CLOWN SHOW: CDC unveils new cringe “Wild to Mild” ad campaign pushing flu shots on children and pregnant women

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In an attempt to “tame skepticism about flu vaccines,” the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched a new “Wild to Mild” advertising campaign that aims to persuade more young people and pregnant women to take an annual flu shot.


Even though influenza vaccines are unsafe and ineffective, the CDC plans to manipulate as many people as it can via radio and social media platforms to roll up their sleeves this fall and winter and take a flu shot.


According to CNN, vaccination rates “are down in both of those high-risk groups,” referring to pregnant women and children. Thus, the CDC on behalf of Big Pharma will aggressively push Americans to get shot.


For the children, the CDC included “cute animal images” in the ads, including a tiger, described as “a ferocious animal,” and a kitten, described as “something that’s not scary.”


The point of depicting these two animals is to promote the idea that the flu shot does not prevent an influenza infection, but rather inhibits severe symptoms – this is the very same lie they continue to spread about Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” as well.


(Related: As of last summer, the CDC was claiming that about one in four Americans had not gotten “vaccinated” for COVID.)


Increasingly FEWER people trust the government and Big Pharma – they’re just saying no to drugs from Big Brother

Since 2019, 16 percent fewer pregnant women and seven percent fewer children are getting annual flu shots. This is bad for Big Pharma’s bottom line, which is why the CDC is amping up its propaganda campaign.


“That means more than 3.7 million people were unprotected during pregnancy over the past winter, along with an estimated 32 million children,” CNN reported.


Erin Burns, associate director for communications for the Influenza Division at the CDC, told CNN that all the “progress” the federal agency made in convincing pregnant women to get jabbed during the 2009 H1N1 swine flu “pandemic” has been “completely wiped out in the years since COVID-19.”


You see, more pregnant women than perhaps ever before are just saying no to drugs from the government. And more parents than perhaps ever before are just saying no to drugs from the government for their children, hence this participation decline in the annual flu shot ritual.


The CDC has actually conducted focus groups to try to figure out why increasingly fewer people want to roll up their sleeves for a Big Pharma injection. What the agency discovered is that “most of the pregnant women had no intention of getting a flu vaccine and no awareness of the benefits it could bring them or their baby,” according to Burns.


Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University and a member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, complained to CNN that doctors are apparently not doing enough to “adequately inform” pregnant women about their alleged risk of catching a nasty flu if they remain un-jabbed.


“Women who get influenza who are pregnant may have rates of complication that rival that of senior citizens,” Schaffner claims. “They [doctors] have to get these messages out to women who come to them right now.”


One “extremely motivating” approach that the CDC is now taking is to have doctors tell pregnant women that the antibodies they receive from flu shots might transfer to their babies and provide protection after birth. Telling them this lie is already boosting flu shot compliance.


The CDC is also trying to entice more people to take flu shots by claiming that most of them, around 91 percent, “will be thimerosal-free or thimerosal-reduced,” while another 21 percent will be “egg-free.” Why does the CDC insist on acting like people are ignorant and uninformed?


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