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2 Remedies for a Chaotic Mind

chaotic mind

We certainly live in unusual times, don’t we?

When the news headlines are filled with fear and uncertainty, it’s easy to be thrown off keel and get stuck in our heads. But the elders have taught for thousands of years that personal evolution doesn’t occur without a little ruckus, just like new seeds won’t sprout unless the soil is churned.

There are many real challenges in the world, and as we try to wrap our heads around them, it’s important that we remember to do so with mindfulness and compassion.

We’re all born into this world vulnerable and pure, completely reliant on the kindness of others. By remaining present, we begin to see this humanity in everyone, whether they are the perceived “good guys” or “bad guys”.

A great place to look for inspiration is our children. A child doesn’t recoil in the face of challenge. No, they are perpetually curious, resilient as warriors, and in a constant state of play. We grown-ups somehow lose that superpower as we get older and the perceived stakes of our actions get higher. But luckily for us all, there are a number of ways to shake off the illusion and get ourselves back into a harmonious state of life flow.

I’ve prescribed a couple of practices below that have really helped me quiet my mind and stay grounded, happy, and connected to purpose lately. I hope they help you too!

Sacred Prescription #1

This first one might seem downright crazy. You’ve probably never heard of it before, so get ready for your mind to be blown… Meditation!!!

Okay, maybe you’ve heard of it before…

In our seemingly busy lives, there’s a compulsion to stay on the move, make every second count, burn the midnight oil, and then crash at the end of the day. Some might even say that this fire-drill consciousness is at the root of the imbalances we are seeing in the world, and also within our selves.

What happens if we carve out a little time each day to sit and experience the very moment we are in, instead of the road ahead or the rear-view past? In the digital age of speedy information and mini adrenaline rushes, we need something to bring us back into our bodies and help us see our reality for what it truly is.

A close friend and I are in the middle of a meditation challenge right now and it has been extremely helpful over the past month. It’s gotten to the point where I look forward to my 1PM meditation every day.

If you start with just ten minutes each day of quieting the mind in a wakeful state, I can almost guarantee that new openings and releases of tension will happen for you.

Sacred Prescription #2

When our reality gets a little hazy now and again, there are certain “medicine questions” we can ask ourselves that have the power to pull enlightened answers from somewhere within our psyche.

When you’re doing the work, these can be extremely helpful to have in your back pocket. Below are two of my go-to questions, but there are a number of them!

Medicine Question 1:

What is the one conversation that you’ve been putting off having with a friend or loved one?

It’s tempting to get caught up in all the flashy happenings on the world stage, but what about the people right in your own life? This is where you have the most influence and it’s often not a place of focus (ie. texting at the dinner table).

We humans are mirrors for one another and any relationships that are out of whack are often a useful reflection of inner imbalances that we have with ourselves. One of the fastest ways to heal your life is to reach out consciously and resolve any conflict, however subtle or obvious, that you might have with someone dear to you.

Just like a newborn baby cannot survive without the warm touch of another, we “grown-ups” tend to slip into imbalance when a connection to a member of our tribe is languishing.

Medicine Question 2:

When was the last time you put yourself outside your comfort zone?

Are you cozy in the life and role you’ve created for yourself? Is that coziness serving your highest ideals? We humans like predictability and pattern, but you would be surprised at how therapeutic a little shakeup can be.

Rituals like a sweat lodge, temascal, vision quest, and the various sacred plant ceremonies are all aimed at bringing an individual to their limit, for what reason? To remind them they are limitless.

Limitlessness is a nice term, but to understand it fully you must be willing to go outside your comfort zone. If you’re looking for a powerful way to expand your limits while enhancing your relationships, refer to Medicine Question #1 ?

Have a wonderful week and remember, we’re all in this thing together.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Founder of The Sacred Science

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About the author:

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and editing feature length documentaries about natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Nick’s current role as director of The Sacred Science documentary and author of “The Sacred Science: An Ancient Healing Path For The Modern World” stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and rituals of the indigenous peoples of the world.

For more, visit (where this article first appeared.)

How To Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle Over The Holidays

holidaysWhen you’ve made the decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle, eating at the family dinner table may become a challenge. Especially when the holidays roll around, when so much of the food centers on sweet treats, pastries, and other goodies filled with the toxic, addictive sugar you’ve worked so hard to avoid.

Last year, you may have been swayed by “just one bite won’t hurt.” This year, if you’ve been solid for a while, you may be more determined not to fall off that wagon for even a crumb.

During Christmas time, it may be easy to ignore tables full of tempting treats. But then your mom hands you a bowl of your favorite Chex party mix and you recall that nobody else knows you’ve adopted a new food-based lifestyle.

They’re going to expect you to eat with them, and chow down on snacks while everybody watches Elf together.

Rather than wandering into an awkward situation unprepared, think about what you’re going to say to your family this Christmas. Be ready for their responses, and have a plan for what you’ll do if you feel tempted to dump your commitment to make others feel more comfortable.

Let people think you’re weird

It’s hard enough to say no to a third helping of mashed potatoes when your Grandma holds a full scoop over your plate. Saying no to everything on the Christmas dinner table is probably going to invite some backlash.

Who in their right mind would go on a diet over the holidays? Don’t normal people suspend their diet to stuff themselves full of yummy food for just a little while?

You can let people think you’re weird. In fact, show up to the gathering a little on the weird side to give people the impression you aren’t taking life all that seriously. Wear a funny hat or a Christmas suit decked out in bright, colorful Christmas icons to make it easier to break the ice.

Since food is the centerpiece of American family gatherings, rejecting any of the lovely grub that’s placed before you will drive people to ask questions. When you express your commitment to health, others in attendance who choose to feast might take it as a personal insult.

Someone could interpret your explanation as an indirect way of saying they’re unhealthy. But if you give them some visual cues that you’re not dead serious about everything, they’ll be more likely not to take your comments to heart.

Don’t offer specific explanations unless asked

It’s essential to be polite when you explain why you’re opting out of the traditional meal. For example, it’s probably not a good idea to say you’re passing on the glorious buffet your family spent the day cooking because it’s full of pesticides and toxic ingredients.

It might be better to tell everyone you’ve made a change in the way you eat based on your body’s specific requirements. If they don’t push you hard for nutritional specifics, you can avoid getting into that discussion.

Bring your own food with extra portions to share

Most people will regard it as weird when you bring your own food to Christmas dinner if the occasion is not a potluck, but when you bring enough for everyone to sample, they’re more likely to see you as thoughtful. Some might be stuck on traditional favorites like cranberry sauce and candied yams, but others might want to try something new.

If you’re on the ketogenic diet, for example, cauliflower is a great substitute for mashed potatoes. Mixed with heavy cream and topped with cheddar cheese, it’s a dish most people will enjoy.

You can also make pasta dishes with shirataki pasta, which has zero calories because it’s essentially all fiber. Make deviled eggs and separate some for yourself made with only mustard, no mayo.

Make your own unsweetened whipped cream, or stevia-sweetened whipped cream. If you can’t take your coffee without cream, bring a pint of heavy whipping cream. You may want to bring two pints. If someone breaks out the Kahlúa, they’ll be eyeing your heavy cream.

Understand why people want you to eat

The best advice for surviving the holidays comes from bloggers who have adopted a specific dietary lifestyle such as keto, paleo, or South Beach, and so on. These Paleo Holiday Survival Strategies, for example, offer sound advice for how to participate in the festivities without alienating yourself.

The guide explains that people who push food on you are attempting to gain your approval. They equate your acceptance of their food with your acceptance of them. You probably can’t convince them otherwise, so it’s best to avoid getting into specifics about nutrition with food pushers.

Don’t cheat if you didn’t plan on it

You don’t have to cheat just because everyone else does. If you’re going to violate your diet, plan on doing it ahead of time and be willing to accept the consequences.

For the best response, be simple in your explanations and focus on connecting with your family.

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“Explosive” documents detail Monsanto’s crimes against humanity across European countries

MonsantoDo a Google search on the world’s most evil corporations, and agri giant Monsanto is guaranteed to appear all over the first page. Despite the billions the company has spent over the years in lobbying Washington, “fixing” scientific studies proving the danger of its products, and basically doing whatever it takes to fool the public, Monsanto is now in serious trouble, and people around the globe are waking up to just how corrupt, evil and power hungry this behemoth truly is.

In the latest blow to the company, American lawyers have announced to a European Parliamentary special committee that they are in possession of “explosive” documents regarding Monsanto’s affairs in both the United States and Europe.

And the hits keep coming …

Monsanto is famous for its role in the evolution of genetic modification of crops in the United States. Its genetically modified seeds and compatible herbicides – particularly the now infamous glyphosate-based Roundup – have established it as an international agricultural powerhouse. For years, the agri giant appeared untouchable, destroying people’s lives with its toxic products apparently without consequence.

The independent media and groups like the Organic Consumers Association fought for more than two decades to reveal the true extent of Monsanto’s evil to the world and to hold the company accountable for its actions around the globe.

Then, in March 2015, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced the result of its examination of five organophosphate pesticides, including glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide product. Since many other supposedly independent studies had claimed that glyphosate was not dangerous to humans, the IARC’s study caused shockwaves around the globe.

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The IARC’s report stated:

For the herbicide glyphosate, there was limited evidence of carcinogenicity in humans for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The evidence in humans is from studies of exposures, mostly agricultural, in the USA, Canada, and Sweden published since 2001. In addition, there is convincing evidence that glyphosate also can cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Almost immediately, Monsanto became the target of over 5,000 lawsuits by farmers and others who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma as the result of their use of Roundup. (Related: Thousands of people now have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to glyphosate exposure, warns legal firm that’s suing Monsanto.)

And the lawsuits have been successful. In August, Monsanto was ordered to pay a former school groundskeeper from San Francisco $289 million, after the court found that years of using the company’s Roundup product contributed to the development of the cancer that the man is now dying from.

“What we have is the tip of the iceberg,” U.S. lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr. told Euro News. “And in fact we have documents now in our possession, several hundreds of documents, that have not been declassified and some of those are explosive.” These documents, Kennedy claims, “are pertinent to what Monsanto did here in Europe. And that’s just the beginning.”

Since the court’s verdict, the number of lawsuits filed against Monsanto has increased to 8,000.

The court’s finding comes at a dangerous time for Monsanto and its new owner Bayer. Roundup’s registration in the European Union (EU) was only increased by five years to 2022, instead of the 15 years it was previously granted. And the EU is considering revoking the license as early as later this year.

Interestingly, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined back in 1985 that glyphosate was carcinogenic (cancer-causing), but then mysteriously reversed its position in 1991. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, the EPA continues to insist that glyphosate is unlikely to cause cancer. The state of California has added glyphosate to its Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to be cancer-causing. (Related: EPA hid truth about glyphosate and cancer for decades to protect Monsanto’s corporate profits.)

One wonders: How much more evidence does the U.S. government need before it finally acknowledges that Roundup – and its manufacturer, Monsanto – is evil?

Discover the truth at

Sources for this article include:[PDF]

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hand writingIn the day and age where conversations and communications have switched mainly from paper to on screen-based technology and our children in some schools are no longer even being taught the art of writing in cursive script.

Text-based conversations and a fast-paced world are leading to more and more shortened and abbreviated terms to the point where your average adult cannot even understand readily what kids are talking about. And worse, not only are they typing these acronyms they are starting to speak in chat lingo. We are sliding backwards in our grasp of the English language and also in face-to-face communication ability. Handwriting quality, even for those of us who learned painstakingly how to write in cursive, is going massively downhill as most of our communication is now typed.

People who were born after 1980 seem to have a distinct slightly sloppy style that looks a bit childish; it’s a mix of cursive and penmanship. It was in the early 80’s when the school system became more lax – just as the personal computer began to emerge in the classroom.

Even so far back as the 1920’s educators had theorized that kids learned to read by looking at books which were printed, not written and they should learn to write the same way. Over the decades handwriting classes and the attention given to such have decreased and in some cases disappeared altogether.

In 2002 the No Child Left Behind Act was enacted. While they meant well, it has backfired badly passing kids through who aren’t ready and are uneducated just because they could fill in the circles and pass the tests. If something isn’t on a test, it is now considered a luxury  – handwriting, music, art all of these fall into this category despite the fact that they are amazingly helpful in the developmental growth of our youth.

What does this mean for our future and how does this relate to health? What if “the grid” went down, we had no more Internet, and we all had to write by hand? Could we? How many of us have handwriting that can be understood by most? That number is fading and will continue to fade unless something is done.

Healthwise physically writing is an important tool. It allows us to express our feelings, emotions and deepest thoughts. Writing is magical. Typing is not. It does not have the same effect vibrationally.

Quick physics lesson – We have been taught in school in science classes that everything is matter. And that matter is made up of the smallest molecules – atoms. Well, it has been found in recent years that there is indeed something even smaller than the atom. Vibrational Energy. Everything we see or touch is made of vibrating energy particles. And all things and creatures and thoughts vibrate at a slightly different level. It’s what makes a desk a desk and a pen a pen, though they are made of the same thing, they vibrate at a different frequency and because of this are seen as different items. Along with this same theory, the act of writing itself, the written word on paper – each word has an associated vibration. Each stroke means something. Because of this writing is special and certainly, we all know the written word can be very powerful. Look at all of the great speeches and books through the centuries. We have fought to preserve them for future generations.

On a more personal level, Writing Therapy has been around since the 1970’s. Most people are not aware of the therapeutic results writing or “journaling” can have. Writing Therapy has been proven to relieve: abuse, disease, asthma, depression, arthritis, disorders and even trauma. It has also been proven to bring a positive change with heart rate, the immune system function, blood pressure, stress relief, infection and disease. It allows the author to gain control of their feelings and their life.

So where are we headed in a world without cursive writing? It stands to reason that with our lack of use and practice of the written form, that writing altogether may go the way of the Dodo bird with typing and texting taking over as the only forms of utilized communication.

What can you do? We all need to use computers for work. They make our lives faster and easier. But try handwriting occasionally whether it’s for something as simple as a to-do list or writing someone a letter. The more you write, the better your writing looks stylistically. If you have kids, take the time to teach them cursive and encourage them to practice regardless of what their school has in the curriculum.

It has long been held standard that “Eloquence of speech equals eloquence of mind”.

Those who can express themselves easily and with style are held in society as more intelligent regardless of actual intellect. So give yourself and your children a hand up. Writing needs to make a come back for an array of reasons. And it can only happen one person and one family at a time.

Author: Sarah Barendse

Originally posted:

The Body’s Natural State is Health, Not Disease, as We’ve Been Led to Believe

healthBy Marco Torres

There is a reason for every disease state. It is the body’s attempt at restoring balance. A healthy body is incapable of maintaining a state of one disease and healing another. The body heals holistically, and the processes that create each disease affect the body as a whole.

From the time we are conceived until the time we die, the cells in our bodies are endlessly working to maintain a natural state of homeostasis or equilibrium. When we turn to medicine or medical technology to manipulate our own body systems to heal us, we are really only facilitating our natural ability to heal from within. A diseased body is no coincidence and the natural state of every human being is health, not disease.

The duress of disease can influence our ability not only to deal with the pain but also to express it. In specific states of disease, some people cannot help but wonder if their body is working to maintain its natural state of health.

Our disease care industry doesn’t go vary far to help our cause either. From the time we are born, until the time we die, from the very first vaccine to the very last dosage of medication on our deathbeds (and everything in between), we have been conditioned to accept that external factors and disease treatments are what can help control our pain and suffering. 

We’ve also been conditioned to believe that many diseases cannot be reversed when in fact they can — and without drugs.

Preventable illness makes up approximately 80% percent of the burden of illness and 90% of all healthcare costs, however our focus is too often addressing symptoms instead of causes.

Each one of our cells is in a type of fluid matrix which is a dynamic and living unit that is constantly monitoring and adjusting its own processes, and always working to restore itself to the original DNA code it was born with, to maintain balance within the body.

Cells have the ability to heal themselves, as well as make new cells that replace those that have been permanently damaged or destroyed. Your body is fully equipped to heal everything from a cut on your hand to cancer in your colon and everything in between. That is, as long as there is no interference. Even when a large number of cells is destroyed — something that happens almost daily within our bodies — the surrounding cells replicate to make new cells, thereby replacing almost immediately the cells that were destroyed.

When a bleeding injury occurs from a small cut anywhere in our bodies, blood vessels at the site contract to slow the bleeding. Now, once you stop the bleeding and move past the pain, what do you do to cause that little cut to heal? You may cover it with a bandage to keep it clean but does the bandage heal the cut? No, the cut will heal with or without a bandage. Next, blood platelets begin forming a blood clot where the injury is located.  In fact, that little cut set into motion a cascade of over 20 microscopic, biochemical reactions.

Populations worldwide are finally coming to the realization that contracting disease is avoidable, and within our control. Whether it’s the common cold, or something more serious such as heart disease or cancer, have to against our body to get these illnesses.

It’s perfectly normal and natural to have a population of mutant cells. The human body has 75 trillion cells. We have over 200 different types of cells in the human body. Some 230,000 cells are created every second, almost 20 billion per day. The average person has about 1100 mutant cells daily. The difference between these mutant cells running an imbalanced path of destruction leading to disease, or one leading to balance is entirely dependent on our immune system. The immune system fails to heal us when homeostatic balance is disturbed and the model is unbalanced. 

Either way we are always in control of our body. To live in a human body, we must have access to a certain amount of life-sustaining energy. We may either use this inherent energy in a nourishing and self-sustaining, or in a destructive and debilitating way. In case we consciously or unconsciously choose negligence or self-abuse over loving attention and self-respect, our body will likely end up having to fight for its life. 

Disease is but one of the many ways the body tries to change the way we see and treat ourself, including our body. Leading healthy lifestyles and consuming healthful (as opposed to toxic) diets, will go a very long way in keeping us healthy, whether we are young or older.

The only way to really bring the body out of a diseased state is to stop doing all the things that cause disease and begin rebuilding the immune system. Only then will you not only get rid of one disease state, but you will be rid of them all.

The immune system is activated by oxidative stress to kill the harmful invading organisms and also kills and dissolves damaged cells that cannot be repaired. Too many oxidants in the cells or blood causes damage and aging to all tissues. An imbalance different oxidants can cause the immune system to attack healthy cells, inflame tissues and slows down the healing process. Too few oxidants will remove the red flags and allow damaged, infected and malfunctioning cells (those that should be flagged and destroyed by the immune system) to thrive, divide and spread the damage.

Supplement the raw materials the body needs to support the immune system including raw, green vegetables, juices and herbs, as well as anti-oxidants and vitamin supplements from reputable sources.

Whether you believe your body is in a state of health or disease, you will be right in the long-term. We must recognize the symptoms of imbalance and dysfunction within ourselves before they even have a chance to produce disease. So bring attention to a state of health, not disease and your body will respond, always.

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A proper detox can reset your hormones and get your health back on track

detoxDetoxifying the body involves minimizing incoming toxins and helping the body more efficiently remove chemicals, hormones, toxicants, and other environmental compounds. The main body organ that benefits during a detox is the liver. A detox helps remove substances that stress the organ and provide it with the best nutrients for it to function effectively.

There are a lot of harmful substances that directly or indirectly affect the body and harm health. These include substances that people are exposed to, such as air pollutants; industrial waste and car fumes; food preservatives, additives, and sweeteners; make-up, hair dyes, perfumes, and cleansing products with harsh chemicals; toxins in household cleaning products; heavy metal corrosion which can go into drinking water; and alcohol, cigarette smoke, and other harmful and addictive substances.

Thankfully, you can “reset” your body and keep it at its optimum health with a detox. For 21 days, detoxify your body by avoiding consumption of alcohol, sugar, caffeine, inflammatory fats, and common food sensitivities like soy, dairy, corn, and grains. These can overwork the liver, disrupt hormones, and keep the body inflamed. Listed below are the foods that you can eat during detoxification.

  • Vegetables – During a detox, consume a minimum of three to six cups of vegetables (e.g. green, leafy and cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower, beets, carrots, garlic, onions, and artichokes) a day.
  • Protein – The liver cannot complete the second phase of detoxification, wherein toxins are excreted, without enough amino acids. To prevent this, eat organic, pasture-raised meats, eggs, and wild-caught fish. For vegans or vegetarians, eat plant foods rich in protein, like organic legumes, nuts, and seeds.
  • Healthy fats – Healthy fats are best in maintaining a well-balanced blood sugar and hormones. These include avocado, cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, olives, and wild-caught fish.
  • Water – The recommended daily water intake is half of your body weight in ounces, but if this seems too much, increase your water consumption by around 20 additional ounces daily during the detox over what you normally consume. If you get tired of drinking water, opt for coconut water or add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to your filtered water.

Five techniques to optimize the body’s detoxification pathways

During the 21-day detox, diet is not the only factor needed to reduce environmental toxins, lessen stress, and support the body’s natural elimination methods. There are several ways to maximize the body’s detoxification process and reset the hormones within 21 days. (Related: 10 easy ways to detox heavy metals from your body.)

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  • Look at the ingredients – The skin serves as the filter of the body and is the largest organ of the body. Detoxify the skin by avoiding the use of skin products that interrupt hormones and increase toxicity.
  • Exercise – The lymphatic system and blood flow are enhanced through moving, and the sweat produced when working out eliminates waste out of the body.
  • Relax – To enable the body to efficiently detoxify, reduce stress with meditation, yin yoga, or deep breathing. Every morning, take five minutes to listen to your breath, body, and thoughts. These will calm the mind and help the lungs release metabolic waste.
  • Journal it – During detox, a way to release your thoughts is to write them down. Keeping a journal can also help you identify toxic relationships and behaviors that you can let out.
  • Get more sleep – During sleep, the brain detoxifies, according to scientists. Enough and good quality sleep can help recover, repair, and restore the body and balance hormones such as melatonin, cortisol, and growth hormones.

If you’d like to read more news stories and studies on how to properly detox, please visit

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LivingFuel TV joins with a massive library of instructional videos on nutrition and healthy living

LivingFuel TVREAL.Video, the new free speech alternative to YouTube, is already attracting a wide range of interesting and informative videos. Started as a response to YouTube’s censorship of natural health and conservative-leaning videos, the site hasn’t been live for long but it’s already showing tremendous promise.

LivingFuel has now added a library of instructional videos to the site on topics like healthy living and nutrition. The popular superfood nutrition company is run by K.C. Craichy, who started the company to help his wife improve her health and well-being without the need for medication. Their supplements make getting proper, high-quality nutrition easy.

As a speaker and health advocate, Craichy often appears on radio and TV programs. On LivingFuel’s channel, you’ll find a series of videos in which Craichy answers questions submitted by viewers about topics in natural health and nutrition.

For example, Part Two of the series clears up some myths about protein intake. He explains how many people overlook the importance of protein and touches upon some of the ways studies have shown that it can improve our health – for example, by helping people to recover from surgery or address kidney problems. He shares his own guidelines about how much protein a person should get according to their lifestyle, weight, and other factors.

In Part Five, he talks about the very important topic of sleep, an aspect of good health that many people tend to discount. As we focus on getting enough exercise and choosing healthy foods, many of us forget that sleep is just as important in determining her overall health.

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He explains that getting the right amount of sleep isn’t enough; it must also be the right kind of sleep if you want to reap its restorative benefits. Craichy explains how even seemingly small amounts of sleep loss can have a big impact on weight loss and mood, and he also talks about sleep’s impact on depression and panic attacks. The video addresses maximizing deep sleep, creating a proper sleep environment, and using the blue light blockers before bedtime.

In Part Seven of the series, he answers a question from a viewer concerned about getting enough fish oil in her diet. In response to her question about whether farm-raised salmonis enough to meet her omega-3 needs, Craichy explains why people need to consume fish with DHA and EPA and how much more difficult this is than most people realize.

Many of the videos also answer questions about specific products offered by LivingFuel. On the channel, you’ll also find information about the company’s superfood products and anniversary messages from satisfied customers. is now up, running, and growing every day is currently functioning in beta mode. Users can now upload and watch videos, and many other useful features will be added soon. The site was started by Mike Adams in response to YouTube’s censorship the entire Natural News channel, with its more than 1000 videos, and its censorship of other sites with similar messages. He built the platform to give people a place to express ideas that can benefit society without worrying about censorship.

New videos are constantly being added, and the site has set its sights big; it was built with the capacity to handle more than 1 billion video views every month. You can check it out at

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One Way To Increase Your Beneficial Bacteria Without Any Food

By Karen Foster

It turns out that exercise can do more than slim down your waistline and boost heart health. It might also make what’s inside your gut healthier, according to a new study by San Francisco State University.

In this first-of-its-kind study, just published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, recent SF State graduate student Ryan Durk and Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Jimmy Bagley partnered with the SF State Health Equity Research (HER) Lab to test the relationship between gut health and cardiovascular fitness.

Durk (who received his master’s degree in kinesiology last December) recruited 20 men and 17 women, mostly from the SF State campus, and tested their cardiovascular fitness on a treadmill. He also assessed their body composition in the lab’s BOD POD, an air displacement chamber that determines a person’s fat and fat-free mass. Participants kept food logs for seven days and provided stool samples at the end of the week. The HER Lab then extracted DNA to analyze the bacteria composition in the samples. The researchers were investigating the ratio of bacteria called firmicutes to another group, bacteroides, which can be used to gauge overall gut health and composition.

Analysis showed that participants with the best cardiovascular fitness had a higher firmicutes to bacteroides ratio. While most gut bacteria can be beneficial (even bacteroides in some cases), firmicutes bacteria are associated with metabolic byproducts that help prevent bacteria in the gut from leaking into the body. “These metabolic byproducts help strengthen the intestinal lining and help prevent leaky gut syndrome,” said Durk. He says this research reinforces the idea of “exercise as medicine.”

“When we say that phrase, we think of it as meaning that exercise will help people stay healthier and live longer. But you don’t think about your gut bacteria,” Durk said. “We now know that exercise is crucial for increasing beneficial bacteria in the gut.”

According to Durk, findings from this study and other studies about the gut microbiome could eventually be used to create individual exercise prescriptions to improve gut — and overall — health. “We’re not there yet,” he said, “but this helps create that foundation.”

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Karen Foster writes for Prevent Disease, where this article first appeared.

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