Supreme Court says federal government can REMOVE RAZOR WIRE Texas installed along the border… but Gov. Abbott DEFIES the order

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The Supreme Court of the United States has authorized federal Border Patrol agents to remove the razor wire installed by Texas state officials along the U.S.-Mexico border.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had installed the razor wire in Eagle Pass along the Rio Grande as part of Operation Lone Star, the state’s immigration enforcement plan to address the border crisis. But the execution of this operation has led to conflicts with the administration of President Joe Biden, prompting legal battles over border control measures.


The legal dispute began when Texas sued the federal government after Border Patrol agents cut through some of the razor wire, alleging trespassing and damage to state property. A federal judge initially ruled in favor of the Biden administration, but the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reversed the decision.


However, the Biden administration claims that the razor wire impedes federal agents from effectively carrying out their duties and responding to migrants who have already crossed the border. Texas argues that it is essential for maintaining security and enforcing immigration laws. (Related: Biden admin orders border agents to cut down barbed wire fences in TX so illegal immigrants can enter from Mexico.)


“Texas’ political stunts, like placing razor wire near the border, simply make it harder and more dangerous for frontline personnel to do their jobs. Ultimately, we need adequate resources and policy changes to address our broken immigration system,” said a White House spokesperson.


By a vote of five in favor and four dissenting, the Supreme Court granted the Biden administration’s emergency request to allow Border Patrol agents to remove the razor wire. Conservative members of the court Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the three liberal justices in the majority. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) welcomed the order.


“Enforcement of immigration law is a federal responsibility. Rather than helping to reduce irregular migration, the State of Texas has only made it harder for frontline personnel to do their jobs and to apply consequences under the law,” said the DHS in a statement.



Paxton: Texas has the sovereign right to construct border barriers to prevent the entry of illegal aliens

Operation Lone Star includes measures such as busing migrants to Democratic-led cities and arresting them on trespassing charges. Texas has implemented various tactics, including placing buoys in the Rio Grande, which led to a lawsuit from the Biden administration.


The standoff intensified with the recent incident at Eagle Pass, where three people drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande and Border Patrol agents were allegedly prevented from responding. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton rejected a Biden administration request to relinquish control of a public park at Eagle Pass, stating that the Supreme Court’s order “allows Biden to continue his illegal effort to aid the foreign invasion of America.”


“The destruction of Texas’s border barriers will not help enforce the law or keep American citizens safe. This fight is not over, and I look forward to defending our state’s sovereignty,” said Paxton.


Before the statement, Paxton already filed a lawsuit in the Del Rio Division of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas on Oct. 2023, against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Border Patrol. Paxton accused them of unlawfully destroying razor wire barriers that prevent illegal entry into the United States.

“Texas has the sovereign right to construct border barriers to prevent the entry of illegal aliens. Americans across the country were horrified to watch [President Joe] Biden’s open-border policy in action. Agents were physically cutting wires and assisting the aliens’ entry into our state. This is illegal; it puts our country and our citizens at risk. The courts must put a stop to it, or Biden’s free-for-all will make this crushing immigration crisis even worse,” Paxton said on Oct. 24 as he announced the lawsuit.


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Watch this video of treacherous U.S. Border Patrol agents destroying a wire fence in Texas to allow illegal aliens through.



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