time, ditch the sunscreen.


Load up on huge amounts of superfood and watch yourself heal.

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