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Keep your kitchen safe and avoid these toxic cookware materials

Cooking at home is so much healthier than dining or ordering out. But there’s one way you could be sabotaging your health without even realizing it: by using...

Alabama joins 9 other states in supporting Florida’s “free speech law” protecting against Big Tech censorship

Alabama has just joined nine other states that are fighting against Big Tech and supporting Florida’s “free speech law.” Under Florida SB 7072, Floridians are...

Immunization expert: ‘Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others’

World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne yesterday said that all...

More than 5% of cancer patients developed no antibodies weeks after receiving coronavirus vaccines

Divina Ramirez Seven out of 131 cancer patients developed no protective antibodies at all against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) weeks after being given a...

What Are the Benefits of Yellow Dock Root?

By Dr. Edward F. Group Traditionally, yellow dock root has been thought to be a blood purifier and general detoxifier, especially for the liver. The herb,...

Vaccines In Your Salad? Scientists Growing Medicine-Filled Plants To Replace Injections

By Chris Malore RIVERSIDE, Calif. —Vaccinations can be a controversial subject for many people, especially when it comes to injections. So what if you could...



Attend NY Teachers For Choice Protest 9/13

Attend NY Teachers For Choice Protest 9/13

Watch Michael Kane of Teachers For Choice promote August 25 protest in NYC. Kane explained that the protests are not “anti-vaxx”. They are pro choice. That’s why many people who got the shots support the rallies. If you have never been to a rally/protest, the...

New report highlights threat of government-led internet shutdowns

New report highlights threat of government-led internet shutdowns

Governments worldwide have shut down access to the internet at least 850 times, with a staggering 90 percent of those shutdowns taking place over the last five years, according to a new report out Wednesday, Sept. 1. The groups behind the report – digital rights...


New York abolishes religious exemption for covid vaccine mandate

New York abolishes religious exemption for covid vaccine mandate

IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE! - Dr. Coldwell Health care workers all across New York State who would rather not get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) no longer have the option to obtain a religious exemption from the state’s mandate. The board of the New...



5 Skills That Help Teach Kids Self-Reliance

5 Skills That Help Teach Kids Self-Reliance

By Sara Tipton Teaching critical life skills to kids early on will instill responsibility and give them the skills they need to move into adulthood more fluidly.  Having self-sufficient kids is more than just teaching them life skills. It’s also about nurturing...

The Reality Of Emergency Medical Preparedness From A Former Combat Medic

The Reality Of Emergency Medical Preparedness From A Former Combat Medic

By Selco Begovic The reality of medical preparedness is that people often waste a lot of money on things that they don’t need or do not know how to use.  The purpose of this article is not to reduce the importance or quality of the previous article about stocking up...


Kefir: The Ancient Fermented Milk Beverage

Kefir: The Ancient Fermented Milk Beverage

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that has mythical origins deep in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia.1 The name itself is Russian in origin, and means “pleasure drink.” To create the drink, kefir grains, a...

Living the Life You Always Dreamed of Living

Living the Life You Always Dreamed of Living

Whatever you stay focused on long enough you create in your life through experiences. As you keep the mind focusing on positives, mastering gratitude and the emotions focusing on high self-belief and appreciation, you create a deeper sense of peace, joy and love in...


5G Life Experiment

5G Life Experiment

Dear friends, this short life video from 2008 shows how they are experimenting with 5G to kill humanity works in 2008 already – unfortunately all the involuntary participant died a sudden death as you can see in the video… we have known that so far and I have posted...

A step in the right direction: Kalamata City Council blocks 5G pilot program because of health risks

A step in the right direction: Kalamata City Council blocks 5G pilot program because of health risks

One city that is taking an appropriately cautious stance when it comes to 5G is Kalamata, Greece, whose city council made the decision to block further development on the 5G network that was being piloted in the city.

The move came following a meeting in which the council determined that the radiation from the upgrade to the mobile network was dangerous. Most of the councilors voted in favor of bringing testing of the risky technology to a halt. Kalamata would have been the first city in Greece to have a 5G network, but the councilors said they felt the network should only be operating in their city when the corresponding networks are put in place throughout the rest of Greece. In other words, they do not want to allow 5G in their city while it is still in the experimental stage.

A text that was read by city council representatives labeled the radiation from 5G as well as 2G, 3G and 4G as “dangerous.” The decision to stop the program came down in a 16-to-13 vote following three hours of debate. Citizens cheered the decision, saying that they considered it a victory. However, the telecommunications firm behind the pilot program, Wind, said that it was disappointed and claimed that “technophobia and digital illiteracy threatened to take us back decades.”

During the meeting, discussions focused on the dangers that applying high levels of radiation pose to the health of local people, as well as its potential to cause infertility. Some reports said that many local people felt they were being used as guinea pigs in a 5G experiment that could leave them with serious health issues in the future, including sterility.

Other cities approaching 5G with caution
The citizens of Kalamata are not the only ones who are taking a stance against 5G. One of the most high-profile cities that is expressing extreme caution on the 5G front is Brussels. The Belgian capital has said that there needs to be a wider debate about 5G before it is fully rolled out there.

The minister-president of the city’s regional government, Rudi Vervoort, said that public concerns about the health impact of 5G networks mean that interest groups and politicians need to convince residents that the technology is beneficial. He said that while they were not necessarily against testing zones in places like the airport, they believe more discussion is needed before any type of serious rollout takes place.

The government of Brussels had previously blocked a large-scale rollout of 5G networks over health concerns, and lawmakers in the region have put strict radiation limits in place that telecommunication operators say will make it impossible for them to roll out 5G there.

“Public opinion, whether we want it or not, is also an actor in the development of this project,” Vervoort said. “It [the deployment of 5G] cannot happen behind the back of the citizens.”

The city council of Los Altos, California, meanwhile, has denied appeals by AT&T and Verizon to install 13 small cell node sites across town. The city was particularly concerned about keeping 5G away from residential zones and schools. States like Oregon and Louisiana have passed bills that require investigations into 5G technology; Oregon is also calling for a review of the health effects of exposure to wireless in schools on children.

With so many experts voicing concerns about the safety of 5G, councils like those of Kalamata, Los Altos and other areas should be commended for proceeding with caution and protecting their citizens.

Sources for this article include:

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5G and 4G both linked to cell and tissue damage, DNA destruction

5G and 4G both linked to cell and tissue damage, DNA destruction

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has released a report outlining the risks and dangers posed by both 5G and 4G wireless technologies, which are linked to acute and persistent oxidative stress in the body. Prolonged exposure to 5G and 4G radiation can result in...

Climate Change Hoax

Allergies or Chemical Toxin Reaction?

Allergies or Chemical Toxin Reaction?

The west is on fire. The air is terrible. How are you feeling? Just a heads up.............. If you are out west and having "allergy" like issues, watery eyes, stuffy runny nose, headache, its likely not allergies but chemical sensitivity. There are so many fires...

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