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Why you should REJECT the flu shot and take a SANE approach to immunity

Bullies and charlatans are everywhere these days. You can find them on the playgrounds, the internet, and even in your own home. They push you around, tell you fictional stories that never really happened, and believe in their lies like they are the God-given truth. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in a conventional doctor’s office […]

Vaccines revealed

VACCINES REVEALED – Join Us As We Expose The Biggest Health Experiment…Ever

BREAKING VACCINE NEWS! Click to View for FREE –> https://at119.isrefer.com/go/vr/vaccinetruth/ I Bet a lot of folks at the CDC are getting VERY nervous… Wait until you see tonight’s Vaccines Revealed Episode 3! You are going to be an insider, and see what Robert Kennedy Jr. has shared with President Elect Trump. It’s the single most […]


Why a pandemic flu shot caused narcolepsy

The 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic left a troubling legacy in Europe: More than 1300 people who received a vaccine to prevent the flu developed narcolepsy, an incurable, debilitating condition that causes overpowering daytime sleepiness, sometimes accompanied by a sudden muscle weakness in response to strong emotions such as laughter or anger. The manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), has acknowledged the link, and some patients and their families have […]

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BOMBSHELL: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years… researchers stunned

A medical study conducted at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received flu vaccines had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years. Lisa Christian, PhD, the lead researcher on the study, concluded, “Growing evidence shows that those who received a flu shot in the prior year have lower antibody responses in the […]


Pharma-controlled Journal of the American Medical Association waging full-scale attack on Vitamin D in effort to push flu shots for toddlers

A recent headline in the U.K.’s Daily Mail boldly declares, “Vitamin D will NOT protect your child from a cold: Myth-busting study says ‘more isn’t always better’ to help toddlers stay healthy.” This disingenuous headline infers that vitamin D has no protective effect against colds and flu. In fact, the study it goes on to cite, published in the Journal of […]


President Donald Trump has never had the flu shot… and never got the flu, either – coincidence?

President Donald Trump says, “I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body, which is basically what they do.” If you don’t know it by now, most people who get the flu are those injected with the flu vaccine, year after year after year. The influenza vaccine insert tells you in plain […]


Never get the flu shot! Use these safer and more effective alternatives instead

Every year around fall, an army of pharmacists and physicians, backed-up by the government and media, goes on a mission to inoculate as many people as possible with the seasonal flu or influenza shot. While they claim that those who refuse the flu shot are putting their own health and that of others at risk, […]

22,000 Nurses Refuse *Mandatory* Vaccinations

22,000 Nurses Refuse *Mandatory* Vaccinations

Dr. C Says: “Never get a flu shot…. Do your own research, don’t just take my word for it. I am very proud of all of these nurses! Stand up for yourselves and your rights! In turn you are setting the bar and helping everyone.”   If you are a nurse in the US and […]

What The Flu Shot Can Do To Your Brain

What The Flu Shot Can Do To Your Brain

Depending on where you live it’s probably flu season — that time of year when you are most likely to get the flu. It can start as early as October and end as late as May, but the peak occurs from December through February. There’s no agreement on exactly why flu season occurs when it does. The usual […]

Are you getting an annual flu jab? Why you may want to reconsider!!! The truth about vaccines…..

Are you getting an annual flu jab? Why you may want to reconsider!!! The truth about vaccines…..

I intended to sit and pull a few blogs together tonight, as I often do, to educate as many as possible as to what is really going on. Vaccines became priority. I was a little overwhelmed because generally I just get a ‘gut feeling’ or a knowing about something and only later is evidence provided, […]