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FBI agent who found Hillary’s emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop says he was threatened with prosecution and told to cover it up

We’ve heard for years that Bill and Hillary Clinton ‘have something’ on members of the deep state — people in the military-industrial complex, in the garbage...

California wildfires are causing unprecedented levels of air pollution

With historic wildfires still blazing through the West Coast, smoke continues to clog the air and tinge the skies with eerie reds and oranges. In some regions...

Likely TIMELINE of events to take place from Sep. 20 to Jan. 20, covering vaccines, SCOTUS, Election Day, markets, terrorism and insurrection

What follows is a likely timeline of events to take place between now (Sep. 20, 2020) and Jan 20, 2021. Due to the extreme volatility of current events,...

Poll: Britons Would “Go To Prison Before Being Injected”

The corona-driven Technocrat coup d’etat is at risk of collapse as masses of people around the world are rejecting the notion of mandated vaccines. In...

Is Your Drinking Water Toxic? This App May Help You Find Out

A new tool developed by Penn Medicine researchers informs users about their potential exposure to hydraulic fracturing chemicals Exposure to hydraulic...

Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates both have ties to COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Moderna

On the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, USA Today published a fake news article claiming that Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and...


What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

By Paul Lenda Your mind is like a garden. Flowers won’t bloom if you feed it mental poison. What are you feeding your mind? All sensory input we receive affects us, from major to minor ways. Everything from the music we listen to, to the clothes we wear, to the food...

Camu Camu: The Next Great Superfood

Camu Camu: The Next Great Superfood

By Dr. Edward F. Group Camu camu (Myrciaria dubia) is a beautiful, fruit-bearing plant native to the flooded areas of the Amazon rainforests. This is a superfruit you should know about! The round, plum-sized fruits contain more vitamin C than oranges and lemons,...

Stress From COVID Lockdown May Be Hard To Beat Even With Exercise

Stress From COVID Lockdown May Be Hard To Beat Even With Exercise

Exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, but it may not be enough for the levels caused by COVID-19. In a study of twins led by Washington State University researchers, people who reported increasing their physical activity after the start of COVID-19...


Frankenbeasts: Scientists Create GMO Animals To Boost Food Production

Frankenbeasts: Scientists Create GMO Animals To Boost Food Production

The same Technocrat crowd that is trying to destroy the red meat industry, is now creating GMO animals to produce more meat. More appropriately their creations could be called Frankenbeasts because nobody can predict the ultimate outcomes. ⁃ Technocracy News &...

“Rule By Experts” Is Tyranny Shrouded In Science

“Rule By Experts” Is Tyranny Shrouded In Science

"You don’t need a mask.” “Everyone needs to wear a mask.” “Asymptomatic spreaders are the real problem.” “No wait, it doesn’t look like asymptomatic carriers are spreading it.” “Coronavirus will spread at protests… unless they’re protests over the death of George...




‘Cuties’ just the tip of the child exploitation iceberg

‘Cuties’ just the tip of the child exploitation iceberg

Suddenly, everybody hates Netflix. And for a righteous reason. The mega-streaming service brought a French movie to our television screens called “Cuties,” about an 11-year old Muslim girl who defies her strict culture by joining with classmates to enter a “twerking”...

Youth Suicides Soar 57% In Past Decade: Is Social Media To Blame?

Youth Suicides Soar 57% In Past Decade: Is Social Media To Blame?

By Tyler Durden The suicide rate among Americans ages 10 to 24 increased by 57% between 2007 and 2018, data published Thursday from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) shows. New concerns are mounting that social media could be contributing to the wave of...



Proof that 5G is making us all sick

Proof that 5G is making us all sick 5G is coming faster than you can blink, and it will change the way the world connects to the internet. While this may seem like an incredible advancement in technology, some people are claiming that 5G is making them...

The Impact Of 5G On The Environment And Wildlife

The Impact Of 5G On The Environment And Wildlife

What kind of impact will 5G have on the environment and wildlife? Derrick Broze takes a look at some of the research and warnings recently issued, even from NASA and NOAA. To watch the full film visit: Derrick is the...

Climate Change Hoax

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