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MEDICAL SHOCKER: MMR vaccine dangers exposed by FDA study

MMRCare to purposely give your 3-to-4-month-young baby gastrointestinal illness and upper-respiratory distress? Up your chances of sickening your child with these serious health crises by 40 – 60 percent, simply by getting a nurse or doctor to inject the so called “safe and effective” MMR vaccine. Yes, the Measles, Mumps & Rubella shot, or choose any of them separate too, and the results are virtually the same.

This is according to the FDA and a vaccine trial run on American kids. A shockingly high percentage of the children tested suffered extreme illnesses just days and weeks after receiving the same vaccine New York’s Governor (Bill “Adolf” de Blasio) wants to utilize in order to force-vaccinate all the Orthodox Jews (who all know better and opt out using religious exemptions).

The insidious CDC has been fully exposed only thanks to an FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act), and now the MMR may  be considered the 3rd most dangerous vaccine known to mankind, running close behind the deadly HPV vaccine and the infamously defective and mercury-laden flu jab (influenza vaccine).

Del Bigtree exposes the misinformation spewed by the CDC and the Mass Media, as they claim all vaccine safety advocates are “anti-vaxxers”

Out of just over 100 children tested, 64 percent suffered upper respiratory illness from the MMR vaccine within just days or weeks of getting injected with its toxins, including some stranger’s abortion cells that get genetically modified in a lab, monosodium glutamate (yes, MSG), gelatin (from pigs), urea (that’s animal urine), and neomycin – an antibiotic that, when injected, causes adverse events like loss of coordination, decreased urination, hearing problems and trouble walking.

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Out of just over 100 children tested, 43 percent suffered from gastrointestinal illness from the MMR vaccine within just days or weeks of getting injected with its toxins, including chick embryo cell cultures, cow’s blood (bovine serum), recombinant human albumin(that’s genetically mutated human blood cells), and sorbitol – an slick synthetic agent.

We’re talking about babies three to five months of age contracting deadly illnesses due to the MMR vaccine, and then when these babies do die, it’s always blamed on SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or irresponsible parenting. Ever heard of the “Vaccine Queen” in China who poisoned 500,000 children with faulty vaccines?

“Mutated Immunity” exposed as UNSAFE by the FDA

Tell us again please who’s spreading misinformation? There is NOTHING safe and effective about a vaccine that contains that many known neurotoxins and causes rates that high of respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. Imagine if you just take those statistics, which are covered in full by Del Bigtree in the embedded video below, and multiply by a million.

That would translate into injecting 100 million American children with the MMR vaccine, and 40 to 60 percent of them suffering respiratory and gastrointestinal health crises within days and weeks after injection. That’s 40 to 60 million babies getting gravely ill in America by something the CDC and the FDA refer to as “safe and effective.”

Let’s talk about mutated immunity now. Let’s talk about the uncontrollable and unpredictable dangers of injecting three different disease strains at once into an infant. Let’s talk about unsafe and ineffective “preventative medicine” that threatens you and your baby’s life.

And it’s getting worse, folks. Because vaccines are so unsafe and so ineffective, government officials, vaccine industry hacks, and regulatory goons want to create laws to force-inject at gunpoint anyone who disagrees with the false narrative. It’s vaccine mutiny, if you don’t get injected, they scream. Hold down the anti-vaxxers and inject them all so we can save ourselves from the diseases we just got the vaccines for, they dictate.

It’s vaccine violence. It’s vaccine insanity. It’s chemical violence. It’s child abuse. It’s vaccine cannibalism. It’s unsafe and ineffective medicine. Never has any vaccine been proven safe and effective in clinical trials. Just read the vaccine inserts for yourself and you’ll know the truth. This is why the vaccine industry has paid out $4 billion in hush money to vaccine injured families across our nation and gotten away with it. Avoid mutated immunity. It’s just not worth the risk.

Tune in to Vaccines.news for more ways to protect your family from the most insidious FAKE medicine ever created.

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Originally posted: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-04-22-mmr-vaccine-dangers-exposed-by-fda-study.html

FDA inspections reveal that factories in China and India produce CARCINOGEN-TAINTED blood pressure and heart medications

blood pressureA shocking investigation has just revealed serious contamination issues for blood pressure medications made in foreign factories. Drugs made at plants located in China and India are tainted with carcinogenic substances, according to a report from the FDA. Estimates suggest that one out of every three American adults takes a blood pressure medication. How many people will be affected by this recall is currently unknown.

Medications from at least 30 different companies were found to contain excessive amounts of carcinogenic material. The federal agency was forced to put out dozens of recalls for an array of blood pressure medications and other drugs in the last several months due to product contamination.

Of course, the agency isn’t that concerned. While they may have issued a recall on the tainted drugs, the FDA is still encouraging patients who’ve received contaminated medication to continue taking their prescription until their pharmacist gives them an untainted dose, or until they get a different prescription from their doctor.

Tainted drugs take over

As Daily Mail reports, the FDA has identified dozens of generic drugs containing valsartan, irbesartan and losartan that are actually contaminated with carcinogenic compounds. Other angiotensin II receptor blockers and ARB medicines may be contaminated as well.

UPI reports that the federal agency has found traces of up to three carcinogenic compounds in these drugs: NDMA, NDEA and NMBA, which are nitrosamines.

After announcing the widespread recall, the FDA is now trying to assure the public that they should keep taking their tainted medication.

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The affected drugs are used to treat high blood pressure and other heart conditions. These are the kinds of medications people take every day for years. Does the FDA even know how long this contamination has been going on?

According to reports, the nitrosamine contamination is due to a change in the way Chinese companies are producing the drugs. This change took place in 2011 — which means that American consumers have potentially been taking tainted medication for the last eight years.

Federal agencies are incompetent

The reality is that the FDA can only assume that not taking your heart medication is going to be worse for your health than taking it — and its an assumption they’re probably not properly equipped to make.

Earlier this year, the FDA and other federal agencies came under fire for failing to conduct adequate safety testing on other products like pesticides. Scientists said it was impossible for government agencies to predict what effects pesticides will have in the real word — and the same can be said of any other drug or chemical.

There’s no way for the FDA to really know what effects taking these tainted drugs will have on patients until after they’ve taken them — yet the FDA is advising people take the medications anyway.

“The risk associated with abruptly discontinuing the use of these important medicines far outweighs the low risk that our scientists estimate to be associated with continuing the medicine until the patient’s doctor or pharmacist provides a safe replacement or a different treatment option,” the FDA stated.

At this point, Americans have potentially been getting tainted drugs for nearly a decade — trust in the FDA should be at rock-bottom right now, if it wasn’t already there yet. According to USA Today, the FDA knew that many of these overseas factories were in shambles, but did nothing until an independent company did their own analysis and started ruffling feathers.

In addition to cancer, research has linked nitrosamine exposure to Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and other deleterious health conditions.

See more coverage of the latest atrocities in medicine at DangerousMedicine.com.

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Originally posted: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-04-09-china-and-india-produce-carcinogen-tainted-blood-pressure-and-heart-medications.html

BREAKING: Scott Gottlieb abruptly resigns from the FDA following scrutiny over ties to Big Pharma

FDAIn a sudden and unexpected twist, Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), just announced that he’ll soon be resigning from his post amid ongoing media probes into his ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

This surprise decision comes just two months after Gottlieb tweeted that he wouldn’t be resigning from the FDA anytime soon, stating:

“I want to be very clear – I’m not leaving. We’ve got a lot of important policy we’ll advance this year. I look forward to sharing my 2019 strategic roadmap soon.”

Infamous for his determined crusade to stamp out both tobacco and kratom (mitragyna speciosa) products from the consumer marketplace, Gottlieb has long been criticized for being the only FDA commissioner to ever work for Big Pharma prior to being nominated. Gottlieb also holds investments in 20 different health care companies that manufacture products he and the FDA were responsible for regulating – this being a major conflict of interest.

On the positive side, Gottlieb is credited with helping to reduce drug prices while also contributing to reductions in youth smoking rates.

“Scott Gottlieb, who has done an absolutely terrific job as Commissioner of the FDA, plans to leave government service sometime next month,” President Trump tweeted following the announcement.

“Scott has helped us to lower drug prices, get a record number of generic drugs approved and onto the market, and so many other things. He and his talents will be greatly missed!”

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For more news about the FDA, be sure to check out FDA.news.

Scott Gottlieb wanted the Drug Enforcement Administration to schedule kratom

Many health freedom advocates are breathing a big sigh of relief following the announcement of Gottlieb’s resignation, seeing as how the man was determined to make even more plants targets in the government’s war on “drugs.”

Back on November 14, 2017, for instance, Gottlieb tweeted about how the FDA was “actively working with our partners at the Drug Enforcement Administration to further evaluate kratom and determine how it should be scheduled,” linking to government propaganda about the “dangers” of this safe, plant-based herbal alternative to opioids.

Gottlieb also had a fixation on eliminating free access to tobacco, particularly among children. As unsavory as many people might find cigarettes to be, they’re still made from a natural botanical, minus all the added chemicals, which means they’re outside the jurisdiction of the FDA.

At the same time, Gottlieb saw nothing wrong with granting approval for Dsuvia, a powerful opioid drug that opponents of its approval warned would lead to more overdose deaths among addicts.

Though it’s unclear at this point who will take Gottlieb’s place, the hope is that it’ll be someone who’s not connected to Big Pharma, and who will respect the right of all Americans to use plant-based botanicals as part of their health regimens, if they so choose.

“While there is much to admire about the work that Dr. Gottlieb did in public health, his crusade against kratom clearly ignored both the science and sound public policy when it came to addressing how best to serve kratom consumers and their rights to exercise their freedoms in choosing dietary ingredients as an alternative to prescription drugs and opioids,” reads a statement issued by the American Kratom Association following Gottlieb’s announcement.

“AKA is pleased that agencies within the Trump Administration, other than the FDA, have shown a willingness to challenge the bias against dietary ingredients and supplements that are safely used by millions of Americans to manage their own health and well-being.”

To learn more about how to take care of yourself naturally, without the need for pharmaceutical drugs, be sure to check out NaturalCures.news and NaturalMedicine.news.

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Originally posted: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-03-06-scott-gottlieb-abruptly-resigns-from-fda-ties-to-big-pharma.html

Top FDA Official Blows Whistle as Agency Approves Drug 10X Worse Than Fentanyl, Funded by DoD

FDABy Matt Agorist via TFTP

“The lack of insight that continues to be exhibited by the agency is in many ways a willful blindness that borders on the criminal.” — top FDA official.

In a massive move to expose the Food and Drug Administration’s loyalty to big pharma, a top official from within the agency has come forward with damning claims. The FDA has succumbed to Big Pharma’s influence and is approving deadly drugs to benefit their industry backers.

Dr. Raeford Brown, who is chair of the FDA’s committee to review various opioid based drugs before approving them, blew the whistle in an interview with the Guardian this week.

Brown told the Guardian that there is a “war” inside the FDA in regard to approving opioids. Brown said the agency has “failed to learn the lessons” of the recent epidemic which now claims tens of thousands of lives each year—around 150 deaths every single day.

Brown’s interview comes on the heals of the FDA approving a horrifyingly strong drug that is 1,000 times stronger than morphine and 10 times stronger than the incredibly deadly drug fentanyl.

As TFTP reported in November, the FDA sided with its Anesthetic and Analgesic Advisory Panel, which voted 10-3 to approve Dsuvia, a sublingual tablet form of sufentanil, against the recommendation of its chairman.

Brown, who was one of the “no” votes on the panel, called Dsuvia a “terrible drug” and noted how the entire approval process was manipulated.

Adding to the ominous nature of the recent approval is the fact that Dsuvia’s development was partially funded by the Department of Defense. Part of the problem critics of the new drug claim is that it is in pill form which will undoubtedly lead to abuse and black market sales. However, that’s exactly why the DoD wants it so they can administer it on the battlefield.

The company behind the drug, AcelRx projects $1.1 billion in annual sales on Dsuvia alone, showing just how large their reach will be.

“They should stop considering any new opioid evaluation,” Brown told the Guardian. “For every day and every week and every month that the FDA don’t do the right thing, people drop dead on the streets. What they do has a direct impact on the mortality rate from opioids in this country.”

Brown explained to the Guardian that he has lost faith in the agency’s ability to protect public health and says they are more interested in bowing down to the ones pulling their strings in the world of Big Pharma. Brown went so far as to describe the FDA’s loyalty to the pharmaceutical industry as potentially criminal.

“I think that the FDA has learned nothing. The modus operandi of the agency is that they talk a good game and then nothing happens. Working directly with the agency for the last five years, as I sit and listen to them in meetings, all I can think about is the clock ticking and how many people are dying every moment that they’re not doing anything,” he said. “The lack of insight that continues to be exhibited by the agency is in many ways a willful blindness that borders on the criminal.”

Criminal indeed. As TFTP has reported, members of the Sackler family, who’ve made billions pushing their deadly OxyContin drug on the masses are arguably responsible for more deaths than any Mexican drug cartel. Instead of being hunted down at their plush mansions by DEA agents, they are rubbing elbows with members of Congress.

The state of Massachusetts has had enough however, and officially accused the company, Purdue Pharma, and its heirs of spinning a “web of illegal deceit” which fueled the deadly crisis in which America currently finds itself.

Just this week, Massachusetts attorney general Maura Healey accused the Sackler family of engineering the entire crisis. She sat down with “CBS This Morning” on Thursday and alleged that the Sackler family hired “hundreds of workers to carry out their wishes” – pushing doctors to get “more patients on opioids, at higher doses, for longer, than ever before” all while paying “themselves billions of dollars.”

The Sackler family is only partially complicit, however, as their drugs were approved and pushed by the entire system. The revolving door of big pharma employees at the FDA is designed—not to hire experts to protect the public from dangerous drugs—but instead to streamline and protect revenue generation for a corrupt industry.

We need only look at the FDA’s attack on kratom to prove this notion. As the FDA continues to approve dangerous opioid products that are currently killing 150 people a day, the commissioner of the FDA, Scott Gottlieb has made it his personal mission to demonize and attempt to ban kratom.

Because kratom has similar effects to opioids—and also happen to be vastly safer and milder—the FDA declared it to be a dangerous opioid drug.

Kratom is not an opioid. Opiates are derived from poppies and opioids are man-made opiates. Both opiates and opioids depress the respiratory system and are deadly in this respect as related to overdoses. Kratom is in the coffee family and it does not have any properties of opioid-induced respiratory depression. This is why millions of people take kratom every day and none of them die.

But these facts have no bearing on those who wish to keep their monopoly on pain treatment as well as profit from banning this highly beneficial plant.

Last year, referring to naturally wild growing kratom plant as a “street drug,” Gottlieb claimed that he and the FDA are acting “in the interest of protecting public health,” and will therefore attack a plant used by millions to enrich the police state, foster the drug war, and ensure a lifetime of profit for the pharmaceutical industry which has addicted the nation to its dangerous and extremely deadly synthetic opioids. This is now coming to a head as the crackdown on kratom has expanded outside of the FDA into other government agencies.

In the last few months, proving their loyalty to the dangerous opioid giants—responsible for tens of thousands of deaths a year—the Department of Health and Human Services, along with multiple state boards of pharmacy, have moved to classify the kratom plant as a schedule 1 drug. This movement against the plant by Big Pharma loyalists has been increasing and got exposed in November in Ohio as police began raiding stores in which kratom is sold.

In October, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy became the latest group to jump on the ‘ban kratom bandwagon’ and classified kratom as a schedule 1 drug. This followed a move by the FDA—who falsely declared kratom to be an opioid earlier this year.

Over the Thanksgiving break, police in Ohio carried out a series of raids on stores who were selling kratom. Despite the fact that the plant is currently legal in the state, SWAT teams raided these places as if they were human traffickers or meth dealers.

“They had like 10 police officers, the chief of police, it was crazy,” one store owner Jack Smith told HuffPost.

Hopefully, kratom remains legal as it has shown to be massively beneficial in curbing the opioid addictions of so many people. I can speak from experience when I say that I have personally witnessed friends give up their dangerous opioid addictions by using kratom instead.

Below is a screen shot from my phone showing one of many success stories. An ‘LT’, for those who don’t know is short for Lortab, an opioid based pain reliever that is commonly prescribed. Although it is usually a low dosage, those who get addicted to them often overdose by taking multiple pills.

It’s because of text messages like the one above that the FDA is trying to crack down on kratom. It is a direct threat to their puppet masters in the industry and a far safer alternative to the ever-expanding list of opioids they keep approving.

Hopefully, these comments by Dr. Brown will materialize into something larger than just an interview and the true intentions of the FDA will be aired for all to see.

About the author:

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project (where this article first appeared).

Follow Matt @MattAgorist on Twitter, on Steemit, and now on Minds.

Originally posted: https://wakeup-world.com/2019/01/30/top-fda-official-blows-whistle-as-agency-approves-drug-10x-worse-than-fentanyl-funded-by-dod/

FDA recalls blood pressure medicine due to potential cancer risk

A common drug used to control blood pressure and help prevent heart failure was recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration on Friday, a week after 22 other countries recalled it because the drug contains a chemical that poses a potential cancer risk.

Valsartan is off patent and is used as a component of other generic medicines, but not all medicines containing the ingredient are involved, according to the FDA. The US recall includes the versions of valsartan that are made by Major Pharmaceuticals, Solco Healthcare and Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. as well as valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) sold by Solco Healthcare and Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.


Read more!: http://www.wesh.com/article/fda-recalls-blood-pressure-medicine-due-to-potential-cancer-risk/22156606

A Lone FDA Scientist Could End The Autism Epidemic

autismBy J.B. Handley, Jr.

In a brand new published study, the only science vouching for the “safety” of injected aluminum adjuvant has come under extreme criticism by heavyweight scientists. Dr. Robert J. Mitkus — author of the misleading aluminum safety study from 2011 — could change the autism debate forever by telling the truth.

ROCKVILLE, Maryland — While you were (hopefully) enjoying the winter holidays, a study was published in the Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (it went online on December 27th) that could change the autism debate permanently. In fact, this new study placed the burden of proof for the safety of aluminum adjuvants used in vaccines so squarely on the shoulders of a lone FDA scientist — Dr. Robert J. Mitkus — that he alone could permanently change the outcome of the autism debate. Forever.

Aluminum science is moving at light speed

Science moves at a glacial pace. By scientific standards, what has been learned about the aluminum adjuvant from vaccines in just the past few years has been genuinely revolutionary, and should scare the daylights out of every parent on the planet.

Mystifyingly, the first time ANYONE decided to test the impact, biologically, of aluminum adjuvant was 2007, where it was pioneered by Dr. Christopher Shaw at the University of British Columbia. I’ll let him explain:

It’s hard to put Dr. Shaw’s work in proper context. Our public health officials, signing off on a massive growth in the number of vaccines given to children, and therefore massive growth in the amount of injected aluminum, had never conducted biological studies to assess the safety of aluminum, which allowed Dr. Shaw to do something groundbreaking in 2007.

It also raises an obvious question: what have our regulatory agencies been relying upon to assess the safety of injected aluminum?

The answer: a single study published in 2011 by Dr. Robert J. Mitkus in the journal Vaccine.

Dr. Robert J. Mitkus

About Dr. Mitkus

Dr. Robert J. Mitkus is a Computational Toxicologist in the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA. He’s held that position since 2010. He’s also an adjunct professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland. Previously, Dr. Mitkus was a “Mammalian Toxicologist” for the EPA, he received a Ph.D. in Toxicology from the University of Maryland in 2004.

Dr. Mitkus’ published study, “Updated aluminum pharmacokinetics following infant exposures through diet and vaccination” from 2011 is the Gold standard and the primary document the FDA relies upon to declare injected aluminum safe for use in infants. It is, quite literally, the SOLE defense the FDA and CDC cite for any concerns raised about injected aluminum. In fact, Dr. Mitkus’ study was in part a response to safety concerns about aluminum, as he writes in the Abstract of his study:

“Because concerns have been expressed by the public that aluminum in vaccines may pose a risk to infants, we developed an up-to-date analysis of the safety of aluminum adjuvants.”

As you can guess, Dr. Mitkus’ paper gave aluminum the “all clear” sign.

“…for infants, our study demonstrates that there is little risk for aluminum toxicity following immunizations administered according to ACIP recommendations even with maximal exposures to aluminum adjuvant. For the general population of infants, who receive less than the maximal dose, the risk is even lower.”

To the layperson, this study would probably be reassuring. To scientists who are closely studying the issue of injected aluminum adjuvant, and particularly to scientists who are doing their own biological studies of aluminum adjuvant, Dr. Mitkus’ study is somewhere between a professional disgrace and a fraudulent disaster, but I’ll let them explain.

Aluminum: A Primer

Recent science, completed all over the world, is pointing the finger at aluminum adjuvant injected into newborns as the probable cause of autism. Here’s a simple graphic to explain what has been learned:

Source: Vaccine Papers

I have written extensively about this topic, most recently just a few weeks ago, right here:

In a nutshell, scientists all over the world have learned the following about aluminum adjuvant, most of it since 2010 (not a single one of these new discoveries or published studies was considered in Dr. Mitkus’ paper).

  1. From Canada, 2012: “Aluminum (Al) is highly neurotoxic and has been shown to impair both prenatal and postnatal brain development in humans and experimental animals.”
  2. From France, 2013 : “However, continuously escalating doses of this poorly biodegradable adjuvant in the population may become insidiously unsafe, especially in the case of overimmunization or immature/altered blood brain barrier…”
  3. From France, 2015: “Thus alum and other poorly biodegradable materials taken up at the periphery by phagocytes circulate in the lymphatic and blood circulation and can enter the brain using a Trojan horse mechanism similar to that used by infectious particles. Previous experiments have shown that alum administration can cause CNS dysfunction and damage, casting doubts on the exact level of alum safety.”
  4. From France, 2016: “We conclude that Alhydrogel [aluminum adjuvant] injected at low dose in mouse muscle may selectively induce long-term Al cerebral accumulation and neurotoxic effects.”
  5. From England, 2017: “The amount of aluminum in the brain tissue was, I would say, extraordinarily high. Very high. My group has measured the aluminum content of probably more than one hundred human brains, and these brain tissues taken from the individuals with a diagnosis of autism were some of the highest we’ve measured bar none. The only ones we’ve seen that are similar were a recent study of familial Alzheimer’s. This in itself is a very important finding.”

So, versus ten years ago, scientists now know that aluminum adjuvant, when injected, can 1) impair brain development, 2) remain in the brain much longer than thought, 3) is brought into the brain by macrophages that grab the aluminum from the vaccine injection site and recirculate it, 4) may actually be worse when injected in small doses repeatedly (like it’s done during vaccination), and 4) there’s remarkably high levels of aluminum in the brains of people diagnosed with autism.

Dr. Chris Exley, the author of this most recent study (#5, and the subject of my recent article) was so moved by the results of his study he said the following:

“I did not see a role for aluminum in autism. And I didn’t see a role for aluminum in vaccines in autism. I have to change my mind now on both of these. I have to change my mind that aluminum has a role in autism, I believe it now does. Now, because I have seen the same cells that we will see at an injection site carrying a cargo of aluminum into the brain tissue of individuals who died with autism I would now say that we have to think very carefully about who receives a vaccine that includes an aluminum adjuvant. We need to think carefully, is this vaccine a life-saving vaccine or not? If it isn’t, don’t have it with an aluminum adjuvant.”

Dr. Chris Exley, Keele University

That’s Dr. Chris Exley. He’s arguably the world’s leading expert on aluminum neurotoxicology. He just said he’d shy away from any vaccines containing aluminum. He now also believes “aluminum has a role in autism.” These are revolutionary things for scientists to be saying, and they’re being said by the leading scientists in their field.

 Read conclusion at Medium.com

Read or work and Interview with Dr. Chris Exley

Originally posted: https://www.naturalblaze.com/2018/01/lone-fda-scientist-end-autism-epidemic.html

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We’re Not Joking: Sen Schumer Wants The FDA To Crack Down On Raw Cacao

By Brandon Turbeville

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) appears to be a man with way too much time on his hands. Either that or he has grown temporarily bored with promoting the disproven conspiracy theories of Russian hacking.

Something is obviously amiss. What other explanation can there be for the Senator’s recent ridiculous campaign to force the FDA to begin regulating chocolate?

Schumer launched his initiative on Saturday in order to enlist the FDA in a fight to regulate “snortable chocolate” powder that is being used by some in clubs for euphoria and energy.

Schumer specifically targeted products like Coco Loko whose product is marketed as raw cacao snuff. The product includes powder that is made from raw cacao beans which contain caffeine.

Coco Loko also specifically contains other substances including taurine, guarana, and ginkgo biloba.

While informing consumers of a potential risk if it exists is by no means a bad thing, it’s obvious that Schumer is simply following the same path as fellow idiot Jeff Sessions in promoting yet another extension to the drug war. Either that or his obsession-compulsion with regulating, taxing, banning and bombing have become an actual psychosis.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a brief list of things that Chuck Schumer has tried to ban:

  • Green laser pointers
  • E-cigarette flavors
  • Powdered alcohol
  • 25-to-Life (a video game)
  • Alcoholic energy drinks
  • 3D guns

In his diatribe against the scary chocolate, Schumer stated, “I can’t think of a single parent who thinks it is a good idea for their children to be snorting over-the-counter stimulants up their noses. This suspect product has no clear health value.”

Of course, dying in the foreign wars Schumer supports has no clear health benefit either, but given the fact that Schumer wants to join Jeff Sessions in intensifying the drug war, it would be safe to say that Schumer does not have a clear grasp as to what has a health benefit and what does not.

The question is not whether parents want their children snorting chocolate, the question is whether adults have the right to do so. Many parents wouldn’t want their children pimping themselves out to Wall St. and Israel and acting as a ventriloquist dummy for every special interest with an open wallet. But nobody’s trying to ban Chuck Schumer.

Originally Posted: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2017/07/schumer-fda-crack-down-raw-cacao-snortable-chocolate.html

Maine Law Gives Local Government Control Over Food Regulations, Will Hinder FDA

By Mike Maharrey

Last month, Maine Gov. Paul LePage signed a bill into law that gives local governments the authority to enact ordinances regulating local food distribution without state interference. The new law not only takes a big step forward for food sovereignty and local control by limiting state regulation, it will also create an environment hostile to federal regulations and potentially nullify some FDA edicts in effect.

Sen. Troy Jackson (D-Aroostook) sponsored Senate Bill 725 (LD725). Titled “An Act to Recognize Local Control Regarding Food Systems,” the legislation effectively gives local government control over regulation of local food distribution in the state. Practically speaking, it will eliminate state licensing and regulation requirements on the sale of food locally.

Pursuant to the home rule authority granted to municipalities by Title 30-A, section 3001 and by the Constitution of Maine, Article VIII, Part Second, and pursuant to section 201-A, and notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, a municipal government may regulate by ordinance local food systems, and the State shall recognize such ordinances. An ordinance adopted by a municipality pursuant to this section must apply only to food or food products that are grown, produced or processed by individuals within that municipality who sell directly to consumers.

Under the new law, all food products produced for wholesale or retail distribution outside the municipality will remain subject to all state and federal laws.

The Maine House approved LD725 by a 108 to 35 vote. The Senate unanimously passed the measure 35-0.

Effectively, the new law decentralizes regulations for direct producer to consumer sales, and allows local communities to create their own networks of distribution and regulation. An article in the Bangor Daily News explains the purpose of the new law.

Supporters of food sovereignty want local food producers to be exempt from state licensing and inspections governing the selling of food as long as the transactions are between the producers and the customers for home consumption or when the food is sold and consumed at community events such as church suppers.

Food for Maine’s Future  acting executive director Betsy Garrold told the Bangor Daily News she was fighting back tears of joy when she heard LePage had signed LD725

“This means face-to-face transactions are legal if your town has passed a food sovereignty ordinance [and] you can sell food without excessive government regulations, If we can feed ourselves, no one can push us around.”

According to the paper, 20 municipalities in Maine have already enacted food sovereignty ordinances. Garrold said the new law will encourage more localities to follow suit.

“I think we are going to see a real groundswell of towns that will not even hesitate to pass [food sovereignty] ordinances because they now won’t have any problems with the state.”


While state law does not bind the FDA, passage of LD725 creates an environment hostile to federal food regulation in Maine. And because the state will not interfere with local ordinances, that means it will not enforce FDA mandates that conflict with local law. Should the feds want to enforce food laws in Maine municipalities, it will have to do so by itself.

As we’ve seen with marijuana and industrial hemp, a federal regulation becomes ineffective when states ignore it and pass laws encouraging the prohibited activity anyway. The federal government lacks the enforcement power necessary to maintain its ban, and people will willingly take on the small risk of federal sanctions if they know the state will not interfere. This increases when the state actively encourages “the market.”

Less restrictive food laws will likely have a similar impact on FDA regulation. It will make it that much more difficult for the feds to enforce their will within the state.

Constitutionally, food safety falls within the powers reserved to the states and the people. The feds have no authority to enforce food safety laws within the border of a state. Nevertheless, federal agencies still want more control over America’s food supply, and they go great lengths to get it.

For example, the FDA actively bans the interstate sale of raw milk. But, not only do they ban the transportation of raw milk across state lines, they also claim the authority to ban unpasteurized milk within the borders of a state.

“It is within HHS’s authority…to institute an intrastate ban [on unpasteurized milk] as well,” FDA officials wrote in response to a Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund lawsuit against the agency over the interstate ban.The FDA ultimately wants to maintain complete prohibition of raw milk across the United States.

However, federal ambitions go far beyond controlling your access to raw milk. In fact, the FDA wants to enforce universal, one-size-fits-all control over everything you eat and drink.

The “Act to Recognize Local Control Regarding Food Systems” takes an important first step for food freedom. It decentralizes the system down to the local level, and recognizes the fact the one-size-fits-all regulation enforced from the top down by Augusta or Washington D.C. is not necessary for, and it sets the stage to nullify in effect FDA schemes to control the food supply.


LD725 will officially go into effect Oct, 2, 2017.

Michael Maharrey [send him email] is the Communications Director for the Tenth Amendment Center, where this article first appeared. He proudly resides in the original home of the Principles of ’98 – Kentucky. See his blog archive here and his article archive here. He is the author of the book, Our Last Hope: Rediscovering the Lost Path to Liberty.You can visit his personal website at MichaelMaharrey.com and like him on Facebook HERE

Amish Man Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Not Seeking FDA Approval

Kentucky — “I am not a creation of state/government, as such I am not within its jurisdiction.”

Those words were written by Samuel Girod in a document filed in a Kentucky federal court in June. Girod is an Amish farmer who was convicted in March of selling herbal health products that, as reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader on Friday, “were not adequately labeled as required by federal law.”

According to the government, the Amish man broke the law by growing, processing, and bringing to market his own herbal supplements without FDA approval. US News reported that Girod manufactured salves and skin treatments, one of which the FDA claims could be harmful to the skin. He also claimed one extract could help cure cancer, which the FDA disputed. In 2013, Giron ignored orders from the FDA to stop selling his products.

Nevertheless, he rejected the notion that he deserved six years in prison for being at odds with the federal agency (which, itself, approves numerous dangerous drugs).

“I do not waive my immunity to this court,” Girod, who represented himself during the trial, told Judge Danny Reeves during his sentencing hearing early Friday morning. “I do not consent,” he added, emphasizing the fact he according to his faith, he doesn’t recognize the authority of the court — only that of his higher power.

Judge Reeves then sentenced Girod to six years in prison.

“They created a felon today out of a good, law-abiding citizen,” said Arizona sheriff and civil rights activist Richard Mack following the sentencing. Mack, along with a group of Girod supporters, had gathered outside the Kentucky courthouse Friday morning to await Judge Reeves’ ruling.

“This is a national disgrace and outrage. He is being punished for being stubborn,” Mack stated, adding that he and other activists will press President Donald Trump to issue Girod a pardon.

Samuel Girod’s “stubbornness” was also on Judge Reeves’ mind on Friday. Reeves said the Kentucky farmer brought all the trouble on himself “because he steadfastly refused to follow the law.”

Remarking on the severity of a sentence for selling simple plant-based remedies, Michael Fox, who served as a standby attorney for Girod, pointed out Friday that the punishment for this individual will be harsher than it would be for others:

“Keep in mind that Sam Girod is Amish. He does not live with electricity, phones, concrete, steel. Those are not normal; those are not natural in his life. An incarceration in a prison setting is going to be more punishment for him than a normal person.”

Originally Posted: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2017/07/amish-man-six-years-prison-fda-approval.html