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Mom Age 44 Cured Deadly Breast Cancer With CBD Oil, Refused Chemo

Breast cancerBy Heather Callaghan

Dee Mani, Age 44, Cured Triple Negative Breast Cancer – the deadliest form –  in 5 Months With CBD Oil After Refusing Chemo

Another UK patient is turning heads with another amazing testimony regarding their positive use of cannabis oil, or, CBD oil, which does not contain the psychoactive compounds that get you “high.”

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Daily Mail reports:

A mother-of-two claims she has cured her aggressive breast cancer by taking one drop of cannabis oil every day.

Dee Mani, 44, refused chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer – deemed the deadliest form – and instead opted to try CBD.

Doctors gave her the all-clear just five months after she opted for the oil, which is derived from cannabis but doesn’t cause a high.
Ms Mani, from Birmingham, found a lump in her breast in March 2017 and soon after was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Of course, her doctors offered her chemotherapy which is standard medical treatment. However, Dee refused because it failed to keep her sister alive. She decided to break out on her own and studied alternative medicine. That’s when she found out about cannabis oil and its accompanying claims.

In the UK, CBD oil is often sold as a supplement because the rules are a little murky, however, CBD oil is presumably allowed to be prescribed though it’s unlikely to be prevalent. In fact, the first Briton ever was only recently prescribed medical marijuana(different from CBD oil) to relieve deadly seizures.

The Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques To Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases

She then found a local supplier which costing £22 ($34) a month and started taking the “revolting” cannabis oil once every evening. It bears noting that she also cleaned up her diet and began meditation. By August she was given the “all-clear” by her doctors.

She said:

Because of what happened to my sister, there was no way I was having chemo or radiotherapy.

At first when I spoke to the doctor I agreed to everything I was told, I said I’d have one year worth of chemotherapy but then I did my research.

After finding out about cannabis oil I started to put one drop into a capsule every night and take it before bed.

Within four months I believe that I cured myself and then when I was given the all clear, I knew it was the cannabis that cured me.

Alongside curing my cancer, it’s helped me with my insomnia, my allergy to dust and the pain in my back from having slipped discs.

Daily Mail cont.:

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of more than 80 cannabinoids, natural compounds found in the marijuana plant.

Extracted from the plant as a mineral-rich oil, it is usually bottled with a dropper – but also comes in the form of chewing gum, soap or as a vape oil for e-cigarettes.

It has no side effects, either, and is not addictive.

It has been reported to help people with epilepsy, rheumatism, migraines, psoriasis, acne, multiple sclerosis and depression.

Crucially, cannabidiol oil does not contain any THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. In other words, CBD does not get you high.

Mani, who is still cancer-free, continues to take CBD oil each night. She has written about her journey in a new book called My Way.

Last year, a Scottish woman astonished the world when she cured her deadly brain tumor using CBD oil.

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

(C) Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

 favorite-velva-smallHeather Callaghan is an independent researcher, writer, speaker and food freedom activist. She is the Editor and co-founder of NaturalBlaze as well as a certified Self-Referencing IITM Practitioner.

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Originally posted: https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/02/mom-age-44-cured-cancer-cbd-oil-refused-chemo.html

7 Ways To Make CBD Oil Work Faster

CBDBy Zack Perdue

When most people smoke cannabis, its effects are felt a few minutes later thanks to the psychoactive ingredient, THC. Yet, to feel the non-psychoactive substance in cannabis, specifically cannabidiol or CBD, a person may need to take several doses. Therefore, you may be wondering: what is the most effective and quickest way to reap the natural benefits of CBD oil?

Before answering this question, it is important to recognize that each person is different. Everyone’s biology is different, making it difficult to pinpoint exactly how each person can get CBD oil to work quickly. How you take CBD oil, your age, health, genetic makeup, metabolism, and tolerance can all have an influence on how quickly your body responds to CBD oil.

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However, science has found several ways that CBD oil typically works faster in most people. Check them out below.

1.) Get It Into Your Bloodstream

The fastest way to feel the effects of CBD oil is to get it into your bloodstream. When CBD oil enters the bloodstream, it begins working with the endocannabinoid system nearly immediately. This is the simplest explanation for getting CBD oil to work faster. However, it is important to understand the different ways to administer CBD oil so it efficiently enters the bloodstream.

2.) Consume CBD Oil with Fatty Acids

Although the results of consuming CBD oil orally may take a little longer than other methods, its effects tend to last longer. However, one way you can maximize the effectiveness and absorption of CBD oil is to take it with fatty acids. The fatty acids are a binding agent for cannabinoids such as CBD. So, when you take CBD edibles with fatty acids, the concentration of CBD remains intact, and the liver metabolizes it much quicker than taking the substance on an empty stomach.

Some foods high in fatty acids include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Meat
  • Eggs

3.) Bypass the Digestive System Through Inhalation

The biggest factor in getting CBD oil to work faster is to get it into the bloodstream as quickly as possible. One way to do this is to bypass the digestive system. You can bypass the digestive system in a number of ways, but the quickest way to do this is to inhale the substance.

When you inhale something, the body ingests it through the lungs. When blood cells come to get oxygen from the lungs, CBDs are also transferred into the bloodstream and then to the endocannabinoid system.

Thus, when you inhale CBDs (via oil, dab or dry), you will feel the effects much quicker than using other methods. This is because of the way that the lungs work. These large organs have millions of little alveoli that are surrounded by tiny blood vessels. When inhaled, the cannabinoids pass from the alveoli into these vessels, thus entering the bloodstream and then your central nervous system.

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4.) Hold Under Tongue for Full 90 Seconds

If you take CBD oil sublingually, it is important that you do not swallow it immediately. Instead, hold the tincture under your tongue for a full 90 seconds. During this time, mucous membranes under the tongue absorb the active ingredient and bypass the digestive system. Thanks to these amazing receptors in the mouth, this is the second fastest way to get CBD oil into the bloodstream.

5.) Take Water Soluble CBD Oil

When ingesting CBD oil, many people may think that it takes longer for the CBD to work. In reality, your body may just be absorbing less of the actual CBD. This is because when you ingest CBD, it goes through a “first pass metabolism,” which is where the CBD is broken down even further before it goes to the liver. This breakdown process may prevent you from getting many CBD oil benefits.

To combat this issue, scientists have discovered that making CBD into a water-soluble form, instead of oil soluble, will overcome “first pass metabolism.” The water-soluble CBD oil makes digesting the CBD easier and prevents the first pass from happening, allowing your body to reap more benefits.

6.) Take CBD Oil Daily

CBD oil is a cannabinoid that the human body needs each and every day to keep the endocannabinoid system functioning properly. So, let’s face it: taking CBD oil once a week and expecting miracles is not going to work.

On the other hand, as you continue to take CBD oil, your body begins using it more effectively. This means that the more you take it, the body will respond more quickly, regardless of how you take it. Your body will get used to the supplement and learn how to best use it to benefit overall wellness. In addition, CBD will build up to an optimal level and continue giving you the desired effects without wearing off.

7.) Make Sure the Product is Legit

There are many CBD products now available for purchase. Unfortunately, you may never feel the effects of some of these. This is because CBD must be extracted from cannabis in a specific way in order to give your endocannabinoid system a CBD form it can integrate. It is important to do your research and choose a full spectrum CBD Oil tincture that meets the following guidelines:

  • The CBD oil is 100% organic.
  • It is GMP certified.
  • The cannabis is grown organically.
  • Soil care has low levels of pollution.
  • The oil is free of solvent residues.
  • CBD is third-party lab tested.
  • The manufacturer is 100% transparent.
  • The supplier also collaborates with scientists and encourages research.

Has CBD oil worked for you? Have you noticed a change when employing one of these suggestions? Share your testimonials in the comments below!

Zack is the founder and CEO of Nuvelio Naturals. A professional traveler, digital nomad and software engineer, he’s passionate about helping others through CBD awareness.

This article (7 Ways to Make CBD Oil Work Faster) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Zack Perdue and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio and internal links. 

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

Originally posted: https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/10/7-ways-to-make-cbd-oil-work-faster.html

CBD To The Rescue

CBDBy Susan Boskey

Cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere today in health news. It has made cannabis respectable, once again. As one of over 100 chemical compounds in the cannabis plant and one that is non-psychoactive, CBD is a current stand-out in the cannabis family.

Of course, it wasn’t always this way. After 81 years of prohibition since the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act and the more recent 1970 Controlled Substance Act in the U.S., CBD has ushered in a renaissance of acceptance for the sacred plant (so-called in India). This, despite continued federal designation of cannabis as a “Schedule 1 drug” in the same category as heroin with criteria of: no accepted medical value, not safe for medical use, and highly addictive.

Starting at some point in the 1930s everything cannabis was lumped into the basket of “evil weed,” vilified for its psychoactive properties. Given the negative spotlight put on Black musicians and Hispanics in New Orleans and New York, it was considered a menace to white folk, and as seducing the young. [1] Panic over the plant was so palpable that cannabis as the medicine it always had been, didn’t stand a chance.

That was then and this is now. Evidence-based science is now showcased in the U.S. Government’s PubMed peer-reviewed publications, adding credibility to the many beneficial properties of and uses for CBD. First discovered in 1940 by an American chemist, Roger Adams, [2], the cannabidiol molecule was more fully understood when Israeli scientist, Rafael Mechoulam, isolated it in 1963. [3]

In a report of the February 2013 issue of The British Journal of Clinical PharmacologyCBD is cited as “an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anti-oxidant, anti-emetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent, with the potential for the treatment of neuroinflammation, epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting and nausea, anxiety and schizophrenia, respectively.”

The CBD molecule is also neuroprotective. It protects the brain from certain disease processes and degeneration while regulating neurotransmitter function. This benefit to the brain is what caught the attention of the government and, in 2003, led to their procuring U.S. Patent No. 6,630,507.

“It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics dope and all of that stuff. It is a thousand times better than whiskey. It is an assistant and a friend.”  ~Louis Armstrong, American musician, 1901-1971

CBD alters and lowers the overall psychoactive effect of THC, and is additionally considered a potential remedy for psychotic effects, and certain cognitive deficits such as PTSD and depression. Plus, it is documented to help with arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, chronic pain, antibiotic-resistant infections, and osteoporosis in women.

Thinking CBD is too good to be true? Think again.

The reason CBD (and other cannabis molecules) can help a number of different health conditions is because of its interface with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Every mammal has one. It is a signaling (communication) system that regulates the homeostasis (balance) of every physiological system of the body. However, due to toxic build-up in our bodies over time, the ECS can become deficient, lose effective functioning and lead to various disease processes.

CBD, when used as medicine, mimics many of the body’s naturally manufactured molecules vital in the interface with the ECS for optimal function. Because its external administration precisely mimics internally-made molecules, CBD can reduce potential ECS deficiencies that may be triggering physical and mental symptoms, and thereby restore the efficacy of the ECS towards needed homeostasis.

The only problem is that many people now believe CBD is the good part of cannabis and THC is the bad part because of its psychoactive effects. This could not be further from the truth. Yet such thinking is easy to understand due to the stigma branded on cannabis, and also for the fact we have been conditioned by a more reductionist type of healthcare system – one drug for one organ or bodily system – to think of a remedy in isolation of its plant context.

Throughout ancient and modern history and until its prohibition, cannabis was valued holistically, both hemp and marijuana. Medicinally, the whole of the plant was used to ensure a synergistic and beneficial impact on a person’s overall, general condition beyond symptom management. Called the entourage effect, the interaction of the THC, CBD, and its other equally beneficial but less understood compounds accounts for why the therapeutic use of cannabis provides relief to a wide variety of conditions.

Those of us helping others use cannabis as medicine are forever grateful to CBD for opening the door to the opportunity to provide deeper education about the whole cannabis plant and its genuine healing gifts.

Susan is a 2018 graduate of the Holistic Cannabis Academy with over 45 years of personal involvement in the spectrum of wellness modalities. Her mission today is to intervene in the noise of modern life and help people identify and remove stressors that trigger their dis-ease while providing strategies towards a living experience of inner calmness, contentment, and inspiration.

Her curiosity about life, and health in particular fueled her determination to learn everything she could and help others. Susan’s private practice (in-person and on Zoom) is based on the paradigm of whole-person wellness, body, mind, and soul, and includes addressing lifestyle issues. As a non-physician coach, she enjoys the added flexibility of providing in-depth care plans for her clients. Visit her website: http://lifestylewellnessrx.com

Originally posted: https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/07/cbd-to-the-rescue.html

Watch CBD Oil Transform This Former Cop With Parkinson’s in Seconds

cbd-oil-cop-parkinsonsBy Heather Callaghan

A video recently made viral rounds on the Internet of a former policeman trying CBD oil as a last ditch effort to quell his volatile Parkinson’s symptoms.

Due to the progression of his Parkinson’s, Larry the former policeman cannot speak and absolutely cannot control his limbs or facial muscles. In under 3 minutes – just seconds, really – the transformation is nothing short of miraculous and will make believers of us all.

No sooner did this video get millions of views did we find out that the highly powerful CBD oil was quietly banned by the Drug Enforcement Agency! Can you believe that? CBD oil on Schedule 1 along with heroin and Bath Salts? Can you even stand it?

One wonders what a former policeman in need of this oil to function would think of such a ban on a compound that has incredible benefits but has never harmed a soul.


This clip is part of an award-winning movie called Ride with Larry.

Source: Facebook

Ride with Larry Facebook Page


Image: infowars.com

This article (Watch CBD Oil Transform This Former Cop With Parkinson’s in Seconds) appeared first at Natural Blaze and can be shared or republished with attribution/link back.


Heather Callaghan is an independent researcher, writer, speaker and food freedom activist. She is the Editor and co-founder of NaturalBlaze.

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