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Geoengineering science: Aerosols impact cloud formation and weather; atmospheric scientists document the effects

Local efforts to reduce air pollution may not be enough to eliminate the possibility of severe weather conditions because of widespread aerosol use, according to new research. To be more specific, aerosols that have been released into the atmosphere can affect cloud formations and even influence weather patterns, according to researchers from the University of Arizona and Texas A&M University. […]


Hurricane warnings wildly exaggerated by NOAA to terrorize Americans about climate change

When Matt Drudge, founder of the popular Drudge Report news headline aggregation site, tweeted out recently that the federal government’s preeminent weather agency might be just a bit politicized under the policy direction of President Obama, the “scientific” media went ballistic. Guess Drudge must have hit a nerve or something. As Hurricane Matthew was battering […]


CLIMATE CHANGE IS THE NEW REEFER MADNESS: Hollywood sci-fi filmmakers tapped to dramatize fictional climate change to scare everybody into voting for climate totalitarians

I’m almost rolling with laughter watching all this unfold: Because democrats refuse to face the real threats facing America — Islamic terrorism, debt spending, illegal immigration and job-crushing federal mandates like Obamacare — they have to invent their own fake emergencies to try to win the votes of people who don’t have any clue about […]

HAARP Scheduled To Be Shut Down By US Military

HAARP Scheduled To Be Shut Down By US Military

What might be considered a conspiracy theory to many might not be so farfetched. Especially when the president of a country and such a well known political figure makes such a shocking comment, like the former president of Venezuela  (Hugo Chavez) who claimed that The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was  used as […]

22 Signs That Global Weather Patterns Are Going Absolutely Crazy

22 Signs That Global Weather Patterns Are Going Absolutely Crazy

Global weather patterns seem to get stranger and stranger with each passing year.  Almost every day now, the news is telling us about some bizarre weather event that hasn’t happened “in 100 years” going on in some area of the globe.  All over the planet, we are seeing torrential rainfalls, unprecedented flooding, extreme drought, nightmarish […]

The Father Of Weaponized Weather

The Father Of Weaponized Weather

Ben Livingston on how the US government has manipulated the environment for over four decades.