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*Congratulations to those who were not vaccinated! *
Your persistence is absolutely wise and correct! *

FDA loses case!
Pfizer forced to disclose vaccine side effects data!
9 pages of side effects!
The whole world was stunned.
US168 Information Network 2022-03-05 02:1

cardiomyopathy, acute respiratory failure, injection site vasculitis, seizures,
alopecia areata, anaphylactic shock,
Anaphylaxis of pregnancy, aplastic anemia, thrombosis,
Arrhythmias, arthritis,
Asthma, bronchospasm, cardiac arrest,
heart failure,
Chest discomfort, choking, chronic autoimmune glomerulonephritis,
chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosus,
chronic spontaneous urticaria,
hemolytic anemia,
colitis, dermatitis,
disseminated varicella zoster,
Embolic cerebral infarction,
Endocrine disorders, pruritus, swollen eyes, facial paralysis, genital herpes,
glossopharyngeal nerve palsy,
hemorrhagic vasculitis,
lupus cystitis,
lupus encephalitis,
multiple sclerosis,
neonatal myasthenia gravis, myelitis,
noninfectious oophoritis, thyroiditis,
Ulcerative proctitis.

The above is more than a thousand kinds of reactions, not limited to the side effects / physical discomfort symptoms that many people have.
It is the choice behavior that hurts oneself out of fear…
Out of 46,000 people tested, 42,000 had adverse reactions! 1200 people died!
*Congratulations on keeping your immune system functioning properly. *