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As of late Facebook is deleting accounts randomly.

They are blocking and jailing people for saying things that make zero sense with their given reasons and if you fight them on it, they give you even more time.

Make no mistake accounts are being targeted. Those who have spoken out for truth on matters such as politics, COVID-Hoax, Masks, for natural health and not big pharma, called out Monsanto and Bill Gates, or even Georgy Sorros who wants to destroy the world as we know it are being scrutinized for every word they type.


Because Facebook is a communist/socialist website who is pushing the agenda of the New Normal hard. They want you all to be obedient. They want (end game) for you to be vaccinated mindless drone of a slave to the system.

Is that ok with you?

If so, hey keep right on keeping on. But if not, speak up and do it loudly. If your account gets blocked? SO WHAT. They make money off of you NOT the other way around. Its about time we all leave this outdated Big Brother of a platform.

Don’t think for one minute because you are an admin or a page owner who PAYS Facebook you are immune.

We have seen this in action. Limiting post reach, cutting off the ability to even boost posts or create ads, being spanked for posting “fact checked” information that is “False”, and they have started playing games dismantling groups taking them down entirely or just deleting your posts and banners.

Dr. Coldwell has created his own version. Champ book. You are invited!  while much of it is currently in German we also are gaining many English speaking members and would love to have you. There will never be censorship like there is on Facebook.

Author: Sarah Barendse