Science Says Almonds Are the New Anti-Aging Superfood

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Almonds have long been hailed as a healthy food packed with nutrients like vitamin E, but emerging research now shows they may also help keep skin looking young. Two recent clinical trials found that eating almonds daily led to significant reductions in facial wrinkles and age spots in postmenopausal women over 16-24 weeks.

The first pilot study, published in 2019, had participants consume around 58 grams or 2 ounces of almonds per day, supplying 20% of their daily calorie needs.1 After just 16 weeks, photographic analysis showed 9% shallower wrinkles in the almond group compared to controls eating calorie-matched snacks.2

The second larger trial, published in 2021, used a similar protocol with about 59 grams or 2.1 ounces of almonds per day.3 This time, even greater wrinkle improvements of 15-16% were seen at 16 and 24 week follow-ups in the almond group.4 Additionally, a 20% decrease in facial hyperpigmentation occurred.5

Unlike controls, almond eaters maintained stable skin sebum production.6 Given excessive sebum drives acne and seborrheic conditions, this shows almonds may normalize oiliness for clear, youthful skin.


The 15-16% wrinkle reductions seen with daily almond consumption exceed effects typically gained from over-the-counter wrinkle creams.7 They approach efficacies of some cosmetic procedures like laser skin resurfacing, which run risks of prolonged healing and side effects.8 Given their safety and ease of use, almonds could obviate more invasive anti-aging options.9 If sustained wrinkle improvements persisted for years with ongoing intake, almonds may profoundly impact age-related skin changes.10

Rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, the alpha-tocopherol in almonds likely protects cell membranes against wrinkle-causing free radical damage from sunlight and other aging factors.11 Almond fat and protein contents could also contribute by nourishing skin.

Requiring no pills or topicals, just tasty daily almonds, this research supports incorporating them into diets for healthier, more vibrant skin at any age. The versatile nut makes an easy, portable snack to beautify from the inside out.

Learn more about the many profound health benefits of almonds here.

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