Peaceful trucker convoy heads to Eagle Pass, Texas, to stop illegal migrant invasion

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An astounding 700,000 semi-trucks and other large vehicles are heading to Texas as part of a Trucker Convoy 2.0 event to support Gov. Greg Abbott’s ongoing efforts to secure his state’s southern border.


Calling themselves “God’s Army,” the truckers are reportedly planning to occupy Eagle Pass, the location where Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is now at odds with the Texas National Guard concerning the installation of razor wire along the banks of the Rio Grande River in Shelby Park.


The organizers behind the “Take Our Border Back” convoy say their mission is to take a visible stand against the “globalists” who they say are conspiring to keep America’s southern border with Mexico porous, allowing for a constant flow of illegal aliens into the country.


“This is a biblical, monumental moment that’s been put together by God,” said one of the organizers on a recent planning call. “We are besieged on all sides by dark forces of evil.”




(Related: The U.S. Constitution clearly stipulates that states like Texas can legally wage war against the federal government to protect their borders from an illegal invasion.)


On the move

The plan was to have the convoy initiate its travel out of Virginia Beach, hauling through the southeast with several stopovers in Florida and Louisiana. From there, the truckers will descend into Texas, followed by a stop in Arizona and California, to hold three separate rallies.




Like the trucker convoy in Canada before it, this latest public act of rebellion against the federal government’s refusal to secure America’s southern border sure is a spectacle, if nothing else – but will it work?


“While it’s good to see the truckers and all of the patriots that are hostages in the D.C. gulags display their patriotism in these events, these filthy Marxists are laughing at all of them,” wrote one skeptical commenter about the Trucker Convoy 2.0.


“They will use their phone data to round them up once the event is over. At some point, Americans will awaken to the fact that the only thing these Marxists understand is brute force. Most of these poor souls are guaranteeing their stays in the Marxist gulags.”


Another wrote that D.C. needs to remember the Alamo, recognizing that throughout its history, Texas has defied federal overreach to protect its interests.


“They refuse to do their job and want to force states to lay down and just die,” this person added about the Biden regime’s defiance of the law. “We have a right to defend ourselves. Texas became a nation only because Mexico was too corrupt. Americans have forgotten the history of Texas.”


Someone else expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of this convoy, noting that We the People have never really gotten anywhere with voting, petitions, or even lawsuits.


“The sooner Americans get that into their heads, the quicker we might actually have a chance of restoring the republic and the rule of law,” this person added, noting further that the Trucker Convoy 2.0 could, in fact, be a honeypot operation run by controlled opposition.


“Every mechanism for a ‘peaceful’ restoration of the republic and the rule of law has been hijacked from within. These PICs (psychos-in-charge) don’t feel pity or remorse, and they don’t tire or stop in their efforts – and they will never, ever leave power of their own volition.”


The current White House occupant is holding America hostage while flooding the country with illegal aliens. Learn more at


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