Can you feel it? Ten signs that things in America have reached a BREAKING POINT

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If you’re listening to what the American people are saying right now — across the political spectrum — people are reaching a breaking point and are fed up with life under the Biden regime. From being unable to afford groceries or gas, to watching powerful corporations promote pedophilia and child mutilations, events that were once unimaginable are becoming commonplace… and the “officials” in power seem more disconnected from the plight of everyday people than ever before.


You can see it in the “crazy plane lady” video (TMFINR), in the “flash mob” shoplifting footage caught on camera, in the suicide numbers and mental illness episodes that increasingly flicker across our screens. From the mom who thinks her son identifies as a cat (and therefore should be medically seen by a veterinarian) to the outrageous indictment of Donald J. Trump for the “felony crime” of tweeting, it’s clear to anyone paying attention that America is suffering a psychic breakdown that’s unprecedented in the nation’s rich history.



What follows are ten examples of things happening in America that indicate a breaking point has been reached, beyond which we can only expect chaos and insanity to prevail. Perhaps that’s the plan, in fact, so that the illegitimate (election-rigging) tyrants in charge can declare yet another emergency and use their “emergency powers” to suppress dissent and shore up their illegitimate power. But they may end up dealing with far more than they bargained for, as an increasing number of Americans are being driven to the point of having nothing left to lose.



Historically, that’s when nations veer toward revolutions, revolts or even civil war.



Ten signs that the American people have reached a breaking point

#1) The lawless Democrats are drunk with power and are making a mockery of the rule of law in their desperate attempts to stop Trump by charging him with absurd, made up “crimes” while ignoring rampant bribery of the Biden crime family


Never mind that fact that Democrats denied election results more than 150 times — all without being criminally charged — before Trump was indicted for the very same thing.


Newt Gingrich summarized the current political situation rather aptly, stating:


“This is going to be a horrendous period. And we just need to understand: The people who want to control America and want to dictate to America break any law, lie about any topic, and manipulate the system any way they can, and that includes a lot of the elite news media,” said Gingrich.



#2) America’s cities are collapsing into violence, mental illness, shoplifting and ruin


Things are so bad in America’s collapsing cities that one enterprising individual is now selling “doom loop walking tours” in San Francisco. According to the promotional material, when you join the tour: “We will view the open-air drug markets, the abandoned tech offices, the outposts of the non-profit industrial complex, and the deserted department stores.”


Perhaps this is the future revenue model for America’s collapsed, democrat-run cities: Sell tickets to tourists who marvel at the shock and awe of the demise of once-great cities that have now collapsed into ruin and despair under the incompetent leadership of Democrats.


See also: Blue cities are getting it good and hard. An eye-opening read.



#3) The corporations are going insane with virtue signaling, like Skittles candy promoting “Black Trans Lives Matter” propaganda or Target promoting genital-mutilation swimsuits for children


Skittles now has a new line of diabetes-promoting candies for blacks, pandering the trans blacks in a lame attempt at double-layered virtue signaling.


Target is being punished for its runaway virtue signaling failure, after pushing mutilated genital-fitting swimwear for children and enduring a boycott backlash from people who are fed up with the LGBT vomit being pushed by globalist corporations like Target.



#4) More and more Americans are waking up to the “theft by inflation” caused by Biden’s never-ending money printing, and they are angry


The following video, posted by Wall Street Silver on Twitter (X) and covered on InfoWars, shows people who appear to be oblivious and shocked that the purchasing power of their dollars is rapidly vanishing as the criminal Biden regime prints endless trillions in fake fiat currency. What did these people expect would happen? How can inflation be a surprise at all?






#5) It’s now obvious that the 2020 election was stolen, and that the Biden regime completely ignores whatever court rulings it doesn’t like


For example, the Biden regime has just announced it will ignore the US Supreme Court’s ruling on student loans and will proceed to pay off $39 billion student loans using taxpayer money. The rule of law means nothing to the Biden regime. They do whatever they want, and they will continue to do so until they are removed from power.




#6) False flag operations being run against the American people are getting sloppy and obvious (such as the Maui fires)


Have you noticed how sloppy the Lahaina fire operation was? It’s almost like they no longer care that people are aware it was all staged: The warning sirens were turned off, the fire department was ordered to stand down, the roads were blocked, and now we learn that the local water supply was turned off to make sure no one could fight the fires themselves.


Right after hundreds of children were burned alive, Hawaii’s governor swoops in and declares that he can’t wait to have the government of Hawaii seize that land and take it away from those whose children died there.


This is the tyranny you get when you vote for Democrats.





#7) Pedophilia is fully embraced by Democrats and the Left, who now oppose films and articles that expose rampant pedophilia and child trafficking


The Democrat party in America is the pro-pedo party. They worship pedophiles and child groomers / mutilators. They pretend child sex trafficking doesn’t exist, even as they routinely engage in it. In Germany, a public radio station even promotes “sympathy” for pedophiles. Because, you know, it’s mean to criticize them… or something.





#8) The climate cult has expanded into a globally shared mental illness where brainwashed people imagine the planet being destroyed unless they exterminate billions of humans to stop their activity


The level of mass mental illness that has been inflicted upon the people is unprecedented. Quite literally, America’s children live in terror, thinking their cities will be inundated with 40 feet of ocean water at any moment, or that they will boil alive if people don’t stop driving SUVs. They’ve been terrorized into believing that carbon dioxide is a poison, and that eliminating CO2 would somehow “green” the Earth even though the very term “green” comes from photosynthesis, which requires CO2 to function.


Those who believe the climate cult are truly some of the most psyop-inflicted cognitive victims spanning all of human history. And like all cult members, they fail to see they’re in a cult. (But they demand you join them…)





#9) The development of depopulation bioweapons continues to be funded by the U.S. government, with near-zero effort by any member of Congress to de-fund the mad science experiments


The DoD is still building biological weapons. The CDC and FDA keep pushing them. And oblivious people keep lining up to be injected with them. Vaccine-assisted suicide is the new euthanasia.





#10) It’s finally becoming undeniable that the USA, NATO and Ukraine have lost the war with Russia


This was bound to happen sooner or later, but it has now become undeniable that NATO, the USA and Ukraine have lost the war with Russia. The heavily-touted “counteroffensive” has fizzled. Ukraine has run out of men, and the West has run out of ammunition.


The Criminal-In-Chief Joe Biden thinks he can just print more money and promise more weapons to somehow beat Russia on the ground in Eastern Ukraine, but it turns out that counterfeiting more currency doesn’t stop Russian artillery shells and kamikaze drones from devastating their intended targets.


If you want to see a huge collection of videos of Russian drones, tanks and artillery devastating Western equipment in Ukraine, take a peek at the Intel Slava Z channel on Telegram.





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