Meet Doctor Coldwell, Creator of IBMS

Dr. Leonard Coldwell reveals the Story behind  IBMS®

IBMS® is the science of identifying and eliminating any negative result in a humans life®

IBMS® is the science of identifying and eliminating any negative result in a humans life.
IBMS® Instinct Based Medical System® is the only holistic system for Healing Life®.
It involves identifying and solving the root causes in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical realms of the user.

The IBMS® system is so complex that it took over 40 years and $ 5 million to develop.

It is the only system that works holistically and individually with each client. It begins with the identification of the buried, repressed or unconscious problems, which leads to misconduct and to negative results in life.

After identifying the root causes in each life area, the wrong dendrites (malprogramming and conditioning in the brain) begins. After deleting the problems of the past, the construction of the new desired programming can then continue. It is the desired new self-programming of the client, which is based on his personality and his own deepest desires and needs.

Under no circumstances will the user be manipulated or influenced.

The IBMS® question and provocation techniques, allows the client to define exactly who he or she is and what the true goals, desires, and needs are. Based on this information, the IBMS® Coaching or IBMS® Therapy will be individually established.

The biggest challenge and difficulty is That,

the IBMS® Coach® has the training, strength, willpower, and love, to provoke the client and shatter their false belief systems. In this way, the client himself recognizes what wrong belief systems and conditioned misconduct have led to the unwanted negative outcomes in his life.

The strategy for correcting the beliefs, behavior, and feelings of the client is based on the results. The client creates his new way of thinking, his habits, feelings, and actions, determined only by his own needs, goals, and the individual personality.

Time For Change?

Due to the fact that the purpose of life is based on personal maturity and development,

 every person will be dissatisfied, unsuccessful and or ill, if he stops progressing. Therefore, the client must first recognize what his own goals and needs are as well how they fit his personality. 
The client needs to recognize his talents and abilities and then create his plans for the future. Only the ones who truly know who they are can bring their true personalities to life. Only then they can create real happiness, success, health, self-love, self-confidence, and a harmonious life that is not influenced by the past. IBMS Therapy of Life® is the only way to complete self-fulfillment.


IBMS® Coaching and Therapy does not ever rate, judge, or condemn the client.

IBMS® is the only non-manipulative holistic self-actualization life therapy system.

All forms of manipulation, such as Hypnosis or NLP are prohibited for the IBMS® Coach® or therapist. Personal influence by the IBMS® Therapist® is prohibited. Any sect membership is prohibited to for the Coach and it is undesirable for the user. This applies to every sect no matter how big or small it is.

IBMS® Coaching® is limited to 12 sessions (plus the pre-interview). This is because IBMS® does not make anyone dependent. The desired end result for the IBMS® Coach® is absolute self-awareness and self-realization. This goal will be reached through self attained knowledge, without any influence from outside or malprogramming and non beneficial belief systems from the past.


 Dr. Leonard Coldwell: How cancer can be cured in weeks – fast, cheap and without side effects!

A brief explanation of the IBMS® system:

Humans MUST live and experience themselves in all areas of life, based on their own personality, needs, and goals. Only total self-realization leads to a healthy and successful life in every aspect and thus to complete health in the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical realms.

For an easy representation of the complexity of the IBMS® system:

 The base for IBMS® is NAPS® (Neuro Associate Programming System), which was based on the essence of all known systems that produced success and results.

It (NAPS) was a rigidly systemic system that produced unprecedented successes.

The problem was that after some time it turned out that the results and successes were not sta-ble or permanent (see Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s book: “The Unlimited Power of the Subconscious” by Hugendubel Verlag). This is the reason why Dr. Coldwell had to develop the IBMS® system (which was known in the beginning as the provocative life-support and self-help system). He recognized that without identifying and eliminating the causes of failure, the
mentally- ,spiritually-, emotionally- and physically illness cant be healed. Therefore a forever lasting change in the way of thinking, feeling, acting or permanent success is not possible.

As human beings, we are trained not to admit or ignore weaknesses and mistakes, and to live a life with worries, doubts, and fears. Through environmental influences, other people, media, past traumas, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, we live a life with sorrows and fears. Our real personality and goals are suppressed, which leads to a life full of dissatisfaction and with compromises against ourselves.
This leads to a negative self-image and the inability to identify our problems, in order to analyze and to change them positively.

The self-image determines the thinking, feeling, and behavior of each person. At first, the looser conditioning of the past and the false self-image which was caused by false conditioning in the past, must be erased (and not repeated through therapy sessions). Bad conditioning in the past, psychoanalysis or psychotherapy destroys the human psyche and NEVER really helps.

After that, the champions awareness must be created by the client. The positive self-image is now based on the new insights about himself.


Is based on the knowledge of one’s own personality and one’s own needs as well as the reality, his training and facts. This combined with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills which was acquired through the IBMS® system, the user himself will program and condition his new champion awareness. Without any specification or influence from outside.

IBMS® Therapy® is the way to yourself – by yourself.

Read Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s book: The Successful Side of Life by Rentrop Verlag.


 and what it means to lead a person holistically to himself and what that includes, you will recognize that, when you understand what it means to be YOURSELF IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE. Which is the only base for holistic success in every area of life.

1. Elimination of negative programming and conditioning from the past.

Read Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s books: “You’re Born for Success!” and “You’re Born to Be a Champion.” 21st Century Publishing. For creating and experiencing a healthy, happy and successful life, you have to remove the wrong self-image and replace it with a positive image.


2. Stop believing the nonsense

that you can achieve or change anything in life with positive thinking. We recommend Dr. Coldwell’s book: “From positive thinking to positive action” Quintessenz publishing.


3. According to university studies, 86% to 95% of all diseases and doctors visits are stress-related.

You have to be able to control your stress level in every area of your life. Only when you are not controlled (and destroyed) by the stress in your life you can be healthy and successful. Your entire behavior is controlled by stress, therefore you can never create holistic harmony and success in any area of your life unless you control your stress experience. Read Dr. Coldwell’s -bestseller: “Stress – The Root Cause of All Diseases” by Jim Humble Publishing and “The Only Answer to Stress Anxiety and Depression.” 21st Century Publishing


4. You need to recognize and understand what it means to fully know yourself and what goals you really have.

You have to understand what your own goals are and which goals are of others. The same applies for your belief systems. Do the goal setting workshop from Dr. Coldwell’s book: “Stress – the main cause of all diseases” and use the workbook: “You are born to be successfull”. Without a clear understanding of your goals, your plans and how to accomplish them, combined with the ability to motivate yourself (which you get from Dr. Coldwell’s books), you will never reach even 10% of your true potential.


6. If you don’t realize and accept that there are people,

 who are living off your suffering, illness, ignorance, insecurity, fear, disease, death or the control over your thinking, acting, feeling and your spirituality, then you are lost.
Read Dr. Coldwell’s books: “Finally! Farewell to Your Disease” and “The ONLY Cancer Patient Cure” by 21 Century Publishing.



5. You have to understand and accept that nobody can help you from the outside.

No doctor can heal you and no church can lead you to God. No one can make you successful, happy, or satisfied other than you. You have to understand that only you can make yourself sick, heal, unhappy, and depressed, or happy and satisfied. If you are not ready to take control and responsibility for your life, your past, present, and future (and IBMS® Therapy of Life ™ is the only way to get there!), then you will always be unhappily, unsuccessful and sick.
Dr. Coldwell’s Books: “The Only Answer to Cancer,” Jim Humble Publishing and “The Only Answer to Cancer,” Century 21 Publishing, can guide you.


7. You must learn to be a leader and a manager to realize your ideas.

Therefore read Dr. Coldwell’s book: “How to be a Sales Champion” by 21 Century Publishing
and in German: “Power for Sales Champions” Sales Profi Publishing and “You are born to be successful”. IMV publishing house.







8. If you have cancer or another autoimmune disease you need to understand and accept

that only you can make yourself sick and therefore only you can heal yourself. For this you can read Dr. Coldwell’s books: “The Only Answer to Cancer” and “The Only Cancer Patient Cure” and “Finally! Farewell to Your Disease” IMV Publishing and “Stress – The Root Cause of All Diseases“, especially “How to Survive Your Disease and Your Doctor” by Jim Humble Publishing and Instinct Based Medicine by 21 Century Publishing.



9. To live, enjoy, and experience a holistic, happy, fulfilling life,

you have to read everything that Dr. Leonard Coldwell has published in his 25 book best-sellers.
You should have seen, heard and understand all of his hundreds of videos and listen to all of his radio shows, TV shows, thousands of interviews and all the other published publications by him.

46 years of studies, research, suffering, experience, 7 Million live seminar participants and the fact that Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the most effective most successful coach, coach
instructor, healer, expert and more. These facts stand on their own.


10. As Cancer is based on mental and emotional stress,

there is no physical form of therapy or treatment that will lead to a stable, long-term health.  Any illness is based on the lack of energy and only mental and emotional stress can lead to such a large, chronic lack of energy that it can lead to an auto-immune disease like cancer. It should be noted that cancer is not a disease, but only the accumulation of different symptoms. Cancer is physically based on a DNA-damaged cell that produces more daughter cells. In a healthy and fully functioning immune system dissemination of cancer cells wouldn’t be possible. Cancer is neither a genetic malfunction nor a curse or test of God. Cancer can only become a threat if GcMAF or the macrophages can not fulfill their task of eliminating cancer and other unwanted cells. This can only be physically caused by Nagalase’s  failure to detect and eliminate the unwanted cells.



That’s the reason why Dr. Bradstreet in Florida USA, was killed.

He was proving that vaccines cause cancer. These are the facts for what Otto Warburg and Max Plank have both received the Nobel Prize in medicine. They proved that cancer in an alkaline and oxygen-rich body can’t survive, grow, or exist. Thus, cancer only arises or survives through hyperacidity and oxygen deficiency.

This has been known for almost 100 years! So what is the problem by appropriate cleaning, alkalizing and oxygenating the body? This would be the basic for real permanent health.

You will understand how simple and easy it is to alkalize the body by reading Dr. Leonard Coldwell and Jürgen Kettner’s book “Coral Calcium – The Truth About Health and the Miracle of Okinawa.”


Since cancer is 86% to 95% stress related

you can only reduce the symptoms by the increase of vitamins, minerals or other natural substances such as cancer-eliminating plants, fruits, fruit components, minerals, vitamins and so on. If you don’t understand the root cause of cancer, then it will come back.

After numerous proofs, successes or healings, the following elements have eliminated cancer symptoms: honey with cinnamon, sap with maple syrup, vitamin C injections, vitamin B17 or apricot kernels, graviola, turmeric, vitamin D, calcium etc. There are at least 400 natural substances known to eliminate cancer, I think rather 1000 to 2000.


Cancer comes from a life full with compromises against yourself. A life of constant anxiety, doubts and fears, lack of self-confidence and lack of self-esteem, a negative self-imageor chronic mental and emotional stress

The cancer patient cure is only possible by identifying and eliminating the root causes of any negative development and any negative outcome in life. IBMS® is the only holistic method that leads to the permanent healing of life. No matter if you have cancer in the body, the wallet, in personal relationships, or your career IBMS® in his whole is the only proven solution.


In conclusion: To get a glimpse of IBMS®, it is recommended at first to read and understand all of Dr. Coldwell`s Books.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the only true healer of our time. A living leged according to the most succesful Radio Host Jeff Rense.

Prof. Dr. Peter Lange (Charité in Berlin) calls Dr. Coldwell the David Copperfield of his field.

The 33rd richest man in the world, Dr. Reinfried Pohl. Calls Dr. Coldwell the most successful coach and the american kongress has awarded him an honorary doctorate for his merits to humanity’’. 

The Louisiana Baptist University gave Dr. Coldwell officially the title  ”Doctor for Humanity” for his merits to the humanity.

These listings of praise can go on forever.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell is board certified as DNM, ND, Ph.D., CNPH,

(Board certified means state recognized).

DNM, Doctor of Naturopathy,

ND, Naturopath,

Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology,

CNPH, Certified Naturopathic Physician.


No one else has proven results over time to the level of Dr. Coldwell. No one else has ever developed, understood, explained or taught a system anything like IBMS®. Because only Dr. C has understand, survived and could afford a training like this. Only Dr. Coldwell has 46 years of experience in healing and education in this amazing manner.


His files contain thousands of letters of thankful, healed patients. His one of a kind results shows the uniqueness of Dr. Leonard Coldwell ”Dr. C” and his IBMS®  Systems.

Leonard Coldwell aka “Dr. C” and his IBMS® system is the best and the only one in his field.
All the others are 2nd class! This fact is clearly proven, if you want to get the best results, you have to have the best instructor, therapist, trainer, and coach. Imitations will fall short.

ONLY in Europe you can get original IBMS® coaching. Leonard Coldwell personally trained his staff of IBMS® Coaches® in Europe. The list of individual licensed IBMS® Coaches® can be found here:

IBMS® – The Instinct Based Medical System® is the science of identifying and eliminating the root cause of any negative outcome in human life! You too can be happy, satisfied, successful and healthy!


IBMS® Coaching® is the way! True help for self-help and healing of life®

Discover and experience yourself as the true champion you really are.
Discover and experience the wonderful real personality hidden deep within you.
Remake your life the way it deserves to be. Consciously created.

IBMS® Coaching® is the way!

1.Notarized copy of the letter from the American Alternative Medical Society, shows that Leonard Coldwell has received the board approval to work as a NMD Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in the USA. Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and as a Doctor in Philosophy in Psychology (PHD)

A. Also the certificates Diplome DNM Doctor of Naturophatic Medicine, DNM

B. USA equivalent to the German Medical Council Board Admission. He is notarized Certified as a Non-drug using Doctor

C. Certificate from the chamber Admission as Alternative Physician

D. Notarized Diploma Recognition and Chamber Admissions to be a Non-Drug Using Physician in the USA

E. Certificate of naturopathy, equivalent CNHP Certified naturopathic doctor

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Ehrendoktowürde Dr. Leonard Coldwell der Luisianna Baptist University © 2002-2018 Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Ehrendoktowürde Dr. Leonard Coldwell der Luisianna Baptist University © 2002-2018 Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Orginal Certificate Dr. h.c for Values for Mankind and Photos of the award Ceremony.

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Ehrendoktowürde Dr. Leonard Coldwell der Luisianna Baptist University © 2002-2018 Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Ehrendoktowürde Dr. Leonard Coldwell der Luisianna Baptist University © 2002-2018 Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Ehrendoktowürde Dr. Leonard Coldwell der Luisianna Baptist University © 2002-2018 Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Ehrendoktowürde Dr. Leonard Coldwell der Luisianna Baptist University © 2002-2018 Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Ehrendoktowürde Dr. Leonard Coldwell der Luisianna Baptist University © 2002-2018 Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Ehrendoktowürde Dr. Leonard Coldwell der Luisianna Baptist University © 2002-2018 Dr. Leonard Coldwell

Slander and the regular attacks and murder attempts / death threats against Dr. Leonard Coldwell

The cancer industry is a $ 300 billion industry and the money from the customer acquisition called ”early screening examinations” or annual Doctor Check brings another hundreds of billions to the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Of course, once you realize that, the pharmaceutical / medical industry, is founded and controlled by Rockefellers and Carnegie foundations, you understand why they have a problem with Dr. Leonard Coldwell. It is because he can cure cancer patients within a few weeks, or help any cancer patients to heal themselves.

This for only the price of 25for his incredible book: The only cancer patient cure and the cost of organic food. Patients can pay 3900for an effective IBMS® coaching by an IBMS® Coach who was personally trained and licensed by Dr. C.

Of course, it becomes clear that Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the most hated by Big Pharma and therefore persecuted by medical professionals. The 6 murder attempts and daily death threats speak for themselves.

 The countless cured cancer patients and patients with other autoimmune diseases are the confirmation that Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s IBMS® system works. It is also the only system in the world that can identify and eliminate the cause of cancer in humans.

46 years ago, Dr. Coldwell’s mother suffered from liver cirrhosis, hepatitis C, fatty liver and end stage liver cancer, with the prognosis of only having 6 months to live. She was his first patient and still lives at the age of 82 years and she is very healthy. A video interview with Dr C and his mother live in Hannover on stage this year can be found in german at

The IBMS® message from Dr. C has the potential to sabotage the pharmaceutical and medical industries and their ridiculous income.

Especially when you read that Dr. Coldwell’s books “The Only Answer to Cancer” (Jim Humble Publishing) and “The Only Cancer Patient Cure” (21 Century Publishing), as well as the forthcoming book, “Vaccinations, Assault with a Deadly Weapon!” The best-selling and most popular pre-ordered books are in 9 languages. Now it becomes clear why the industries that are living off the suffering and death of people have spent $52 million dollars to create slanderous websites and damage his name.

They even pay internet trolls as a permanent employees to pay to attempt to damage his reputation. All of this leads to many people dying without ever getting their hands on the truth.

After he refused huge offers of bribes to work for the other side, they began the attacking of Dr. Coldwell. Paid false statements and accusations are today a daily routine for Dr. C.

He changed his name because of a great emotional pain from the past. They act like a changed name would be something bad and horrendous. And that is used to mock him although, Federal Chancellor Willi Brand and Helmut Kohl and many others use their new stage names as well.

It is claimed that Dr. C allegedly harassed 2 women. One of them immediately took back the allegations the next day and the other women had sworn in court that she was afraid and pressured to do the wrong accusations. (You can see the proof in the picture)

It was claimed that he did something illegally but this was claimed as false from the general attorney Scarlet Wilson. 

(You can see the original letter in the picture)

A paid Internet toll was called to damaging the reputation of Dr. C. Media claimed that he couldn’t sue this troll. He couldnt sue Jason Jones in chicago. But in truth, Dr. C (from south carolina) got an arrest warrant against the Droid, Jason Jones. The arrest warrant was notarized by the court itself and it can be found here to the right side of this text as a picture.

It was then claimed that Dr. C has earned his title in a dishonorable way. This is completely absurd and a lie. A little further up on this page you will find the notarized original documents of Dr. Coldwell and his titles, his chamber admission, even his honory doctor h.C. A title for his merits for humanity. Everything can be proven and found on the site.

You see, the enemies of health and humans are doing everything illegal to suppress Dr. Coldwell’s message.

Everything just to destroy Dr. C (all media is under the control of the NWO and Big Pharma).

They couldnt stop him. Not even after 46 years.

Dr. C, with 25 bestselling books, 7 million live seminar attendees, over 400 million readings and over 4.8 billion video views in 9 languages, with 2 syndicated radio shows and his own TV show, and over 3000 appearances in radio and television interviews proves that Dr. C has never done anything illegally and that everything he says is true. He is the greatest and most successful healer of our time.

After 46 years of trying to destroy Dr. Coldwell, he still speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. Dr. C is always right!

IBMS® is the most feared system by the pharmaceutical industry and its undoubtedly proven, that the enemy is trying everything with lies and false accusations to destroy him.

Fact: The media and authorities involved in this are to blame for the deaths of your loved ones. If they would have helped deliver his message to anyone, free of charge, rather than obstructing the message (IBMS®) every human being would have known by now that cancer can be cured in a few weeks, quickly and cheaply.


“Anyone can only make themselves sick or get sick, so he is the only one who can and must heal himself.”

Dr. Leonard Coldwell