IT’S COMING: Fake president Biden already buying more covid equipment, hiring pandemic “safety protocol” enforcers for next round of LOCKDOWNS

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Recently unearthed government documents reveal that fake president Joe Biden is feverishly making preparations for another round of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns, complete with mask mandates and “testing.”


Biden has begun making very large purchases – using your tax dollars, of course – of various covid “equipment” and other resources designed to keep Americans subdued and living in terror in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election.


New government advisers will reportedly be in charge of enforcing Biden’s new “safety protocols” for the country, including mandatory “testing” with the millions of “test kits” the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies are purchasing right this very moment for your demise.


An analysis of these contracts, which are traceable via the federal government’s spending database show that the plan is to re-launch COVID 2.0 tyranny beginning in September or October at the latest.


The DoD awarded a $1.5 million contract to Hologic Sales and Service LLC. That contract begins on October 1 of this year and is slated to conclude in May 2024. The funds, according to the federal database, are to be used for “covid testing services in support of the department of pathology at Madigan army medical center” in Tacoma, Wash.


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) also forged a $2 million contract with Abbott Molecular Inc. that is set to begin on September 22 and conclude in September 2024. That contract is for “covid testing” as well.


The VA also awarded the following contracts:


• $1.3 million to Biofire Diagnostics LLC, beginning on August 18 for “COVID-19 testing reagents and equipment”


• $3.3 million to Oddball Inc. for advisory services on “adequate COVID-19 safety protocols”


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Whenever Wall Street is in trouble, expect wars and calamitous “public health emergencies” to keep the money train running

All of these contracts are scheduled to commence in the next month or two, and conclude sometime next year. And all of this is happening at a time when Pfizer is experiencing a rapid decline in profits now that everyone who got “vaccinated” for covid is jabbed, and everyone else is just saying no to its deadly experimental drugs.


We know from history that every time corrupt governments start to collapse and the economies they run falter, someone starts a war to kickstart the money train. In modern times, that war can look like a “public health emergency,” such as is the case with covid.


In 2020 during the first round of covid tyranny, the stock market experienced a precipitous drop that likely would have resulted in a full-scale collapse had then-President Donald Trump not declared a covid “emergency,” which set the money printers into overdrive.


The economy “recovered” as a result, only to once again reach a peak and teeter towards collapse, which means another round of covid tyranny is on the menu, compliments of the Wall Street terrorists.


The year 2024 is also an election year, just like 2020 was, which means there needs to be lots of chaos, destruction, and misery to keep the country confused and on edge, and to facilitate more election fraud.


“Nothing stops pedocrats short of death,” one commenter wrote about how the government’s playbook has become tired yet predictable.


“This was always the plan,” wrote another. “Covid-19 was the test study.”


“This won’t work if many people like myself just ignore it and live as normal,” said another. “Stores won’t enforce it as people will just walk out and go elsewhere. And the police won’t enforce it as they are undermanned, thankfully.”


The covid tyranny will not end until We the People make it end. Learn more at


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