FEMA ALERT OCT 4th, 2:22 PM (rain date Oct. 11) – What Will This Mean?

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For those wondering, the test of the emergency broadcast system by FEMA is confirmed for these dates as per their website Press Release. https://www.fema.gov/press-release/20230803/fema-and-fcc-plan-nationwide-emergency-alert-test-oct-4-2023

As for if this means anything outside of a normal test – is pure speculation.

What’s being speculated is this:

Those who have received the vaccines have had graphene injected. Graphene is a metal. We are also being doused for a number of years by chemtrails. Chemtrails also contain a number of metals, including aluminum and mercury.
It is being rumored that when 5G turns on completely, via this test, that it will also enable and turn on conduction with these metals. How this will effect the human body containing them is anyone’s guess. The thoughts are anywhere from making you ill triggering another supposed pandemic, to initiating the new “zombie” nation of people now controllable via frequency.

What to Do
This may be an event – or it may be nothing. Erring on the side of caution isn’t a bad idea, especially if you have been vaccinated. Turn off all phones, remove the batteries. Turn off and unplug all electronics, TVs, radios, etc.

We are beings of frequency.
Aside from this event, if you have not detoxed yourself from heavy metals, it is a good idea for your health overall anyway. My good friend and author, Sarah Barendse, has successful detoxed herself from Aluminum and Mercury (verified by labs before and after). She tells how she did it quickly, easily, and inexpensively here: https://sarahbarendse.com/the-heavy-metal-toxicity-5g-connection/

Be well Champions!

Your Dr. C


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