This needs to STOP! Tax dollars are being used to fund ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION across America

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Taxpayers are continuing to fund efforts by non-government organizations (NGOs) that facilitate illegal immigration into the United States. This is according to an investigation conducted by the nonprofit, anti-illegal immigration organization Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).


FAIR found that the Department of Homeland Security is providing another $77 million in taxpayer funding to NGOs, states and local governments that will be used to assist illegals at the border. This money has been allocated to 53 entities, with the county government of El Paso, Texas receiving the largest amount of funding at around $13 million.


This recent funding builds on the previous tranche doled out by the department in June, amounting to over $291 million through the Shelter and Services Program (SSP), a federal program that provides funds to non-federal entities including NGOs and state and local government agencies that provide shelter for migrants. Around 36 percent of this first tranche, or over $104 million, went to the New York City Office of Management and Budget (NYC OMB). This brings the total amount provided by Homeland Security for SSP to a little over $368 million.


“The American taxpayer is paying to import illegals across our border,” said political commentator Ann Vandersteel during a guest appearance on “The Jeff Dornik Show.”


“We’re paying non-governmental organizations to finance the … transportation of illegals from all parts of the world through Central America [and] right across our borders,” she continued. “What are those illegals bringing with them besides bad intentions? A lot of them have no ability to get real jobs in the city and having to go on welfare. They are bringing a massive tax burden.” (Related: Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: Several NGOs are involved in CHILD TRAFFICKING, reveals Carlos Arellano – Brighteon.TV.)

Democrats want to allocate $752M in taxes for illegals next fiscal year

Of the 53 entities that received taxpayer funding from Homeland Security for the SSP, the top 10 organizations received nearly 70 percent of the $291 million doled out by the department since October 2022, amounting to nearly $204 million.


Of these 10 organizations, seven are actually state or local governments or agencies, including the aforementioned NYC OMB, which received the largest share of SSP taxpayer funding, being allocated over $104 million in the first tranche and another $2.2 million in the second.


The other state or local governments or agencies are the Illinois Department of Human Services, which received over $19 million; El Paso County, Texas, which received over $15.6 million; the City of San Antonio, which received $14.6 million; the City of Chicago, which received $12.7 million; the County of Riverside in Southern California, which received over $12.6 million; and the consolidated city-county government of Denver, Colorado, which received just a little over $9 million.


The remaining three entities are the Catholic Charities branch in the Diocese of San Diego County, Texas, which received nearly $28 million, the World Hunger Ecumenical Task Force, based out of Maricopa County, Arizona, which received over $14 million, and the United Way branch in Southwest New Mexico, which got $12.8 million in taxpayer funding.


Aside from the SSP, the department will be funneling the money through Homeland Security’s other migrant program, the Emergency Food and Shelter Program-Humanitarian Awards.


In addition to the funding that has already been allocated through these two programs, the administration of President Joe Biden is demanding that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy provide an additional $600 million in emergency funding for the SSP.


SSP funding for the next fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1, is still under consideration by Congress. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has rejected the White House’s demand to keep pumping taxpayer dollars into the SSP, but the Democrat-controlled Senate’s appropriations bill for the upcoming fiscal year would allocate $752 million in taxes to the SSP to provide shelter and other so-called humanitarian services to illegals released from the custody of Homeland Security.


Visit for more information on illegal immigration in different parts of the world.


Watch this episode of “The Jeff Dornik Show” as host Jeff Dornik interviews Ann Vandersteel regarding the current migration crisis at the southern border, and how American tax dollars are being used to make it worse.


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