Top 7 ways COVID-19-VACCINE DAMAGE is being covered up by the vaccine industrial complex

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The mad, mad rush is on for Big Pharma to cover up all the health horror stories, including millions of “died suddenly” events happening across the globe, right after everybody gets a nice little “not-sosafe-and-effective” Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) jab or two. It doesn’t matter what gets blamed, as long as you don’t blame the “vaccines.” We’ve heard every excuse in the book, including referee whistles, cold showers, and video games all of the sudden causing perfectly healthy people to have a massive heart attack. These lies are worse than the one about COVID-19 beginning when someone at a wet market in China ate a bat with coronavirus and somehow starting spreading it.


COVID spike protein jabs pose a threat to pregnancy

There are mountains of evidence suggesting mRNA “vaccines” pose a viable threat to reproduction abilities of males and females, and to the fetus, at all stages. The virus-mimicking spike proteins lodge and concentrate in distal organs, so the immune system is told to attack these “foreign” particles and kill them.


This damages the sperm, the ovaries, the eggs, everything. The FDA and CDC lied, in tandem with the vaccine manufacturers, saying the engineered spike proteins encoded and translated in the cells are “neutralized in the deltoid muscle immediately after vaccination,” which is about the farthest their fake science can get from the truth.


In a recent study, researchers discovered spike proteins from COVID vaccines had traveled to the liver, spleen, heart, pituitary gland, the thyroid and, wait for it… the ovaries. The ovaries are the glands where eggs form, so this deadly COVID jab is in fact a form of population reduction, as it damages the ovaries extensively, even poisoning them in some cases.  In another study, published in the journal Andrology, male vaccine recipients showed significant losses of the “total motile count” of their sperm, up to 22 percent even three months after taking the Fauci Flu jab.


By damaging the endocrine system of the body and disrupting the hormonal balance, the COVID jabs lead to pregnancy loss, at the shocking rate of 67 percent. That’s two thirds of pregnant women who risk losing their child just for getting a Pfizer Wuhan “vaccine” for a flu that hardly a healthy soul is at risk of dying from. From premature baby deaths to neonatal deaths, and from intrauterine deaths to unexplainable miscarriages, it’s just one vaccine-induced death after another, and pharma wants to blame anything BUT the vaccines, that are obviously involved.


Plus, if the babies don’t die from the jabs, they often end up with horrific birth defects and disabilities, and this was proven 295 percent higher in vaccinated groups than “fully unvaccinated” babies who’s mothers did not take jabs. Pharma wants to blame anything else, and does, including “immune disorders” (caused by the vaccines), uncontrolled diabetes (exacerbated by the vaccines), and smoking.


History has shown us that vaccines, some of which contain antibiotics, can wreck the gut flora and gut biome to the extent that they either cause autism or exacerbate it on the spectrum. Now there’s a correlation between COVID-19 jabs and vitamin deficiency being exposed, especially when it comes to vitamin D. Is the body burning through it to try to compensate for the attack from the spike proteins? Patients with low vitamin D levels are at high risk of getting a bad case of COVID, so why not just ramp up the vitamin D intake and avoid the COVID jabs altogether? It’s only common sense and science combined.


Top 7 excuses for the death and health carnage caused directly by the COVID-19 mRNA jabs

#1. Claiming COVID itself causes myocarditis and pericarditis


#2. Suddenly blaming almost everything else on blood clots, when it’s really the spike proteins causing vascular clots that aren’t even made up of blood (it’s mRNA-created spike prions, heavy metals and nanoparticles)


#3. Spontaneous abortions, irregular periods, damage to ovaries, and sperm count reduction


#4. Now many new prescription medications list side effects correlating with the damage the unlimited mRNA spike proteins from the vaccines do to the body


#5. “Long COVID” is really “Long Vax Syndrome” – the delayed and long-term health detriment caused by the COVID jabs


#6. “Died Suddenly” is the new norm, where perfectly healthy people, including athletes, military members, and children, die from the “clot shot” complications but no medical doctor in the world is brave enough to blame the gene-mutating “vaccine”


#7. Causing vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin D, but medical doctors and examiners all seem puzzled, or just blame “severity” of COVID-19


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