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Dr. Burzynski needs your help!!!

Hello ibms


I don’t know if you are familiar with what is going on right now with  the FDA and Dr. Burzynski.

Once again the pharmaceutical companies are trying to use the FDA to shut  Dr. Burzynski down and they will be prosecuting him in January.  This is  incredible!  Please pass the word around to your U.S. citizens to sign  the White House petition to stop this. This is a very urgent need. They have  just shortly above 5,000 signatures and need a lot more by October 27, 2011.  Please see the email below.

We have only 2 weeks left to gain another 1,800 signatures for the White  House petition. Apparently only US Citizens can sign this petition. We know  some of you said that you had trouble signing it, this is unfortunate, it  seems the White House website doesn’t work as well as it should (like  many things within our government in general). If you have trouble, try using  a different browser, different computer, try what it takes to be able to  register and sign the petition.

If we get the signatures, at least we will have some advantage in getting  their attention. However, if we get the signatures, and nothing is done, it  will further illustrate how powerless the White House really is in changing  something like this. After all, former top political adviser for President  Obama—David Axelrod—watched this documentary in 2009 and said  “this is just too big, nothing we can do about this for another 10 years  or so—right now in this climate, it’s just too big.”


We need to at least have the ammunition to prove that the highest office  in the land is incapable of addressing and aiding in the approval of the  biggest cancer treatment breakthrough in history. We can’t do that  without these signatures.


Try going here to sign it.


If that doesn’t work, try using this link: http://www.wh.gov/48x