Report: People across America are routinely exposed to vinyl chloride pollution

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Exposure to vinyl chloride became a big issue following the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. But according to a report released this month, people across the United States are regularly exposed to vinyl chloride pollution.

It has been more than two months since a Norfolk Southern train transporting hazardous materials derailed and unleashed a deadly chemical cocktail of toxic contaminants, including a substance known to cause cancer called vinyl chloride. Air sampling data continues to show elevated levels of organochloride in the area. (Related: ENVIRO-TERROR in Ohio as TOXIC GAS CLOUD unleashed when “authorities” set fire to vinyl chloride to DISPERSE it over skies, farms and rivers.)

Vinyl chloride is used primarily to make polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a hard plastic resin used to make a variety of plastic products, including pipes, wire and cable coatings and packaging materials.

A new report released by Toxic-Free Future on April 13 indicated that exposure to the carcinogen pollutant is happening across the country, particularly among those living in low-income areas and communities of color.

According to the report, vinyl chloride contamination is primarily emanating from petrochemical production and waste disposal facilities. Researchers analyzed data collected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and found that in 2021, chloride and PVC plastic producers released more than 400,000 pounds of the contaminants into the air.

“It is outrageous that so many communities are being exposed day-in and day-out to the same dangerous chemical and plastic that burned in the Ohio train derailment,” said Mike Schade, director of Mind the Store, a program of Toxic-Free Future.


Toxic-Free Future also revealed that just five companies account for more than 97 percent of the nation’s vinyl chloride air pollution. They are Westlake Chemical, Formosa Plastics, Occidental Chemical, Shintech and Orbia, which collectively manufacture more than 10 billion pounds of vinyl chloride per year.

The report further disclosed that Westlake has “repeatedly been fined for violating federal environmental, workplace safety, and railroad safety laws.” A previous study by the same group showed the said firm was found to release 185,807 pounds of vinyl chloride into the air from its chemical plants in Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi in 2021.

Vinyl chloride found in East Palestine resident’s urine

Since the derailment and toxic spill on Feb. 3, people in East Palestine have experience various medical conditions and they fear their health has become compromised.

Shelby Walker, an East Palestine resident, recently got tested at a medical lab after feeling ill since the derailment two months ago. Benzene and vinyl chloride were detected in her urine.

“I just read a little bit, but I do know I have read in there that the benzene could cause leukemia later,” Walker said. “My uncle passed away of leukemia when I was a young girl so that lays in my mind and it is very fearful.”

She is also worried that the contaminants may be passed to her children and even her grandchildren.

Walker and her family, which consist of 11 members, live 900 feet from the controlled burn site. She said she will never be able to safely live in her home again.

“There are nights that my husband and I are still staying at home while my older daughter has the kids and grandkids at the hotel. It just depends on if there’s availability for everybody or not.” They needed to come home often to tend to her pets.

“I guess it really hasn’t hit me because I’m worried about the rest of the family that still has to be tested,” she said. “My kids and my grandkids, they’re really my concern because it will affect their future.”

Visit for more stories about harmful exposure to vinyl chloride.

Watch the video below where Dr. Pete Chambers tells Dr. Jane Ruby that the Ohio toxic spill is actually a government land-grabbing move.

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