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Nutrition for lovely locks: Make your hair thicker naturally

Maintaining hair health goes beyond just using natural hair products — although those can be helpful, too. If you want to keep your hair thick and shiny naturally, follow a healthy diet and avoid using shampoos and conditioners that contain harmful chemicals. Hair health basics According to Andi Scarborough, stylist and co-owner of Framed salon in Santa […]


Protein Alternatives: 15 options for non-meat eaters

Not everyone is a meat eater, but everyone needs protein. Every single cell in the body contains protein and the body needs the macronutrient to repair and replenish all cells. Hair, skin, muscles, and nails are all made of this necessary component. It is a source the body needs for blood health and for its […]


What Are The Differences Between Meat, Soy, Whey, Dairy, Hemp and Other Proteins?

By Natasha Longo There’s so much hype around getting enough protein that few of us stop and think about what type of protein we’re ingesting and the differences that exist between different proteins. What’s the difference between animal and vegetable protein? Which has more usable protein? Which is more efficient or healthier and does it […]


The unique complex of protein and fats found in human breast milk KILLS over 40 types of cancer

Conventional cancer treatments like chemo and radiation therapy are known for causing an array of undesirable health effects. Even so, the cancer industry continues to parade their flagship products as the end-all be-all of cancer treatment. But many people believe that medicine shouldn’t hurt. Perhaps that’s why scientists continue to look for other, less damaging […]

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Interested In Muscle? Eat Whole Eggs Rather Than Egg Whites

By Natasha Longo Egg yolks contain over 80 percent of the overall vitamins and minerals that can be found within the egg as a whole. The yolk also contains enzymes which help the body absorb the protein in the white. People who consume protein from whole eggs or from egg whites after engaging in exercise differ […]

10 Reasons Why Chia Seed is The Healthiest Food in The world

10 Reasons Why Chia Seed is The Healthiest Food in The world

Chia seeds are among the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet. They are full of nutrients that can have significant benefits on your body and brain. We present 10 healthcare benefits of chia seeds, which are supported and proven in scientific studies. 1. Regulates blood sugar The gelatin casing that chia seeds create […]

JELL-O No! Why This dessert is anything but healthy

JELL-O No! Why This dessert is anything but healthy

Jell-O It’s colorful, wiggly and fun. It is one of the most versitile creative foods on the market. You can make jell-o molds, jell-o shots, jell-o gigglers, parfaits, mix flavors, colors, it is essentially a fruit party in a box. Jell-o has been a favorite of kids and adults alike since the brand was founded […]

Top 5 sources of plant protein

Top 5 sources of plant protein

Good quality sources of protein are widely available, and many of them come from outside the animal kingdom. It’s time to identify the top sources of highly digestible plant protein with the most benefits for your health. Chlorella Chlorella is garnering more and more attention as a superlative superfood that delivers a wide array of […]

Soylent Green: Company Wants You to EAT Your Favorite Celebrity

Soylent Green: Company Wants You to EAT Your Favorite Celebrity

A company is aiming to take advantage of the mindless celebrity worship culture by planning to feed fanatics their favorite celebrities. Hundreds of people are petitioning celebrities to donate tissue samples to, a company that says it will produce “artisanal salami” from celebrity tissue samples for human consumption. “How do you connect with celebrities?” […]

Cancer - The Forbidden Cures

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

Imagine a commercial plane crashed and there were some fatalities involved. You can be sure that would make the headline of every major newspaper. Well, we have the equivalent of 8-10 planes crashing EVERY DAY with everyone on board dying from cancer. Nearly two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year—one person out of […]