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The corona vaccination has caused numerous deaths around the world.
The Corona vaccine is designed to kill 90% of people within 5 years of vaccination.
This is because “corona” is a form of bio-terrorism that uses “killer chemical weapons.

This “mass murder plan” named “Corona” has been planned since before 1980 with the aim of reducing the global population by 90%. In addition to the Satanists (government officials) who have taken over the governments of the world (including Japan), the medical mafia (pharmaceutical companies), the brainwashing mass media (TV/newspapers), and the fraudulent intellectuals and medical doctors who are intentionally famous and highly educated in order to gain persuasive power in order to deceive the masses, the privileged class is conspiring to carry out this project.

Here is a video of five doctors discussing Corona ↓.

About 9 weeks after getting the vaccine, a person’s body becomes a horrible corona incubator, capable of killing anyone who is near them.
Your breath, sweat, saliva, etc. become a “killer weapon” that can do as much damage as the vaccination.

It destroys the autoimmune system, making the body immune to the flu, cancer, and everything else that can kill you, making you less resistant to disease.

This substance that we call a vaccine is not a vaccine, but a “killer chemical weapon.

In addition to destroying the autoimmune system, the vaccine contains a mountain of germs, such as cancer, polio, influenza, pneumonia, etc.
The vaccine contains so many germs that it would be natural to die.

The reason why so many people die on the second shot is because their immunity is destroyed by the first shot, and they die from these germs and pathogens.

And the ability to give birth to children is all gone.
For men, all of their sperm have died out.
For women, the uterus stops functioning.
Menstruation will be messed up.
Women’s periods are messed up because their uterus stops functioning.

“My 88-year-old mother, who lived with a person who had been vaccinated, died of corona, which she had contracted from the person who had given her the vaccine.

Spike protein will never die.
Doctors can’t do anything about it because it is a medically unprecedented case.

URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It